Quiz: How Healthy is My Relationship?


So it’s a week out from Valentine’s Day. Time to throw away those dead flowers, wake yourself up from your sugar coma, and pack up all that cherry red everything.

Sad Heart

Undoubtedly, some of you had awesome Valentine’s Days. Maybe that cutie that you never thought would even talk to you said “hi” and you thought you might collapse from the bones in your legs disintegrating. Or maybe your BF/GF/SO (Significant Other, right?) did something really cute and sweet and, because it was February 14, it made it all the more cuter and sweeter. Maybe you played video games all night with some friends while eating indulgent, romantic food like pizza or chicken wings.

But now it’s February 21, and the magic is gone. Cutie didn’t say “hi,” your BF/GF/SO has been flakey, and your friends decided to play video games without you. Everything sucks. You’re asking yourself: “Why do I get my hopes up?”, “Is our relationship even good?”, “Should I get new friends with better taste in games?”

Before you get carried away, let’s ask this basic question together: “How healthy is my relationship?”
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How Healthy is My Relationship?

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