I’ve got the McDonald’s Blues


I got some bad news today. I figured out that an Angus Bacon Cheeseburger, large fries and a coke have a total of 1600 calories! I only need 2000 calories a day!!! So if I don’t want to gain weight, and I needed a 700 calorie McFlurry for dessert, I couldn’t eat anything else ALL DAY. I knew that McDonald’s wasn’t exactly good for me, but I had no idea that if I want my favorite McDonald’s foods I better be ready to be hungry for the rest of the day. What’s even worse is the 87 grams of fat when I’m only supposed to have 65 grams every day. And there aren’t even very many vitamins in there.

While it is a good idea to avoid fast food restaurants, there are ways to eat a little bit better if you end up at one. Check out this interactive fast food menu to see how many calories are in your favorite fast foods. You can also see tips on how to lower the fat and caloric content of your meals–like keeping mayonnaise and bacon off your burger.

Do you have tips on how you eat better when out for fast food? Let us know!

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