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8 Ways to be Physically Active Without Going to the Gym

Most people think that you need a gym membership to be healthy and physically active. Guess what? You don’t! Here are eight ways to build workouts into your schedule without stepping foot in the gym. 1) Take the stairs instead … Continue reading

An Entire Day of Food Looks Like…

“Can I eat a lot when eating healthy?” This is a question that I get asked a lot as a health coach. Luckily, the answer is…a lot! I decided to share photos of what I ate on a busy day this week. Hope this gives you some … Continue reading

The Tale of Anna, Bobby, and Bella Estella – National Eating Disorder Week

Anna, Bobby, and Bella Estella are young people who want to be “friends” with everyone. They do not discriminate between weight, height, race, age, gender or popularity status. Unfortunately, they have a deep and dirty secret. Anna will always convince … Continue reading

Eating Out and the “What Should I Order?” Question

Ever run into trouble when you are trying to eat healthy and limit your fast food intake? For example, your friend is having a party and invited you to go out to eat. Or you might be a student on … Continue reading

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