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10 Ways to Reduce Stress

You have a term paper due, issues with family and friends, and several tasks to juggle at work. Everyone goes through stressful times; however, knowing how to manage stress is important.

Take a look at these ten tips to reduce stress:

1) Mediate for 5+ minutes every day
Adjust your posture to sit with your back (or spine) straight up. You may sit on the floor or on a chair. Try to clear your mind of all problems. Try to overcome any emotions by relaxing your body, muscles, and mind. Count to up to five slowly and then count down to five slowly. Take deep breaths throughout your mediation session. Make sure you mediate in a quite environment. Click here to listen to a ten minute guided meditation.

2) Eat Healthy
Nutritious food fuels your body and mind! Load up on fruits, veggies, and whole grains.
Get your heart pumping! Go for a walk, play basketball, dance!

4) Take a Warm Shower or Bath
You can add essential oils to your bath to relax even more.

5) Drink Herbal Tea
A hot cup of herbal tea is a great way to start or end your day. Try chamomile or mint. Sweeten with honey.

6) Get a Massage
Can’t afford a professional massage therapist? Ask a friend or family member to rub your shoulders and neck for a couple of minutes to release tension.

7) Sleep
Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Take short naps (no longer than 30 minutes) to reenergize yourself during the day.

8) Laugh
A good laugh can actually cool down your stress response. Find a funny friend or watch your favorite comedy to get the laughter going!

9) Talk to a Friend or Family Member.
Just talking with someone else about your worries or struggles can help to relieve stress. Find someone you trust and set up a time to to a professional.

10) Talk to a professional.
At the Corner we have therapists who will listen to what you are going through and help you practice strategies to cope with stress. Click here to make an appointment at the Corner.


8 Ways to be Physically Active Without Going to the Gym

Most people think that you need a gym membership to be healthy and physically active. Guess what? You don’t! Here are eight ways to build workouts into your schedule without stepping foot in the gym.

1) Take the stairs instead of the elevator. I know this is a repeated piece of advice by most health professionals, but it’s true. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator will allow you to burn more calories, which will add on to your physical activity goal. So, put that elevator button to rest and start taking the stairs.

2) Park further from the building when you go shopping.  Everyone is guilty of this…wanting the best parking spot. Just think about it this way; instead of fighting for a parking spot, you can park, walk to the store and start shopping. In this situation, time saved is physical activity gained.

3) Take a walk around the block. Talking a walk around the block is a great experience for you to get some physical activity, fresh air, connect with you community and/or neighborhood, and it’s free. You can make it more enjoyable by walking with a friend or listening to some music.

4) Take your pet out for a walk. This can include your dog, cat, raccoon, possum, bunny/rabbit, and whatever other pet or furry friend you have that likes to go on walks. Taking your pet out on a walk is essential for their health and yours. Make it a fun activity, not a chore. Get some toys and play with your pet or put some ear buds on and listen to your favorite music.

5) No more sitting…start moving in between TV commercials. This is something that can get your physical activity levels going. Instead of sitting down during commercials, you can walk/jog in place. If you really want to boost your physical activity levels, trying walking or jogging in place during the entire show!

6) Get scrubbing and get some physical activity going I know…housework. Now, this isn’t the occasional wiping the counter top “housework”. I mean the hardcore, scrubbing action housework. This includes scrubbing tiles, bathtubs, bathrooms, making beds, sweeping, vacuuming, etc. You can make it more enjoyable by jamming to your favorite music.

7) Cut some calories, while you cut your grass This doesn’t only include cutting your grass. This includes landscaping work, racking leaves, shoveling snow, planting flowers, etc. Again, you can make it more enjoyable by listening to some music.

8) Take a free class Yep, free physical activity/dance classes exist. You can search for them online or in the local newspaper.

An Entire Day of Food Looks Like…

“Can I eat a lot when eating healthy?”

This is a question that I get asked a lot as a health coach. Luckily, the answer is…a lot! I decided to share photos of what I ate on a busy day this week. Hope this gives you some inspiration to eat healthier! 🙂


Boiled eggs, whole wheat bread, and an orange.

Breakfast – Boiled eggs, whole wheat bread, and an orange.

Calorie content: 2 hard boiled eggs (70 calories x 2 = 140 calories); whole wheat bread (120 calories x 1 = 120 calories); one large orange (87 calories).  So, my breakfast totals out to be 347 calories.


Whole wheat bread with cucumbers and tomatoes with greek yougurt and dried mint leaves.

Lunch – Whole wheat bread with cucumbers and tomatoes with greek yougurt and dried mint leaves.

Calorie Content: three slices of cucumber (16 calories); 2/3 of a roma tomato (22 calories); homemade greek yougurt* and dried mint spread (20 calories); 2 slices of whole wheat bread (120 calories x 2 = 240 calories). So my lunch totals out to be 298 calories.

* Yes, I make my own yogurt at home. The reciepe for that is for another day. 🙂


Dinner - Grilled Chicken with onions, peppers, and mushrooms.

Dinner – Grilled Chicken with onions, peppers, and mushrooms.

Calorie Content: Grilled chicken breast 3 oz. (150 calories); 1 medium onion (44 calories); 1 large pepper (30 calories); 1 cup of white mushrooms (16 calories); 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (119 calories x 3 = 357 calories). So my dinner totals out to be  597 calories.

Dinner was my last main meal, except for an apple that I ate later that night. I ate dinner around 6:45pm, which was a little late. Just in case any of you are wondering, I ate two snacks in between meals. Here are the snacks I had that day.


Snack 1 - Strawberries

Snack 1 – Strawberries

Calorie content: 2 cups of strawberries (47 calories x 2 = 94). So, my first snack totals out to be 94 calories.

Snack 3 - Large red delicious apple

Snack 2 – A large red delicious apple

Snack 2 – 1 large red delicious apple (120 calories). So, my second snack totals out to be 120 calories.

*For liquids, I had one cup of black coffee, one cup of tea, and 5 water bottles. All of these drinks had zero calories!

All of this food totaled out to be 1,456 calories. I could still have eaten 500 more calories and remained within my calorie requirements for the day. Click here to check out how many calories you should each day depending on your age, gender, and activity level. As long as you’re eating healthy foods, like fruits, veggies, and whole grains, you can eat a lot throughout the day. You’ll never need to have the “munchies” again!



The Tale of Anna, Bobby, and Bella Estella – National Eating Disorder Week

Anna, Bobby, and Bella Estella are young people who want to be “friends” with everyone. They do not discriminate between weight, height, race, age, gender or popularity status. Unfortunately, they have a deep and dirty secret.

Anna will always convince you that starving yourself is fine and normal. Bella will tell you to vomit or use laxatives to expel the food you just ate. Bella Estella will encourage you to eat excessively.

They will act like your best friend, but they are not. That is because Anna is anorexia, Bobby is bulimia, and Bella Estella is binge eating. They are eating disorders.


Eating disorders are serious and sometimes life-threatening conditions. They involve a pattern of unhealthy eating that gradually builds to the point where a person feels like they have lost control. In the United States, 1 or 2 out of every 100 students experiences an eating disorder. Below is a description of anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating.

1. Anorexia: People with anorexia become obsessed with weight loss and try to lose weight by restricting how much food they eat, exercising excessively, vomiting after eating and/or misusing laxatives or other dietary supplemants. This obsession with weight loss often interferes with a person’s normal daily life and activities. People who are experiencing anorexia are typically underweight.

2. Bulimia: Similar to anorexia, people with bulimia fear gaining weight and take extreme measures to avoid weight gain. People with bulimia often go through cycles of binging on food and then take measures to get rid of the calories they ate, including vomiting and/or misusing laxatives or other dietary supplements. Some individuals with bulimia will try to avoid weight gain by not eating for long periods of time (fasting), restricting how much food they eat, and/or exercising excessively. People with bulimia typically appear to be of an average weight.

3. Binge Eating Disorder: People with this condition regularly eat an excessive amount of food but do not try to purge the food they ate. They feel out of control while binge eating and shame or guilt afterwards.  People who binge eat often do so alone and in secret.


Here are some common symptoms associated with eating disorders:

  • Skipping meals
  • Making excuses not to eat
  • Extreme dieting or excessively focusing on healthy eating
  • Worrying constantly about being fat
  • Talking about needing to lose weight
  • Leaving meals often to go use the toilet
  • Exercising excessively
  • Eating in secret
  • Regularly eating much more food (often sweet or high-fat foods) than a person normally would during a meal/snack
  • Feeling depressed, shameful, or guilty about your weight or eating habits
  • Withdrawing from normal acitvities

If any of these symptoms sound like something you or someone you know are experiencing, it is important that you reach out to a health professional for support.


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