8 Ways to be Physically Active Without Going to the Gym


Most people think that you need a gym membership to be healthy and physically active. Guess what? You don’t! Here are eight ways to build workouts into your schedule without stepping foot in the gym.

1) Take the stairs instead of the elevator. I know this is a repeated piece of advice by most health professionals, but it’s true. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator will allow you to burn more calories, which will add on to your physical activity goal. So, put that elevator button to rest and start taking the stairs.

2) Park further from the building when you go shopping.  Everyone is guilty of this…wanting the best parking spot. Just think about it this way; instead of fighting for a parking spot, you can park, walk to the store and start shopping. In this situation, time saved is physical activity gained.

3) Take a walk around the block. Talking a walk around the block is a great experience for you to get some physical activity, fresh air, connect with you community and/or neighborhood, and it’s free. You can make it more enjoyable by walking with a friend or listening to some music.

4) Take your pet out for a walk. This can include your dog, cat, raccoon, possum, bunny/rabbit, and whatever other pet or furry friend you have that likes to go on walks. Taking your pet out on a walk is essential for their health and yours. Make it a fun activity, not a chore. Get some toys and play with your pet or put some ear buds on and listen to your favorite music.

5) No more sitting…start moving in between TV commercials. This is something that can get your physical activity levels going. Instead of sitting down during commercials, you can walk/jog in place. If you really want to boost your physical activity levels, trying walking or jogging in place during the entire show!

6) Get scrubbing and get some physical activity going I know…housework. Now, this isn’t the occasional wiping the counter top “housework”. I mean the hardcore, scrubbing action housework. This includes scrubbing tiles, bathtubs, bathrooms, making beds, sweeping, vacuuming, etc. You can make it more enjoyable by jamming to your favorite music.

7) Cut some calories, while you cut your grass This doesn’t only include cutting your grass. This includes landscaping work, racking leaves, shoveling snow, planting flowers, etc. Again, you can make it more enjoyable by listening to some music.

8) Take a free class Yep, free physical activity/dance classes exist. You can search for them online or in the local newspaper.

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