More About STIs

STI (sexually transmitted infection)

A STI is passed during sex. You can have an STI with no signs or symptoms. You may also have symptoms that go away.

Symptoms for women may be:

  • an unusual discharge or smell from your vagina
  • pain in your pelvic area
  • burning or itching around your vagina
  • bleeding from your vagina that is not your regular period
  • pain deep inside your vagina when you have sex

Symptoms for men may be:

  • a drip or discharge from your penis
  • burning with peeing (urinating)

Symptoms for both men and women may be:

  • sores, bumps or blisters near your sex organs, rectum or mouth
  • burning and pain with peeing (urinating) or having a bowel movement
  • need to urinate often
  • itching around your sex organs
  • fever, chills, aches, swelling or redness in your throat
  • swelling in your groin (the area around your sex organs)

How to protect yourself from STIs:

  • not having sex is the best way to protect yourself from STIs
  • use a condom when you have sex
  • have sex with only one partner who only has sex with you
  • don’t have sex with someone who you think may have an STI
  • get checked for STIs by a doctor

If you think you have an STI go to a doctor for testing and treatment. Tell your sex partner(s) that you may have an STI. Only have sex after you get the OK from your doctor.

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