Immunizations, vaccinations, shots: whatever you call them, no one likes them--except your doctor. That's because immunizations prevent really bad diseases.

Like the tetanus shot. It prevents Lockjaw. Have you ever had Lockjaw? It's not pretty. And whooping cough. That's a bad disease and it's going around right now because not enough people are getting their shots.

At the Corner, we have all the old stand-bys like Polio (you wouldn't want to catch that, would you?) and Hepatitis B. We also have the new ones like the HPV vaccine for girls AND guys and the meningococcus shot.

Staying up to date on your shots is important and at the Corner it is easy. Just schedule your appointment. When you come we will check the Michigan Immunization Registry on our computer to see which shots you need.

We can't promise that it won't hurt a bit, but it hurts a lot less than Lockjaw. And that's a promise we can make. 

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