Corner Covid Updates:

Corner Health is absolutely here for you! 
If you are feeling sick or need something, please call us at (734) 484-3600. 

Check out this short video about changes in our clinic to keep you healthy and safe!

For patients with scheduled appointments:

  • Please call before your appointment to confirm if your visit is onsite or a telehealth visit
  • Masks are required, if you do not have one, we will provide you with one.
  • If you are sick: please call us to speak with the nurse. We are not doing sick visits.

New Visitor Policy - Effective 2/19/2021

  • Patients age 0 through 6 months = 1 guardian and 1 support person
  • 7 months through 18th birthday = patient plus 1 guardian
  • Prenatal and pregnancy care = patient plus support person
  • 18+ = patient only

Patients with children – we encourage you to find alternative care for your child for your appointment if possible. We will not turn you away from your appointment if you come with your children!

Other information

  • The Corner is not performing testing for COVID-19. 
  • The hospital is still the safest place to give birth
  • Please keep your appointment for Depo shots, missing a shot will put you at risk for pregnancy

Current Corner hours
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Don't Wait, Vaccinate! 

All individuals age 12 and older are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Corner now has COVID-19 vaccine available on-site for patients aged 12 years and older. Friends and family invited to schedule as supplies allow. Call 734-484-3600 to schedule your appointment today!

Please contact the clinic nurse, Allie, at 734-714-2257 with any questions.


Other Community Locations for Vaccines:

Washtenaw County Health Department has appointments can be booked at

Appointments can be booked at

Want to learn more about the vaccine? Have questions and concerns? Take this survey so we can best serve you!




This is a time of great stress for individuals and families.  Use these tips to help relieve the pressure of Stay-at-Home.  If you are afraid you will harm yourself or others, please contact one of the agencies listed on the Mental Health Support Resources below to get the help you need.

Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Support Resources

Mental Health Tips during COVID-19

Tips for Controlling Your Anger During Stay-at-Home Order

Join an online Mood Lifters Program

Pregnancy During COVID-19

What to know about Coronavirus and pregnancy

Coronavirus and it's impacts on moms and babies

Pregnancy, babies and the Coronavirus

Pregnant or Breasfeeding?

Keep Busy During COVID-19

My Story is You- a storybook explaining COVID-19

20 Board Games to Cure Boredom

Other Resources

How to get your $1,200 stimulus check


Essential workers can recieve help with utility bills through THAW

How to protect yourself and others

Tips to Support Your Child in a Virtual Classroom

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