Bullying Support

Anti-bullying eventIt seems like no matter where you go today, someone is talking about bullying. 

At the Corner, we know that we can't go where the bullies are and make them stop. We can, however, work with you to figure out what to do about bullying in your life. 

  • Sometimes just talking to a supportive person can make things better.
  • Sometimes we work with teens and young adults to figure out ways that they can manage bullies on their own.
  • Sometimes, though, bullies are really dangerous and the professionals at the Corner can help you to get serious help. 

We can work with your school, your job or your neighborhood. We even have access to free legal help for our patients.

It's time to put an end to bullying. Come to the Corner and let us help you figure out how.

P.S. If you are a bully, you should come to the Corner, too. We understand and we can help you stop. You'll be much happier. Promise.

Online Bullying Support Resources:


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