Birth Control & Plan B

Ladies and Gentlemen, Safe is Sexy.

While we know that abstinence is the only fool-proof way to prevent pregnancy (and latex condoms are the best way to prevent STIs including HIV) most of us don't know ALL the types of birth control that are available today.

At the Corner, we still have the good old-fashioned pill and the shot but we can also help you with the patch or the ring or an IUD.

Best of all, at the Corner we will spend all the time you need to help you figure out what birth control is right for you!

We even have Emergency Contraception (sometimes called the morning-after pill or Plan B) that you can take after a condom accident--like when you accidentally forget to use one. You can come in and get that pill on the morning after or you can ask for it ahead of time to keep in case you need it in the future.

So come in to the Corner and be safe!

Click here to learn more about birth control options.

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