Spotlight: Lisa Lewis

When Lisa Lewis isn't working with area high school students, the Superior Township Board of Trustees, or the Corner's Board of Directors, she can usually be found doing one of her favorite things: spending time with her grandmother.  An ideal day for Lisa would include saying prayers, fixing breakfast, reading home magazines and envisioning a multitude of possible redecorating projects for her home.  Lisa recently learned how much a dog can add to a person's life when she became the owner of a Pomeranian named Maxwell. "I love taking walks with him," she declares. "He's my best bud."

Lisa has been a school social worker for 18 years.  She considered becoming a teacher, but chose social work because she wanted to address some of the barriers to learning. "I wanted to be helpful in getting students to attend school regularly and be prepared emotionally and physically to learn," she explains.  She recently began a new position as Dean of Students at Plymouth-Canton Schools. She holds degrees from Washtenaw Community College (AA '90), Eastern Michigan University (BS '92, MA '11), and the University of Michigan (MSW '93).

There are many things Lisa appreciates about the Corner. "I like being part of helping young people access what they need for their health and I like that at the Corner, decisions are made by young people about their health care. They can go to the Corner without fear of judgment; they can let down their guard," she says. "Services at the Corner are delivered with care and compassion."

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