Electronic Health Records Enhance Health Care for Corner Patients

If you are not working in the health field, the letters EHR probably do not mean much to you. But, at the Corner, those three letters mean improved health care for patients. On July 11, 2012 the Corner began using a new computer system—AthenaHealth. One part of our system is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) that holds all of the information necessary to provide patient care. After 31 years of paper medical charts, we are now well on our way to being ‘paperless’. As a patient, EHR means that you will see these changes at the Corner:

  • You can fill out forms for your visit ahead of time at home or wherever you access the internet.
  • In the waiting room, you will be able to complete any forms using a notebook computer.
  • When you are with staff in exam rooms, they will be entering information into their notebook computer so you can get a printed care summary at the end of your visit.
  • Best of all, you can sign up to have live access to your own health record through “My Health Record” on our website.
  • “My Health Record” will have lab results; you can set up reminders for appointments and send messages to the clinic team.

Everything you do in AthenaHealth is through a secure connection so you do not have to worry about privacy.

Having an EHR means that our clinic staff can spend more face-to-face time with patients because they don’t need to spend time pulling and filing medical records, provide patient appointment reminders; call to follow up on missed appointments and normal lab results. It will be much easier to have the information we need readily available.

Instead of carrying around paper charts, you will see our staff and physicians carrying notebook computers. They use the notebooks to keep a record of your visits, write prescriptions, make referrals and even order labs electronically. When the visit is complete, we can submit the billing claims with a few clicks.

Our staff is excited because an EHR means seamless care with improved communication between providers. It is now easier for our nurses to follow up with patients on test results, health concerns, and medication compliance. Having your medication history across all health providers means, we will check your prescriptions automatically with any others you have for drug interactions.

It will be easier to look at health trends among our patients. This will help us to know we need program changes or different services, and improve the quality of care. At the Corner EHR will help patients be more actively involved with their care. Our staff will have more time to meet all patients’ physical, mental and social needs with holistic, coordinated and personalized care. We think EHR will help us deliver the best health care for our patients.

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