Connecting Young People to Health Insurance

As a medical home for more than 1,400 young people, the Corner is a prime place for youth to enroll in health insurance. We currently have four staff members who are trained to help young people sign up for plans through either the Health Insurance Marketplace or Medicaid.

Medicaid is set to expand in Michigan this April, which will provide many low-income young people with access to affordable health insurance for the first time. In particular, young people ages 19 through 21 who fall be 138% of the federal poverty level will benefit from this change. Through the new "Healthy Michigan" Medicaid Plan, these youth will be able to receive medical, dental, vision, and home health care either for free or by paying a small copay. Here are the income guidelines to quality for this plan:

Incomes between 0% - 99% of federal poverty level (requires no copay):

Family Size Maximum Monthly Income
1 $973
2 $1,310
3 $1,648
4 $1,987
5 $2,325


Incomes between 100% - 138% of federal poverty level (requires copays)

Family Size Minimum Monthly Income Maximum Monthly Income
1 $974 $1,344
2 $1,311 $1,809
3 $1,649 $2,276
4 $1,988 $2,745
5 $2,326 $3,210


If you are between the ages of 12 and 21 and need help finding a health insurance plan, make an appointment with us! If you are over the age of 22, make an appointment with the Washtenaw Health Plan at (734) 544-3030.

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