Creating Opportunities for Personal Effectiveness (COPE)

COPE is a therapy group facilitated by licensed clinical social workers at the Corner Health Center.  COPE began October of this year and has been a huge success! The group works with 15-21 year olds looking for help and support navigating daily stressors and relationships. Individuals who register for the group are invited to attend two different modules, each lasting five weeks. Participants receive a gift card as an incentive to complete all five groups in each of the two modules. Childcare and transportation assistance are also provided.

Each week the group focuses on a different topic including mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, walking the middle path and distress tolerance. Mindfulness teaches participants how to make decisions and act in a balanced way by not responding impulsively and emotionally to situations.  Interpersonal effectiveness focuses on teaching participants how to be effective in relationships, building and sustaining healthy relationships, and working to set healthy boundaries in current relationships. The session on emotion regulation instructs group participants how they can feel in control of their emotions instead of their emotions being in control of them. Lessons on walking the middle path focus on not living in extremes and building skills which help participants learn to find the middle ground in conflicts and disagreements. Through the practice of distress tolerance participants learn how to manage painful situations over which they have no control. They learn skills to help them navigate through a crisis or stressful situation and how to "get through the pain" without making it worse.

Groupe Details

What: For youth ages 15-21 to help with navigating daily stressors and relationships. Gift card incentive given after completing 5 sessions!

When: Thursday afternoons from 4:30pm - 5:30 pm

  • Session 1: January 24 -February14
  • Session 2: February 28 - March 28 

Where: Corner Health Center

To learn more contact: Sarah or Catie at 734.714.2251.

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