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I missed my period in May and my periods in June, July and August were unusually light. It's like I bled for 5 mins on my entire 6 day period. I've always had a heavy period and this is scary. I exercise regularly, have a balanced diet and am not under any kind of stress right now except the unusual change in my menstrual cycle. I'm 15 and this scares me so much please tell me if i'm okay.

Most likely the changes in your menses is due to hormonal changes which is not unusual at your age. 

Excessive exercise and decrease food intake can also cause changes to your menses. 

If you continue to be concerned please talk to a trusted adult and /or schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health center. 

I'm on nexplonon and three day ago I had protected sex and he was rough and deep, now I have the cramps in my ovaries, did he bruise my insides?

It is possible that you are experiencing some irritation/bruising.  If the discomfort continues please schedule an appt with your primary care provider or Corner Health Center. 

Hi! I had my first period about 80 days ago and haven't had another one since. What do you think is wrong?

It is not unusual for periods to be irregular and unpredictable for the first 1-2 years.  If you are worried please talk to your dr or a trusted adult.  

I have been masturbating for about a year or more now. I am a teenage girl. I have on quite a few occasions, made it to where it felt like I was losing control, legs shaking a lot, stuff like that. I never orgasm, because I stop because I can't handle it. Is this a normal problem, and how do I handle it? I really want to orgasm at least once to know what it's like. I have tried so many times to handle it and get myself to orgasm. Idk what to do!! Please help!!

Masturbation and ability to orgasm are different for everyone.  Maybe the time is not right for you if it is causing you so much distress.  

Take some of the stress off of yourself and just let it happen when it happens.   

I've had yellow green-ish discharge for a few months now and I haven't consulted my physician because I feel awkward talking about it and also with the pandemic going on. I've read it can be an STI but I've never had intercourse, oral or otherwise, so it might be an infection of sorts. When I do consult my doctor, what would the procedure be like (questions, tests, etc.). Any input would be very much appreciated, thank you.

When you talk to your doctor explain that you are having unusual discharge for the past few months.  

Typically a vaginal self swab and a urine test can determine if there is an infection like yeast or bacterial vaginosis.  Neither of these are sexually transmitted.  

Contact your primary care provider for an appointment or call the Corner Health Center for a telelvisit.   

Hi! So I think I'm pregnant. About 2-3 weeks ago me and my boyfriend had sex. I am on the pill, I take it correctly, he used a condom correctly and he pulled out. Last week was my period week and I got my period on the day I was expecting it. It lasted 2 days. The bleeding was light and then it got heavier. The blood wasn't a light pink like normal but it wasn't dark brown like implantation bleeding. The day after it was over I went to the bathroom and I wiped off what seemed to be a blood clot but I'm unsure. Do you think I'm pregnant?

Based on everything you describe it does not sound likely that you are pregnant. 

Continue on the pill as you have been taking it.  Monitor how your next period is. 

 If you have any irregular bleeding, abdominal pain, abnormal discharge, fever see your primary care provider or schedule an appointment at Corner Health Center. 

Hello! I've VPH and one big genital wart, I haven't treat them because I'm scheduled to do chryoterapy next month, I haven't had any discomfort from it, but yesterday I started feeling very itchy, what are the symptoms to a vaginal infection? Do they have something to do with the HPV?

Genital warts can be itchy.  Itching can also be a sign of vaginal infection.  Symptoms of vaginal infection can also include abnormal vaginal discharge, change in odor or texture of vaginal discharge. 

If you believe you may have an infection schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center. 

If you have continued vaginal bleeding, vag discharge or any discomfort please schedule an appointment with your PCP or at Corner Health Center.

I am on the depo shot & I had sex three days ago & I am having vaginal bleeding. Is this normal? This has never happened to me before

Can I have splinters in my vagina after 10 years? When I was young I wanted to know what penetration felt like and used a small wooden stick a few times, it never hurt and i've seen a gynecologist many times, I'm fine, but it still bothers me. Could I have splinters that can't be noticed and should I explain my stupid actions to my doctor?

It would be unlikely that you would have unnoticed splinters after 10 years.  If it is something that bothers you then talk to your dr about it.   

I've been feeling discomfort in one side of the inside of my vagina and it feels like a scratch of some sort. I checked it out and found this thick looking, yellowish (discharge?) stuff there and don't know if that's normal. It appears only on one side and not the other. I have no discharge but the yellowish thick looking discharge is stuck there.

It is difficult to understand what you are describing without more information.

If the issue continues please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center. 

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