I'm having a darker discharge after masturbating a couple days ago with a bottle of something. Im having some discomfort in my pelvic bone area since then too. I'm concerned about maybe having an sti or is this just my body cleaning itself

If you are concerned about possible injury in your pelvic area please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health center or a nearby urgent care center. 

Can you masturbate right after you take a plan b?

There is no connection between masturbation and Plan B

Hello! I've been experimenting a bit with myself, and I have no idea if I'm doing it right. I'm worried because I don't know if I'm orgasming despite the white stuff I see afterwards? I usually hear people saying about how 'you just know' but I really don't. I just know it feels nice and there really isn't any spike in pleasure or anything. Another thing is that I'm not sure if I'm a squirter or weird? When I stimulate my clitoris, sometimes it's like a dam breaking or something and I feel really embarrassed asking about it. I'm living with my (single) dad and I just don't feel comfortable asking him, or my girlfriend, or my friends in general since most of them are asexual and whatnot. I just started my period last December too.

The important thing to know is that there is no right or wrong. 

There is no need to label things or worry  

As long as you are not experiencing pain or discomfort enjoy the experimentation

Hi I'm 17 and I noticed small white dots at the top of my clitoris. I've masturabted quite frequently but I'm confused on what this might be. I'm sexually active and the dots are painless, I wouldn't know if they were even there.

They could be small skin cyst (epidermal or sebacous cysts) that occur from irritation.  

They should go away on their own.  

If they are painful or bothersome schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center for to get it checked out. 

Corner Health Center is open and scheduling Televisits. 

Hi, I'm am 19 and male. When I get erections, my penis is hard, but it isn't angled up like it used to be. Can I change this by adjusting my penis in my pants? I know it's not erectile disfuction, but it doesn't angle up, it angles down.

Not sure that will work.  If you are concerned, schedule an appointment with your primary care provider

I masturbated and I think of this boy every time and is that weird,but I can't climax, like never when I touch myself and am a virgin,like how can I climax? Oh and there is like a ball inside my vagina?

The ability to climax is complicated for some people. You may consider different methods and / or different thoughts 

It is unclear what the ball may be.  Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health to check it out

You most likely have some vaginal irritation. Try sitting in a battub of warm water, (no soap) once a daily for a couple of days. Epsom salts in the tub may be helpful too. If you have any bleeding or discharge or this doesn't help please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health to be checked.

I masturbated with a hairbrush handle, and this was my first time masturbating, and now my vagina feels weird. Like it doesn't feel how it used to, and it's sorta uncomfortable. And I have no idea what to do, like do I have an infection or will this problem go away by itself?

I used water faucet sex frequently for 1 or two months. Now time to time my vagina burns . What should I do?

There is most likely some irritation to the skin which is causing burning.  

There may also be an overgrowth of yeast or lactobacillus. 

Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or Corner health care to have vaginal irritation checked out.  

I found a bump on my penis. I don't think it's a wart. It doesn't hurt, burn, or itch. I only have 1 sexual partner. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac and I don't want to freak out my partner. What could this bump be?

It could be a cyst, or an ingrown hair. You may try some warm compresses to the area.  If it persists schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center.  

Can you get cancer from fingering and masturbating yourself


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