Vaginal Discomfort

If you have continued vaginal bleeding, vag discharge or any discomfort please schedule an appointment with your PCP or at Corner Health Center.

I am on the depo shot & I had sex three days ago & I am having vaginal bleeding. Is this normal? This has never happened to me before

I am late for my period (which is unusual), I have a lot more discharge than normal, my right lower abdomen hurts to press and I've been waking up to cramps in my right lower abdomen (I'm not pregnant). What could this mean please?

What you describe sounds lke it could be an infection.  Please schedule an appointment with you primary care provider or at Corner health center. 

Can I have splinters in my vagina after 10 years? When I was young I wanted to know what penetration felt like and used a small wooden stick a few times, it never hurt and i've seen a gynecologist many times, I'm fine, but it still bothers me. Could I have splinters that can't be noticed and should I explain my stupid actions to my doctor?

It would be unlikely that you would have unnoticed splinters after 10 years.  If it is something that bothers you then talk to your dr about it.   

I've been feeling discomfort in one side of the inside of my vagina and it feels like a scratch of some sort. I checked it out and found this thick looking, yellowish (discharge?) stuff there and don't know if that's normal. It appears only on one side and not the other. I have no discharge but the yellowish thick looking discharge is stuck there.

It is difficult to understand what you are describing without more information.

If the issue continues please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center. 

i had sex and used protection but it hurts when i go pee . what is wrong with me ?

Pain with urination could be from irritation or infection. 

 If it continues to hurt please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center for further evaluation and testing

I am a 37 year old woman. For the past couple of years I have had a few months of irregular cycles. Every few months I would have two periods a month as if I'm skipping ovulation. This year, in April and May I had two periods in each month. In May I had a twelve day period. That was May 8th. It's now June 16th and I haven't had a period but experience light cramps daily. The doctor insists I am not going through perimenopause. What could be happening? I have gained weight and have hot spells often, especially at night. I feel nauseous daily. Please help me.

Sounds like what you are experiencing may be related to hormones.  Please schedule an appointment with a gynecologist or discuss further with your dr or another dr.  There may be blood tests that can also give you more information. 

I think I have a Bartholin's cyst.. It's not puss filled, and it's not horrible but I can feel the swelling on one side and it's uncomfortable. Will it go away? I feel uncomfortable about telling my mom..

Please tell your mom.  It  sounds like you have an abscess that needs medical attention immediately before it gets worse

a couple friends told me that they enjoy putting hairbrush handles up their vagina a that it feels good . I tried doing it but now my left ovaries is giving pain and I'm not sexually active is this concerning or is it just hurting because i'm not sexually active

The prickly part of hairbrushes can be irritating to the vagina.  

If you are feeling continued pain please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health.

Did my birth control work? I got the depo shot at the end March, and I was not on my period. My period, sometimes comes twice in a month, sometimes it lasts for a day to 2 days. I took the shot about 2 weeks before my period. My period was being weird and extremely late, I had cervicitis. Is there a possibility that I could be pregnant now? My period h

Depo shots can cause irregular bleeding, especially in the first few months after you get the shot.  

This is most likely the cause of your weird periods.  

I tried a tampon for the first time and it was all fine putting it in and then when it came to take it out it took an hour to pull it out then my vagina looked different then before it's like the tampon pulled something i only have a dad and I'm to scared to say anything what is this is this normal

Many young women have difficulty with tampons when they first use them.  It would not be likely that you could have pulled something or damaged or changed your vagina.  If you still have concerns, is there another trusted female adult in your life you could talk to?  Or schedule an appointment at Corner Health Center. 

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