I usually have my period every 4th week of the month. However, April of this year, I skipped. Come by May, from 4th week it went to the 2nd week. By June, had sex a day before the expected period. Pulled out method was done. But, I'm worried as today is my 6th day delay. Am I risk of getting pregnant? I've also been stress these past few weeks. Please enlighten me. Thank you.

Anytime you have unprotected sex you are at risk of pregnancy. Also there are other reasons for delayed periods. If you are concerned you may be pregnant you can get a home pregnancy test, call your primary care provider, or Corner Health Center. 

Check out the Period 101 document to learn more about changes in periods. 

I had sex on march 27th i had my period after that and lasts until april 2, and on april 20s i got my period but why am I delayed this month May and i have some pregnancy symptoms?
There are many reasons why periods can be irregular/unpredictable. 
It is important to rule out pregnancy and infection.  
Schedule an appointment with your primary care provide or with Corner Health Center.
Hi, ever since I first got my period they have been extremely heavy, painful, too the point I can't function for those 7 days and I pass out. For years now I have been taking Cyklokapron 500mg to lessen the heaviness which has helped a lot, I constantly take pain relief which only takes the edge off and recently I've went on the pill to try and help. I also use a heat pack nonstop. I don't know what to do about this, is this a common situation? Is it normal for periods to be so bad? Any advice? Thanks.
Unfortunately, some women have painful long, heavy periods. The hormone pill will often help with the discomfort and length of your period.  If the problem persists there are other options. 
Schedule a follow up appointment with your primary care provider, a gynecologist or at Corner Health Center.
I had my period on the 4th may and I had a protected sex on the 18th now my period is late does that mean I'm pregnant?

There are other reasons for your period to be late.  If you used protection that greatly reduces the chance . If your period is more than a week late take an at home pregnancy test or call Corner health to make an appointment to get a pregnancy test.

My daughter had irregular periods , no pain, she is 12 years now . She got her periods when she was 11 . But when her next period came , she had cramps why ?

It is not usual for periods to be irregular for the first couple of years. It is also not abnormal for it to change over time. Check out the Period 101 page - If there are concerns please schedule an appointment with your daughter's primary care provider or at Corner Health Center.

Hello I want to know how bad is it to take 3 different times, plan b during a time spam of 2 and a half months, should I be worried, I haven't had my period due to all the hormones of the pills, they are emergencies, and I'm planning on starting birth control once I get my period again.
Taking Plan B does change your normal menstrual cycle .
Please schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Provider or Corner Health Center to find the type of birth control (contraception) that is right for you.
Using condoms every time will prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
Is it normal for my first period to only last for one day?

It is not unusual for periods to be light, short and irregular when they first start and even for the first 1-2 years.

I was born on 28/10/1969. I still have regular periods and no period gets missed. I was very very serious in 1992 and I survived so I can say that I had a rebirth in 1992. I had basically changed myself to survive at that time. Is because of my rebirth that I have no sign of menopause till now? Is it something I should worry about?

Corner Health Center provides health care to people ages 12 through 25 and their children. Please contact your primary care provider or check with your insurance for a provider in your area to answer these questions.

Hey, My boyfriend and I had sex 2 months back and It was a protected sex neither the condom broke nor slip in. And I haven't missed my periods too . I've got them exactly on date. So it means that the sex that was had was safe and not pregnant right? And does period here indicate implantation bleeding or something else?
Yes it sounds like you had protected sex and your periods have been on time so there is no reason to think you would be pregnant.  
Regular monthly bleeding is part of the normal menstrual cycle.  Every month, your body prepares for pregnancy. If no pregnancy occurs, the uterus, or womb, sheds its lining. The menstrual blood is partly blood and partly tissue from inside the uterus.
I had unprotected sex on mid Jan and I was bleeding, but I am on depo shot, last sex I had was on Jan 26,on February I had irregular bleeding, I took my shot on March 4th but I have not bled yet and no sex since that Jan 26 could I be pregnant,

It is not unusual to have irregular bleeding and for periods to stop with depo.  If your shots were gotten on time then you are protected against pregnancy. Check out the Depo FAQ here. 

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