I missed my depo shot which was due for the 4th June 2021 ... I haven't been to get a shot and have been having unprotected sex the whole time... I haven't gotten my period yet as well could I be pregnant?

If you did not get your depo shot on time and you had unprotected sex then you are at risk for pregnancy. 

Please read more info about Depo here.
My depo was supposed to expire on 5th June 2021 and I had intercourse on 4th June 2021 but I got the injection on 5th June 2021, I there a possibility of getting pregnant?

If you got your depo shot on time you are not at risk for pregnancy. See this Depo FAQ for more information. 

I've been on the depo shot for 3-4 years now on time with all my shots and had sex and no pull out method, its been a week and still no bleeding could I be pregnant?

Many people on depo do not have regular periods. If you have had your shots on time you would be protected against pregnancy. Check out this Depo FAQ page for more information. 

If you are concerned you can do a home pregnancy test, contact the Corner, or your primary care provider for a pregnancy test.
I've been on depo for years (and never late). I didn't realize that my recent appointment was given to me two weeks late, so instead of getting my shot on the 12th week I got it on the 14th week. Unknowingly, I had sex 16 days after my shot, pulled out method but worried about pre-cum. Was I protected at all? When will it be best to take a test?

If you are first starting the shot or the shot is late you need to wait 7 days to have protection. 

If it was 16 days after your shot there is no reason to think you are at risk of pregnancy.

Hi! May 14, 2021 was the last day of my period. I got my first Depo Shot last May 20,2021. I had unprotected sex last May 31, 2021. Will I get pregnant? I hope not. Looking forward for the answer!
Please read the DEPO FAQ. Depo is effective 7 days after your first shot.  If you get the next shots on time you have continued protection against pregnancy.  
Yes, you could be at risk of getting pregnant if this is your first shot or if you got this shot late. It takes 7 days for the depo shot to provide protection after the first shot or when restarting Depo after not getting the shot on time.

Let's say I had unprotected sex yesterday and today then had the depo shot today evening..could be at a risk of getting pregnant

I got my first depo shot well on December 6 and was supposed to get the second one on the 31th of March and i didn't,since than i've been having unprotected sex,but still no pregnancy Why is this?

After stopping depo it can take some time for cycles and ovulation to return to normal.

Hi. I got my shot today for the first time and after that I went and had unprotected sex and he did not pull out. Can I still get pregnant?

Please review this DEPO FAQ. Depo protects against pregnancy 7 days after your first injection. After that if shots are gotten on time it is continued protection. 

If my depo shot is supposed to expire on 5th, will I get pregnant if I have unprotected sex with my guy on 3rd and I don't get the next shot effectively?

If your depo shot expires on the 5th then you are protected against pregnancy until then.  

I got my last depo shot in Feb. could I end up pregnant soon?

It is recommended that the shot be received every 12 weeks. If it is longer than that you are at risk for pregnancy. If you want to continue Depo, call your health care provider or Corner health to schedule your shot.  Use condoms to protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

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