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I'm on the depo shot when am I at the riskiest time to get pregnant while having unprotected sex?

Your very first shot-wait 7 days for protection.  After that , as long as you get your shots at the correct time you are not at risk for pregnancy.  

me and my partner had an unsafe sex on my 4th day of period and he came at me twice two days after i had light bleeding and my period lasts about 7 days and now i'm 4 days late. am i pregnant?

Any time you have unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy.  

If your period is late call your primary care provider or Corner health center to schedule  a pregnancy test and /or to find a type of birth control that is right for you. 

My depo shot was due on the 21/01 I didn't go for it and I had unprotected sex on that same day l.. was I still protected or not? Is it possible that I could become pregnant?

You were not technically late for your shot when you had unprotected sex so there is little risk in pregnancy. 

Please schedule to have your shot or to talk about another type of birth control that is right for you

I had unprotected sex and he didn't pull out. I started my period 2 days later, should I still take plan b?

If it is your normal period, at the normal time and normal bleeding then you are most likely not pregnant. 

Can you still get your period whilst on the 3 month deppo shot?

Yes, some women experience regular periods and/or irregular bleeding while on the depo shot. 

i had my deppo shot in October, i had unprotected sex on 25 Dec 2020 as well as 14 jan 2021 my next appointment was 21 January 2021 which i didnt go to. i feel kinda weird 2...can i be pregnant?

You are protected against pregnancy until your shot was due on January 21st.  

If you are feeling weird then you should schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health center. 

Your next depo is due Feb 10-Feb 24th. It is a good idea to schedule the following appointment before you leave the clinic.

Good day, I had my 1st depo shot on the 25th of Nov 2020 and may you kindly advice when is my next due date  as I forgot to ask the nurse at the clinic

Hi, I had protected sex 5 days before my period. I did use a tissue to wipe sperm of my hands and then I used the same tissue to wipe my vagina. It was my first time and I did bleed for the following 2 days. Then there was light spotting for another 2 days. My period is now 2 weeks late. I took a pregnancy test 1 week after sex and it was negative. But now I am experiencing clear discharge with a little bit of pink blood. Can I be pregnant?

If your period is late and you have had unprotected sex please call your primary care provider or Corner Health Center to schedule a pregnancy test and to find out about a type of birth control that is right for you

My girl and I had unprotected sex. I came in her twice, she took a Plan B 15 hours later. An hour after taking that Plan B, we had unprotected sex again. I came inside her again. Should we take another Plan B? Or the first Plan B should be good?

One dose of Plan B can work to prevent ovulation ( release of the egg) 

Please ask your girl to call her primary care provider to find a type of birth control that is right for her . 

I had my second shot of depo on the 14/11/2020, then had unprotected sex on the 26th/12/2020, my next shot was on the 9th jan 2021,but i skipped it and first week of jan i was spotting brown. Can i be pregnant?

If there was more than 12 weeks between your shots then you are at risk for pregnancy 

Call Corner health Center or your primary care provider to get a pregnancy test .

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