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Hi, I had sex 7 days after my period and used protection but now I think my period is late did test which came out negative.... With my period being late is it possible that I might be pregnant?

There are other reason for your period to be late. Repeat the pregnancy test in 2 weeks if you don’t get your period.

Hi, me and my boyfriend had sex March 17 and the condom broke. Four days later i found a little piece in my vagina. He didn't ejaculate when we were having sex though. I took a plan B that day also. Should i be worried?

If a condom breaks during sex it is not effective at preventing pregnancy.  Plan B can be effective against pregnancy but is most effective when taken closer to the time of unprotected sex. 

If you do not get your period on time you should take a pregnancy test.
First time taking the depo shot I had my period in the second month of the depo shot but the amount of blood waa really small and had sex two days after the period started, the period lasted for 2weeks am in my third and final month now.... Will u get pregnant?

It is not unusual to have some irregular bleeding with depo . If you get your shot at the correct time you are not at risk of pregnancy.

I received a depo shot on February 5 , 2021 and had sex on February 6,2021 at night would I get pregnant?
If it was your first depo shot it takes 7 days to be effective and you were at risk of pregnancy. 
If it was not your first shot and you got the shot on time you are protected against pregnancy.
I hv not been on birth control for 9 months. I had unprotected sex on the 26th of February and 5hours later the very same day I got my periods. 4 weeks later I've got headaches and I'm feeling nauseous, Can I be pregnant??
If you stopped the pill and had unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy .
Headaches and nausea could be from other things but if you are concerned about pregnancy please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center or take a home pregnancy test.
Hello. According CDC websites, I am eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine as of 3/22/21 due high BMI of 32+. I am 22 and a client at the Corner. I also have non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Do I need a note from my health care provider at the Corner regarding my elevated at risk category? If yes, how do I obtain the note so I can be vaccinated ASAP?

Depending on where you register they ask you if you have any underlying health conditions.  Vaccine sites are not asking for proof of the condition.

I got my last depo shot on time Feb. 10th, I am bloated & have been having stomach problems the past week, is this a sign of pregnancy? My bf pulls out every time we have sex but can you still get pregnant from pre-cum even on birth control?

If you got your last depo shot on time then you are protected against pregnancy.

Hi, I'm 15 and I'm not sure if I had my first period yet. Last year, in march i had spotting for a day then followed with white discharge i now have everyday. Last month, in February, a brown smudge appeared in my underwear which also lasted a day. Is it normal? Was it my first period or only a spotting?
It is not unusual for periods to be light and irregular when they first begin.  It is also not unusual to have daily vaginal discharge. 
However, neither of the incidents  sound like an actual period
If you are concerned please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center. 
I bled really bad during sex three mths ago and havent had period since im not pregnant so whats goin on with me

More information is needed to try and figure out what the problem may be. 

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center.
We have a contact march 21,23,24 a week before I already take pill then March 3 I stop taken a pill Thus possible to get pregnant?
Your dates are not clear. 
If you are not using any type of birth control and you have unprotected sex it is possible to get pregnant. 

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