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I missed my depo shot on the 22 July 2021 and on the 23 July 2021 to 26 July 2021, we had unprotected sex with my boy friend. Can I get pregnant? If yes, how soon can I know the results. Thank you.

The depo shot is effective for 13 weeks from the previous injection.  If it is longer then you are at risk for pregnancy. 

You should wait 2-3 weeks to do a pregnancy test

I've been on the DEPO shot for years, then I switched to the i.u.d method on October 23, 2020 but then got it removed a few months later. I started the DEPO shot again on June 28, 2021 then had unprotected sex several times after, could I be pregnant?

If you went from one method to another you would be protected against pregnancy. 

If you restarted depo after not being on anything then you need to wait 7 days for pregnancy protection.

I am 14 years old, and I got my period for the first time in January. I had it for 3 months, so until March, and then it stopped. It has now been 4 months since I have had my last period, and I'm getting a little concerned. Is this normal? Should I not be worried? Thank you!

It is not unusual for periods to be irregular for the first couple of years. 

If you have had sex and there is any chance you could be pregnant then that is cause for concern.

Otherwise you can expect your period to start and  stop 

If you have any ongoing concern schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or Call Corner Health Center to schedule  

Trying to conceive. Started my period a day and a half early. It started at night medium. The next full day it was heavy. Then the next 2 days it was light and ended super light pink. Lasted 4 days total. Thoughts?

Sounds like a regular period.

I am 26 male, having tight (not very much) foreskin. But somehow I can pull foreskin back with little efforts and it pulls back. But to bring it to normal position it's becomes very difficult. It seems like tip of the foreskin rolls underneath the upper skin (and gets stuck) and upper skin rolls over it. What can be done to ease this process?

If you have questions or concerns about your penis or testicles please make an appointment with your primary care provider or with a urologist who is a specialist on that part of the body.

My date for the depo shot was 13 July 2021 and I took my next shot a day before the due date which is 12 July 2021 because I have unprotected sex can I get pregnant or what are the effects of doing that.

Getting the shot a day before it is due is fine.  You are still protected against unplanned pregnancy. 

Hi i'm 15 and i was masturbating 1 day ago with an object (not supposed to be used to masturbate with). i was bleeding right after and i freaked out alot, it kept on spotting for a couple hours and then it stopped, today brown discharge was coming out and my vaginal area is kind of itchy and it pains me a bit. I'm really scared and i don't feel comfortable to tell my parent's and i'm too scared to visit a doctor. I'm really freaked out, can someone please help?

If you are having continued discharge or irritation in your vagina please make an appointment to see your primary care provider or at Corner health center. 

You do not need parent permission to be seen for a sexual health issue if you are over the age of 12.
I am not on birth control but I had sex raw. He did not cum in me and I wiped on the tip before putting it in to make sure that there was none already on it. We didn't do it very long but I wouldn't know if any precum got in me or not even with wiping the tip off before. He was no where near finishing. Two days later a little less then 48 hours I took a plan b. I was suppose to be on my period around the time we did it but I know it will be late due to the pill. 5 days after I took the plan b I was getting discharge that was brown and kinda looked like it has clotting in it but there was no blood. Should I be concerned.

Anytime you have unprotected sex you are at risk of pregnancy.  The use of Plan B helps to decrease that risk. 

If you are concerned about possibly being pregnant you can take a home pregnancy test, see your primary care provider or call Corne Health Center. 
If you have abnormal discharge it is recommended that you be evaluated and tested for possible infection. 
If I had unprotected sex on the 9th and 10th and my period is the 18th is it possible that I'm pregnant.

If you have unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy. If you do not start your period and you are concerned, please take a home pregnancy test or contact your primary care provider or the Corner.

I had sex with Guy A on March 14, he ejaculated inside me, I took a plan B on March 17th and a negative pregnancy test, and on same day March 17th had sex with guy B and said he didn't ejaculate inside me.., on March 20 another pregnancy test which came back positive... Who am I pregnant for?
There is a lot of information needed to answer that question.
It is recommended that you schedule an appointment at Corner Health Center or with an obstetrician to discuss further.

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