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Do you have recommendations for patients over 25 who don't have insurance and are primarily Spanish speakers?

Yes, Call Packard Health Center at 734 971-1073. 

They have Spanish speakers on the phones and Spanish speakers who provide health care. 

Hi , I got 3 months injection of prevention on 19 June and my next date was 14 September and I missed it then on the 19 of September I had unprotected sex and I have been seeing spot , what are the chances of me getting pregnant?

If you had unprotected sex after your depo was due you are at risk of pregnancy. 

Also, It may take a while for your cycles to be regular again. 

If you are concerned please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or Corner Health Center to get a pregnancy test and find the type of birth control that is right for you. 

I tested positive for Chlamydia, I was given Doxycycline. I took my first 2 Sunday, one morning and one night. It is now Thursday. I don't have any improvement. So I am currently on my 5th day of taking it. I know they say to take the full 7 days, and I will. But when should I starting seeing/feeling the discharge and irritation to penis tip improve.

You should be feeling improvement by day 5.  Please contact the office/clinic where you were diagnosed and schedule a follow-up visit. 


I got 2months injection prevent on 23 August so on 25 September I got light period 6 dys... Then have sex unprotected sex my partner ejaculated on me.. Remember am on birth control injection for 2 mnths will I get pregnant?

If you received a 2 month shot and had sex after 1 month then the depo is protecting against pregnancy

Hi i'm about to be 19 years old. I've been on depo on and off over the years since i was 13. and when i'm on depo i don't get my period at all. im supposed to take my shot on the 13th of october 2021. On october 4th 2021 i started spotting. im getting cramps, my boobs kinda hurt a little bit, i have to pee a lot more often, sometimes i feel sick like i'm gonna puke but i don't. i took a pregnancy test on september 23 2021 and it came back negative. did i take it to early? could i be pregnant? what should i do?

If you have been getting your shots when they are due then you are protected against pregnancy . If your previous shot was not on time and you are having symptoms of pregnancy then it is advised to check a pregnancy test 

I started using depo injection last year October everything was fine so I missed my injection on 8 July 2021 I started my periods for 6 days and I had unprotected sex repeatedly in August I didn't get any periods and on September 15 I started feeling nauseous, moody and headaches on the 29 September 2021 i took pregnancy test and it came negative on the 1 October 2021 I started spotting till today now am having cramps and back pain what could be wrong with me

It sounds like your hormones may be slightly off since stopping the depo.  You may want to repeat a pregnancy test . 

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health to schedule an appointment to find the type of birth control that is right for you. 

I had sex on the day of my ovulation with a condom. I do not know if it leaked or broke but i am guessing that it didn't. I was fingered afterwards and there might have been semen on the fingers. I have been nauseous for a few weeks now and I am six days late for my period. It isn't always so regular and I have been stressed, I have hormonal imbalance and have changed my diet. My breasts have been sore and tender but that is a very common PMS symptom for me. But I cannot tell whether I am pregnant or just purely late.

If your period is more than a week late take home pregnancy test or all Corner Health to schedule a pregnancy test and to discuss the type of birth control that is right for you. 

I missed my depo on the 17 of August. I had a shot on the 03 of September and had unprotected sex on the 07 of September. Can I be pregnant?

The depo is effective 7 days after the injection is given. If you had unprotected sex on Sept 7 after getting the shot on Sept 3rd you could be at risk for pregnancy. 

Greetings to you. I stated using Depo in 2018 after giving birth, and since then I never been to my periods, so this year on May 2021. I was supposed to get my shot and I didn't go and I didn't see my period since then. On the 24 Sep 2021 I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, is it possible for me to get pregnant?

It may take many months to get your normal period back after stopping depo. 

Any time you have sex without using contraception/birth control you are at risk for pregnancy .

A friend was supposed to take a second depo shot on 19th of July, but missed it and had unprotected sex on 4thof September and took p2 pills, later had sex on 9th of September and took another p2 pills, she then later put a depo injection on 10th and did sex on 17th and since has stomach cramping, nauseous and severe mood swings, could she be pregnant?

From what you described your friend has had a lot of extra hormones.  In order to know if she is pregnant she should take a pregnancy test. 

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