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Why am I bleeding on depo shot for 4 days I usually don't do it?

It is not unusual to have irregular bleeding on depo provera. 

I stopped my 3 months injection last year November 06 and I had my period December 16 and I had unprotected sex on January 02 this year and now I haven't got my period this month , is there a chance that I could be pregnant?
Any time you have unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy. 
If you do not get a period, you should check a home pregnancy test or call your primary care provider or Corner Health Center to have a test.
I had my depo shot 4 days ago January 18th 2022 and I just had unprotected sex and got nutted in could I be pregnant soon?
Depo Provera is effective after day 7.  
You may consider taking a pregnancy test in 2 weeks. 
If I took my nuva-ring out that day and we had unprotected sex, but then after I put one in straight away. Would I be protected?

If you took the ring out at the end of the 3rd week then most likely you are not at risk for pregnancy.  If you took the ring out at a different point in your cycle it is possible you could be at risk. 

Okay so my period is 2 days late and my boyfriend just cummed in me last night is there a possibility I’m pregnant

Anytime you have unprotected sex without birth control or condoms you are at risk for pregnancy. If your period is late do a home pregnancy test or schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to get a test.  

Hi I've been on the depo from November 2020 and I've stopped my depo is due this month on 12 January 2022? I don't want to continue with the injection more can you explain wat will occur and the risk
If you stop depo and do not use a different method of birth control you are at risk of unplanned pregnancy. 
if you do not want to be pregnant please contact your primary care provider or Corner Health Center to find a method of birth control that is right for you. 
If you wish to become pregnancy now schedule an appointment for pre-conception care. 
I got my first depo shot last week but had unprotected sex lastnight

The depo shot is effective 7 days after your first injection. 

I received my 3months injection, then the 6th day after injection i had unprotected sex, can i become pregnant?

If it was not your first injection you are protected against unplanned pregnancy. 

I am using depo shot and i had unprotected sex while I was on my periods. can I be pregnant

If you are receiving your depo shots on time you are protected against unplanned pregnancy 

So, I've been through a depression and I've been taking 50mg Zoloft for the past 7/8 months. Last week I went to the psychiatrist and he told me that I could stop taking the medicine previously prescribed. I haven't felt worse since then but there is just one thing that has been concerning me a lot. I noticed that since I stopped taking Zoloft 50mg, I am having erectile dysfunction

Please contact your psychiatrist to discuss this matter. 

Sometimes ED is a side effect of taking Zoloft, not of stopping it.  

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