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My boyfriend and I rubbed genitals (it may have went in once or twice) a few days before I was supposed to ovulate (my period app said medium chance of pregnancy) he wore a condom the whole time and when he ejaculated he pulled out and ejaculated away from my vagina no cum had leaked out of the condom. Is there a chance I could have gotten pregnant?

From what you describe it does not sound possible that sperm would be able to impregnate an egg. 

So pregnancy could not occur

I missed my depo shot on the 22 July 2021 and on the 23 July 2021 to 26 July 2021, we had unprotected sex with my boy friend. Can I get pregnant? If yes, how soon can I know the results. Thank you.

The depo shot is effective for 13 weeks from the previous injection.  If it is longer then you are at risk for pregnancy. 

You should wait 2-3 weeks to do a pregnancy test

If my boyfriend came in my yesterday around 3 pm and take a plan b before 48 hours will I be fine ?

Taking Plan B within 48 hours of unprotected sex reduces the likelihood of pregnancy.  

It can also make your next period late, but If you do not get a period please check a pregnancy test. 
Also, schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or Corrner Health Center to find a type of contraception (birth control) that is right for you. 
Hi, I wanted to ask that can I get pregnant if I have sexual intercourse 5 days after ovulation?

Sperm can live 4-5 days so depending on when you ovulated and when you had sexual intercourse you could  get pregnant.

I got my first depo shot on January 14, 2021 and got my re-up shot on April 15,2021 but I had unprotected sex the next morning and 2 weeks later I felt sick and extremely exhausted etc now my period is late and never showed and today I'm 6 days late I'm not sure if it's because the shot or a possible pregnancy?
The risk of pregnancy when the depo shot is gotten on time is very very low.  So if you got your April shot on time there is very little chance you are pregnant. 
Also, it is not unusual for periods to stop or become irregular on depo. 
If you are concerned about pregnancy then take a home pregnancy test or call Corner Health Center to come in for one.  
After 1 week of protected sex , slight spotting of blood occurs and then it stops. in case of normal period , spotting was occurring. am i pregnant?

It is not unusual to have occasional irregular spotting or bleeding.  If you have used protection with sexual activity than it is very unlikely that you are pregnant.  

I was fooling around with this guy and we were dry humping we both had only our underwear on, mines was wet and he came into his boxers before I could move... Could I get pregnant from this ?!

In order to get pregnant a sperm has to come in contact with an egg.  It does not sound like there was any penis /vagina contact for this to happen.

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