I'm a transgender minor who will be turning 18 in a few months and plans on scheduling an appointment as soon as relatively possible to start HRT. I do not have insurance and am wondering how much the cost of such a process is. Any information, pointers, ect?

The first step in starting HRT through Corner Health is to make an appointment to establish care. At that appointment you will get a physical exam and blood tests.   After the first appointment, you schedule another appointment to discuss the hormone treatment options.  After starting hormones there are follow up appointments every 3 months for the first year. 

If you do not have insurance there is a sliding fee scale that is used to determine the cost of your appointments.  

There is also someone at Corner who can assist you in signing up for insurance.  

Hey! I heard that you give free HRT to people under 21, is this true? If it is, how can I go about making a consultation for this?

We provide care to the transgender community.

If you are interested in HRT please schedule an appointment to establish care to begin the process.  That visit will involve a physical check up, blood work and further assessment. 

You will then schedule to return to discuss options for starting HRT. 

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