I'm 16 years old and have not had my period in 2 months. I went through a week of serve anxiety and wasn't sleeping or eating. I recently started on duloxetine for the anxiety. I have had cramping, discharge and some nausea. Last night my anxiety was heightened and woke up with terrible cramps and nausea. There is no chance of pregnancy. I know it is common to miss periods especially due to stress. Just making sure it doesn't seem like anything serve is going on.

It is not unusual to have irregular periods with anxiety, changes in sleep or diet.  

Talk to your health care provider if these symptoms continue 

Is it normal to have periods when on the shot but to stop after stopping the shot

It is not unusual to have irregular bleeding while on depo.  

Often times the bleeding does stop after a shot.  

I missed my depo 23 April and had my period.than I had unprotected sex from the 30 april till 4may my period were not gone but they were light after the sex with my boyfriend I could feel the sperm in my bladder could I be pregnant?

1)If you have missed your depo shot you are at risk of pregnancy 

2) Sperm do not go into the bladder.  Sperm enter the vagina during sexual intercourse and swim through the vagina into the uterus and fallopian tubes.  Sperm are microscopic (itsy bitsy tiny) and they can not be felt. 

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to get your depo shot and discuss this.  

Is it safe to be on and off the pill? I make sure to take it at least 7 days before I have unprotected sex and at least a couple days after I do, but if I know I won't have unprotected sex for a while I stop taking it.

Taking the pill as you describe is not a good way to protect against pregnancy.

Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health to find a method of contraception that may be better for you 

Hey! I was supposed to get my period April 16nth (I'm sexually active with my boyfriend that I live with) but on April 9th to April 13th I only experienced light pink and brown spotting and I didnt think too much of it but April 26th I've had painful cramps and have been very nauseous so I took an at-home pregnancy test but it came back negative. I'm still having painful lower abdominal pain. What should I do?

Irregular hormones may explain some of the symptoms you are having.  

If your lower abdominal pain continues,  schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health for further evaluation  

Is it strange that my period lasts for over 8 days... Usually about 14 to 16 days... I don't really think it is strange because I've had periods like that for my whole life but now I'm getting worried. What should I do? (*I'm now 18, I've never talked about my period with my doctor...

14-16 days is a long time to have a period.  

Schedule an appointment to discuss this with your dr or schedule an appointment at  Corner Health Center 

i am currently on birth control and i am sexually active. i was supposed to get my period today but only got light pink stuff. i looked it up and it says it's implantation discharge and i'm worried. i need help.

If you are on the birth control pill it is normal for periods to become light and pink.  

If you have been taking the pill everyday as it is prescribed and your period came in the last week of your pills then this is not implantation discharge. 

Hello . I'm 23F. I missed my periods in December So I visited doctor . She told me it's just due to hormonal change . I had ultrasound and other checkups .She gave me a medicine and then I got my period . After that in February and March I had period but April is now again missed . Last time I had sex was Feb 9 . Is it pregnancy ? Is is possible to bleed after conceiving ?

If you had normal periods in Feb and March and have not had sex since Feb then you are most likely not pregnant and your missed April period is related to your hormone imbalance. 

 Yes, sometimes there is bleeding with pregnancy. 

Can I have a period if I'm pregnant? Have sex March 20th and had my period March 25th to April 1st

If your period was at the normal time and normal flow there is no reason to think you are pregnant .

Some women who are pregnant have light, irregular bleeding. 

To protect against unplanned pregnancy please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to discuss contraception options. 

 If you would like to be pregnant it is a good idea to talk to your primary care provider or Corner Health Center about your health prior to becoming pregnant. 

Corner Health Center is open and scheduling in-person and telehealth visit by phone/computer

I recently have been sick and forgot to take my pill for four day.When I realized I finished the pack and went straight on to the next pack. I've been bleeding for two weeks now though is this normal

The 2 weeks of bleeding is most likely related to the way the pill was taken.  Continue taking the pills in this package.  

 If the bleeding continues contact your primary care provider or Corner Health.  

You may want to schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health to discuss other types of birth control that may be more convenient for you.  

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