Emergency contraceptive

Hi, me and my boyfriend had sex March 17 and the condom broke. Four days later i found a little piece in my vagina. He didn't ejaculate when we were having sex though. I took a plan B that day also. Should i be worried?

If a condom breaks during sex it is not effective at preventing pregnancy.  Plan B can be effective against pregnancy but is most effective when taken closer to the time of unprotected sex. 

If you do not get your period on time you should take a pregnancy test.
Hello, I had unprotected sex on the 6th of February, twice. He did not cum in me. He pulled out. I took an emergency contraceptive pill within 24 hours. And I bled 3 days after, on the 10th of February. My period was 5 days earlier than my regular date. But now, on March, I still haven't had my period, it's 11th of March. What are the chances of me getting pregnant?

If you took the emergency contraception pill it is effective at preventing pregnancy.  It can also cause changes in your cycle. 

If you are concerned you may be pregnant please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to get a pregnancy test and to talk about the type of birth control that is right for you. 
Hi, I have been on the Cooper T loop, had it taken out by Dec.. Medical reasons. I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, my periods was late but I got it eventually. Period stopped on 3 March 2021,had unprotected sex 4th March 2021.. We then decided to get the shot. Went for the shot on Friday 5th March 2021 and had unprotected sex the same day.. The Saturday and the Sunday. Am I at risk for pregnancy??
The depo shot is effective 7 days after your first shot. So you were not protected if you had sex before 7 days without a back up method.
You may consider emergency contraception, Plan B.
Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and he cummed in me so less than 24 hours later I took a plan b pill. After taking the plan b pill a couple hours later we had unprotected sex again but he did not cum in me. Even though he didn't cum in me, will I get pregnant?
Anytime you have unprotected sex you are at risk of pregnancy. Taking the plan b pill within 24 hours is helpful at preventing pregnancy
Please call your primary care provider or Corner Health Center to find out about a type of birth control that is right for you.
Me and my boyfriend had protected sex a couple days ago and thought all was well until I think I found a piece of a condom in me a day and a half later, I took a plan b a little before 48 hours and have no idea when my ovulation would be. He didn't cum but im just worried about the pre-cum. I am very worried and don't know if I should be spotting or not because its been a couple days and still nothing. Does everyone spot or is everyone just different? My period already happened this month so i have to wait until the middle of next month. My stress is off the charts. Should i be worried?
If you had unprotected sex and used Plan B less than 48 hours afterwards then you are most likely protected against pregnancy.  
Spotting is not expected after the use of Plan B. 
Your period may come earlier or later than expected. 
If you are concerned about pregnancy then you can take a home pregnancy test or call your primary care provider or Corner health center to schedule an appointment.  
They can also talk to you about what type of birth control is good for you. 
Hello, i had unprotected sex took p2 after 4hours then my guy came over me again cum inside me after 8hours of taking p2 and I only depended on ec only. it was my 15th day since my last mp and my mp is irregular. its now past 5days since then. will I be pregnant?
If you have unprotected sex you are at risk  of pregnancy . 
Plan B helps to decrease the risk of pregnancy . 
If your period is late it would be a good idea to take a pregnancy test 
i have the nexplanon implant, and my boyfriend didn't pull out. i took plan b 36 hours after we had sex, and i am supposed to have my period sometime within the next 2 weeks. i have cramps and light brown spotting. my appetite and urination hasn't changed, but i am just scared that i am pregnant. i'm still in highschool, and i'm afraid that i f*cked up big time.

If you have the Nexplanon implant you are protected against pregnancy.  Taking Plan B is an additional protection against unplanned pregnancy.

It is not unusual for the Plan B and Nexplanon to cause irregular bleeding and some cramping.
It is also not unusual for bleeding to stop with the use of Nexplanon.  
So most likely you are not pregnant and are having irregular bleeding and cramping form the additional hormones in Plan B. 
My boyfriend and I had a unprotected sex, but He didn't cum into me, I am just afraid of pregnancy so i took emergency contraceptive, after few date I saw some spotting and that time we had sex again but protected, after that night I was bleed like a period but little bit lighter than normal,it's so early than my normal cycle,so I am not sure that was period or not, after that period tipe of bleeding ends we had sex and unprotected sex and took another emergency contraceptive, I am worried that am I got pregnant?
Any time you have unprotected sex you are at risk  for unplanned pregnancy . 
The use of emergency contraception decreases the chance of pregnancy and also changes your normal cycle so you may have irregular bleeding 
Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to find the type of birth control that is right for you.
I had unprotected sex and he didn't pull out. I started my period 2 days later, should I still take plan b?

If it is your normal period, at the normal time and normal bleeding then you are most likely not pregnant. 

My girl and I had unprotected sex. I came in her twice, she took a Plan B 15 hours later. An hour after taking that Plan B, we had unprotected sex again. I came inside her again. Should we take another Plan B? Or the first Plan B should be good?

One dose of Plan B can work to prevent ovulation ( release of the egg) 

Please ask your girl to call her primary care provider to find a type of birth control that is right for her . 

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