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I had sex we used a condom but he pre cum but I took a plan b, my period is supposed to come in a week can I still get pregnant?

Any time there is a chance of a sperm coming in contact with an egg there is a chance of getting pregnant.  Plan B is very effective at preventing pregnancy if it is taken soon after unprotected sexual activity.  It can be used up to 5 days afterwards but the effectiveness decreases over those days  

I got the medication abortion and then got on depo but I missed my next shot for april 29,2020.... I've been having sexual relations and Now My Period is 2 weeks late ... Am I pregnant?

If you had unprotected sexual relations after your depo shot was due then you are at risk for pregnancy. 

Your cycles may also be irregular because of the medical abortion and depo. 

Please call your PCP or Corner health center to get a pregnancy test and to discuss a method of birth control that is good for you. 

I missed my last depo shot by a few days. I had been bleeding for almost two weeks before I called and made sure what day it was, I had remembered the wrong date. I was still bleeding when I went and got my depo shot May 11th, I had unprotected sex the 19th. I took plan B that evening. Throughout this time (The two weeks before and even after shot) I would bleed on and off and then it went away to where when I would wipe it wasn't there but it was still there if something was inserted. It has come back and now it's brown. Like old blood. Is this normal?

  If you got a depo shot on May 11th you were protected against pregnancy on May 19th.  The use of Depo along with the Plan B that you took can cause irregular bleeding 

Hi, so my girlfriend and I had sex recently and we used the withdrawal method, but some of the semen ran down and touched the top part of her vagina. She is 5 days away from ovulation. She wiped the semen away as soon as she noticed it drip down, but is it possible that the semen could stay there and get her pregnant?

Anytime there is the possibility that semen may contact the vagina and the possibly an  ovary there is a chance of pregnancy.  If it has been within 5 days of when you had sex your girlfriend could use emergency contraception.  

Can you masturbate right after you take a plan b?

There is no connection between masturbation and Plan B

The same day of my deposit shot I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend,the following day I drank essence of life to clean away the sperm that can be stored in my womb,does my body still have injection contained in it

If this was your first drop shot then you most likely were not protected against pregnancy . 

 If you have been getting regular depo shots and your shot was on time then you are protected against pregnany. 

Do not depend on essence of life to prevent pregnancy. 

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend but he did not come inside me can I be pregnant

Yes, the pulling out method is not an effective method of birth control and you can get pregnant.   

You may want to use ECP , the emergency contraception pill to prevent pregnancy. 

Contact your primary care provider or Corner Health or see if you are eligible to get it directly from your pharmacy. 

The pill (plan B) is effective within 5 days of unprotected sex. The sooner it is taken the more effective it is at preventing unplanned pregnancy.  

I had sex we used a condom and he pulled out and I took a plan b. What are the chances of me getting pregnant? My period is supposed to come this week or the next.

In order for a pregnancy to happen a sperm needs to come in contact with an egg. 

You used multiple ways to prevent that, so there is very little chance you are pregnant. 

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to find a type of birth control that is right for you.

Corner Health Center is doing televisits and phone visits during the Covid Crisis.  

If he Precummed in me should I buy a plan b pill?

Yes.  The pill is efffective for 5 days following unprotected sex, though the effectiveness is less on day 5 

If i have unprotected sex and idk if he precummed in me but i do know he didnt cum in me and then i took a plan b (just in case he precum in me)48hours or maybe a couple hours less than that whats my risk of pregnancy

Research shows that if Plan B is taken 25-48 hours after sex, the effectiveness at preventing pregnancy is about  85 percent.  That means that if 100 people took the pill between 25 and 48 hours then approx 85 will not get pregnant and approx 15 will.  

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