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I'm supposed to start my cycle on 6/26 but a couple days earlier I noticed a small amount of blood the color was red and not light pink like spotting and a small amount of clotting in the toilet and the next few times I checked there was nothing, can you tell me what this could mean?

This most likely means your cycle is slightly irregular this month.  It is not uncommon.  It can be do to any changes in your life which can affect hormones. 

Continue to monitor your cycle.  

Call your PCP or Corner Health If you are sexually active and need contraception and/or sti testing.  

I had the depo injection twice so for 6 months then I missed my next one due to the virus. When I was on the depo I only had one period which lasted a very long time, I told my doctor and she said it was normal and it effects people differently. But since missing my last shot a couple of months ago myperiods are thick and brown. I just want to know if this is normal ?

Irregular bleeding is part of depo.  Yes it would be normal to have periods change.  

If you would like to restart depo or discuss another type of birth control schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health Center

I missed my last depo shot by a few days. I had been bleeding for almost two weeks before I called and made sure what day it was, I had remembered the wrong date. I was still bleeding when I went and got my depo shot May 11th, I had unprotected sex the 19th. I took plan B that evening. Throughout this time (The two weeks before and even after shot) I would bleed on and off and then it went away to where when I would wipe it wasn't there but it was still there if something was inserted. It has come back and now it's brown. Like old blood. Is this normal?

  If you got a depo shot on May 11th you were protected against pregnancy on May 19th.  The use of Depo along with the Plan B that you took can cause irregular bleeding 

I am a 37 year old woman. For the past couple of years I have had a few months of irregular cycles. Every few months I would have two periods a month as if I'm skipping ovulation. This year, in April and May I had two periods in each month. In May I had a twelve day period. That was May 8th. It's now June 16th and I haven't had a period but experience light cramps daily. The doctor insists I am not going through perimenopause. What could be happening? I have gained weight and have hot spells often, especially at night. I feel nauseous daily. Please help me.

Sounds like what you are experiencing may be related to hormones.  Please schedule an appointment with a gynecologist or discuss further with your dr or another dr.  There may be blood tests that can also give you more information. 

I think I have a Bartholin's cyst.. It's not puss filled, and it's not horrible but I can feel the swelling on one side and it's uncomfortable. Will it go away? I feel uncomfortable about telling my mom..

Please tell your mom.  It  sounds like you have an abscess that needs medical attention immediately before it gets worse

I usually have regular periods but this month although I was due on the 10th I've been having really light, brown spotting since the 5th and I've still not started my actual period. I've not had this before is it normal? I haven't had sex for 6 months.

Periods can be irregular for a number of reasons.  Most women occasionally miss a period.  If this continues to be a concern please contact your primary care provider or schedule an appointment at Corner Health Center.   

Hi I'm a female, 19. Since I've started to masturbate I was too scared to orgasm/cum because I never wanted to end up cleaning up after myself/ making a mess so unknowingly I held my orgasm until I felt a peak in my masturbation and then I go to the toilet to pee. so for the past 6 years or so I've been doing that. Has my vagina been trained to hold onto my cum until I use the toilet? I'm a virgin so I'm scared to have my first time and me not cum/orgasm while I have sex.. so is it just my mind? my vagina getting adapted to not cum while I masturbate? or what??? (This is something that I just barely started to realize by the way!) or does my vagina only hold my orgasm when I masturbate and not when I get penetrated?? I wouldn't know about the second part because I'm a virgin but I'm hoping maybe I will orgasm or have a sort of peak my first time. But Can a vagina be trained -i guess in a way- to not cum while masturbating?? Can your vagina adapt to hold off an orgasm while masturbating?

There are alot of issues here that would be good to explore with a therapist  so that you can have a healthy view of sex.  

I am a 25 year old and my nestrate shot was supposed to be on the 9th June and i missed it then i had unprotected sex on the 13 of June, am i at risk of getting pregnant? what are my chances?

Assume you mean depo shot?  It depends when your last shot was.  If it was longer than 13 weeks then you are at risk of pregnancy.  

If you had unproteced sex on June 13th you should also consider emergency contraception which can be effective up to 5 days after unprotected sex.  

Call Corner health or your primary care provider to schedule an appointment or talk to the pharmacist at your drug store.  

Did my birth control work? I got the depo shot at the end March, and I was not on my period. My period, sometimes comes twice in a month, sometimes it lasts for a day to 2 days. I took the shot about 2 weeks before my period. My period was being weird and extremely late, I had cervicitis. Is there a possibility that I could be pregnant now? My period h

Depo shots can cause irregular bleeding, especially in the first few months after you get the shot.  

This is most likely the cause of your weird periods.  

I have sex on Feb with production and after that my period come on feb and march too. But my period didn't come on April and May. May i pregnant?

Any time you have sex without use of protection against pregnancy there is a risk of pregnancy. 

Also, there are other reasons women miss their periods.  

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health to get a pregnancy test and to talk about types of birth control that may be good for you.  

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