Hi, I was just sitting on the couch minding my business listening to music and playing my game, when all of a sudden I got this extremely weird feeling come through my body in waves, I was still fully conscious and could speak and move, but my heart was beating extremely quickly and I started shaking (as a nervous reaction). it would calm down then come back, and I also felt like I was going to puke, afterwards when I finally calmed down I was shivering uncontrollably even though I wasn't cold, Im scared it might've been something serious, after all it was a very unpleasant scary feeling that's difficult to describe. Any idea on what this might have been?

It is difficult to diagnose  based on the symptoms you describe. 

However, what you describe could have been a panic attack.  

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to discuss further and rule out any other causes for the episode you describe .

when i was 15 i would overdose on diphenhydramine occasionally because of its "hallucinations". ived dosed 800 mg twice 500 mg once and 750 mg once. these higher doses not including the multiple times i've done 12.5 mg to 300 mg for heavy sedation and as a sleep-aid. all within the span of like 6 months. i did 800 mg back to back but i was so paranoid and confused i decided i had to stop for a little. did smaller doses more and more often 2 weeks after i did my highest doses. ran out for a month and got another bottle. continued with small doses and did 500 sometime in that time period. after a 2 week tolerance break i did my final dose 750 mg. the last of my pills and also a bad experience so i quit. i now know how bad this truly is, and i'm genuinely concerned for my future mental health. its been quite awhile and i still sometimes have hallucinations. is there anything i should prepare for / how can i improve my mental quality? is there anything that should be said? please get back to me.

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner to get a referral for a complete mental health evaluation and also to see if the high doses of diphenhydramine has had any effect on your physical health .

It is recommended you follow the instructions on the package and not take more than the Recommended daily  dose 

I'm 16 years old and have not had my period in 2 months. I went through a week of serve anxiety and wasn't sleeping or eating. I recently started on duloxetine for the anxiety. I have had cramping, discharge and some nausea. Last night my anxiety was heightened and woke up with terrible cramps and nausea. There is no chance of pregnancy. I know it is common to miss periods especially due to stress. Just making sure it doesn't seem like anything serve is going on.

It is not unusual to have irregular periods with anxiety, changes in sleep or diet.  

Talk to your health care provider if these symptoms continue 

I keep having a lot of anxiety about getting a serious or terminal illness, even though I know its not exactly high probability. Im only 30 and fairly healthy (I think) but I cant get the worry out of my head to the point where I sometimes panic. Its the possibility that really scares me. Would something like that be considered paranoia, obsession, just pure anxiety, or something else?

Sounds like you are experiencing anxiety. 

Schedule an appointment with a therapist who specializes in anxiety and/or discuss this with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center

Idk what is going on or if it's normal I've brought it up to my doctor but he seems to just ignore me anyway is it at all normal for a guy to through is preteens,teens,20's and into 30's and never get an erection like mentally I know I am turned on but my body just won't cooperate and quite frankly it's embarrassing to not only strike out/be like no I don't wanna do it as well as keep bringing it up to the doctor and be ignored Ps I've actually asked like 3 doctors and they all just shrug it off so any help at all would be greatly appreciated

There are physical and emotional explanations for why men may not be able to have erections.  

Schedule an appointment with a urologist for a physical evaluation of this issue.

There are also sex therapists who help people work on emotional issues that may contribute. 

I am 15 years old. I am having a problem with my penis. It curves upwards whether it’s hard or soft. When it is soft it is easier to tuck it into my pants down or down at an angle( I try to stay away from just wearing it in my underpants upward because there will be a bulge) being a teenager, I do get hard-ons just because I’m going through puberty. I have tried many different underwear and I found a good, snug pair. But through the day whether I’m at school or waking at the mall my penis begins to shift back in the upwards position no matter if hard or not. I don’t know what to do, I’m tired of having to fix myself through the day every time I get up or having to look down to make sure my bulge isn’t visible. It stresses my out and makes me nervous

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider to talk about this issue.  If it is very bothersome, you may need to see a specialist. 

I have severe OCD... I used to obsess over cleaning... i am currently a 25 year old female. from the ages of 16-24 i over-used clorox disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray. i would even use them directly on my skin sometimes... i spent HOURS (at least 4 a day) spraying my small apartment and car with no gloves or ventilation... I know NOW that this is very bad but in my head at the time I was keeping myself and those around me safe... do you think that permanent damage has already been done and i will develop cancer at an early age or die at an early age? i am very worried and depressed when i think about what i have done to my body...

It is hard to know how your body has reacted to the wipes and disinfectant.  Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to discuss your concerns. 

It is also important to get the appropriate treatment for severe OCD.

I have a few questions....Its been about 12 weeks since my last "sexual " encounter, but he never penetrated, he just finished on my back, but I was worried that maybe his cum dripped down my back and somehow managed to go into my vagina... is that possible??? I've had 2 regular periods since, but now I believe I might be one weeks late, I forgot when I finished my last period. If I don't get my period by September, should I be concerned that I might be pregnant??? What are some signs or symptoms I should be looking out for??? And should I take a pregnancy test??? Since that week that me and my friend were together, I haven't been able to get that thought out of my head that I may be pregnant..I've tried talking to the guy about it but he tells me not to worry, that I'm not pregnant but I don't know I can't relax.... Please help calm my nerves or help me in what I should do next?? Thank you for your time!

In order for pregnancy to occur a sperm has to enter the vagina and penetrate an egg in the fallopian tube. From the scenario you describe this sounds unlikely.

Periods can become irregular for a number of reasons including stress, (worrying about pregnancy) changes in the environment, medications. 

If you have had 2 regular periods and no sexual activity then there is little chance you are pregnant. 

Most likely you will get a period soon.  If it would help you to stop worrying you can do a pregnancy test.  You can buy one at the drugstore or schedule an appointment at Corner health or with your primary care provider. 

My boyfriend and I are 15. We have been dating for two years and both virgins. I didn’t want to have sex yet because of our age and not being ready. But he kept asking and I didn’t seem to be satisfying him in other ways cause I’m inexperienced . I finally said yes and it was really painful. He was nice and gentle but we had to stop cause it hurt too much. I agreed to try again another time. Since we talk every day and have been together so long, I’m really hurt he hasn’t called and only texted when I texted first. I feel like he doesn’t understand it’s normal how the first time went and like he thinks I’m bad at it. I tried talking about it but he gave short replies. Is he a creep or maybe just embarrassed? I feel like I made a mistake because of how he’s acting after.

It sounds like a difficult situation.  You have not done anything wrong. 

Please talk about this with an adult who you can trust.  Also you can schedule an appointment at Corner health to discuss further .

My boyfriend and I spent a night together, he never penetrated me, but we did do oral stuff, I didn't see where he came, but he said he didn't do it anywhere near my vagina. However, the following week I started feeling very tired, was peeing a lot and then the following week I was fine, now it has been about 5 weeks since we've been together like that. I ended up starting my period around 4 weeks after the night together. When I bled it was really heavy, however, I normally last 6 days and this time I lasted 2 days with a heavy period then for 6 days I had been spotting what looked like brown /dried blood, and recently I've been feeling nauseous after I eat anything. I spoke to my boyfriend about this and he says I shouldn't be worried. But I haven't been able to get a lot of sleep and have been stressing a bit because I feel there could be a possibility of me being pregnant along with other stuff I've had on my mind. is it possible that I may be pregnant, and should I get a test done?

From what you describe it does not sound like you could be pregnant. In order to be pregnant a sperm has to come in contact with the egg. The sperm must enter the vagina. If you’re concerned about the possibility of pregnancy come to the Corner Health center for a pregnancy test and to discuss the other things that have been on your mind.

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