Hi it was first day of depo short and that day it was my last day of ma period and I was sexually active almost 2 weeks can I be pregnant

There is a very low risk that you would be pregnant 

Hello, I got 3 shots of depo so far and I'm supposed to go again on the 28th of May this month... ND I don't wanna go I wanna get pregnant how is my chance out of 1 to 10 please help

The timing of getting pregnant after depo is different for every woman .  You may get pregnant right away and it can take up to a year to get pregnant 

I am 21 years old I started using Depo for three months.On the day that I was supposed to get my second shot I had an unprotected sex.So can I be pregnant

If your depo shot was not late then you are not at risk for pregnancy. 

I only had my first shot of depo 18th Feb and due for the next one soon if I miss this shot what is the chance of getting pregnant on a scale of 1 to 10?

If your depo shot was not late then you are not at risk for pregnancy. 

Hi l missed my short depo from March , by April 24 I got to my period until 29, by 3rd of May l got Another period n I buy ovaral pill to stop it n went to the clinic to got my depo after 1 day I had unprotected sex, how safe am I?

If you get the depo shot within the first 7 days after the start of your period, you're protected from pregnancy immediately. Otherwise, you are at risk of pregnancy during the first week after getting the shot

It my first time I got depo injection during the last day of my period after 24 I have unprotected sex is it possible to become pregnant

If you got the depo shot during the first 7 days of your period. (day 1 is the first day of bleeding) then you are protected against pregnancy. 

If it was after the first 7 days then there is a risk of pregnancy. 

I got the second shot of depo on 28th Nov and was due for another after I got the 3rd one on 28th February but had unprotected sex all through from 20th Feb to 4 May or beyond...i have been feeling nauseated ,lightheaded and constipated...could I be pregnant?

Looks like you got your shot one day late.  This could put you at risk for pregnancy. 

The symptoms you describe could be symptoms of issues other than pregnancy. 

You could do a pregnancy test to be sure. 

I've had unprotected sex for 2 years. My bf always managed to pull out . But I'm not pregnant , but why am I not pregnant? I'm not on any birth control . So the chances of getting pregnant with unprotected sex is high . So I'm worried I might be infertile .

Much more information is necessary to know if you are infertile. 

Please make an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center for further evaluation

I had my first depo shot on 26 November 2019 my next shot was on the 21 February I had sex on the 19 of February then went for my shot on the 26 February and had sex on 3 March could I be pregnant?

Your depo shot was due by Feb 24th.  If you had the shot when it was due you are not at risk for pregnancy

If my due date is November 8th and my last period was February 2nd When did I get pregnant?

If the first day of your last period (first day of bleeding ) was Feb 2nd the probable day of conception (sperm and egg meet) was approx Feb 16th

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