Hello! I want to ask the effects of smoking on athletes in this case, I'm a pro swimmer, I know it's strange because I'm an athlete and I'm not supposed to, but I used to smoke once in a while for example at parties, but I never smoke more than one cigarette, could that affect my performance in any way? Thank you!

Research shows that smoking even 1 cigarette is not good for you.  Best not to smoke at all!

I'm thinking about quitting smoking but I'm worried about the extra weight gain and withdrawal symptoms. What will happen to my body and how do I minimize the negative symptoms?

It is great that you are considering quitting!  While everyone's body is different, there are certain common physical symptoms that result from quitting smoking.  Usually, these symptoms are caused by nicotine withdrawal.  Some examples of symptoms that might occur are cravings for nicotine, tension, irritability, headaches, difficulty concentrating, drowsiness, trouble sleeping, and increased appetite.  There also might be some links between smoking and your life that make you think about doing it even more.  For example, if you have a place where you smoke regularly, it might be helpful to avoid going near that place.  Switching over to chewing gum or celery sticks may also help. 

To avoid the extra weight gain, it might be helpful to increase the level of exercise.  This can also help to reduce stress and distract the mind from the temptation to smoke again.  The Corner can also help you to manage your weight.  As far as weight gain is concerned, the few extra pounds are totally worth it though!  Smoking can cause really severe health conditions.  Just a few examples are cancers, heart attack, thyroid disease, lung diseases, and even blindness.

For more information, you can visit the American Cancer Society's Guide to Quitting Smoking by clicking here.

You can also schedule an appointment here at the Corner!  We would love to help support you in your efforts to be healthier and happier.  Good luck!  


What types of cancer can you get from smoking?

Did you know that nearly 1 in 5 deaths in the U.S. each year are attributed to cigarette smoking?!? That’s because smoking takes a serious toll on your short and long-term health. Among other health problems, smoking increases your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. There are many types of cancer that are caused by smoking cigarettes including bladder, cervical, kidney, voice box, throat, mouth, lung, pancreatic, stomach, and esophageal cancer. Whew—that’s unfortunately a very long list! The good thing is that your chance of getting these cancers is greatly reduced if you do not smoke. If you do smoke, quitting is your best option to live a long and healthy life. Your body immediately starts to get better once you quit, so the sooner you stop smoking the better. Need help quitting? We’ve got a team to help you. Learn more about our smoking cessation services here >>

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