I'm 16 years old and have not had my period in 2 months. I went through a week of serve anxiety and wasn't sleeping or eating. I recently started on duloxetine for the anxiety. I have had cramping, discharge and some nausea. Last night my anxiety was heightened and woke up with terrible cramps and nausea. There is no chance of pregnancy. I know it is common to miss periods especially due to stress. Just making sure it doesn't seem like anything serve is going on.

It is not unusual to have irregular periods with anxiety, changes in sleep or diet.  

Talk to your health care provider if these symptoms continue 

Is it normal to have periods when on the shot but to stop after stopping the shot

It is not unusual to have irregular bleeding while on depo.  

Often times the bleeding does stop after a shot.  

I had protected sex about 2 months ago and he didn't finish, AND I am also on birth control, but I can't entirely remember when I had my last period. It might have been about a month ago, but it was short with thick irregular brownish discharge. I also have PCOS so irregular periods are not off base for me. Still, I'm nervous that I might be pregnant even though I have no symptoms. Is it at all possible I could be pregnant given these circumstances?

If you are taking the birth control pills as directed, everyday at the same time,  there is very little chance that you are pregnant. 

Your period should come in the last week of your pills.  

If you have not been taking the pills everyday at the same time you may be at risk for pregnancy. 

No judgement please, I am currently 27 weeks 3 days pregnant. My due date is July 31 2020 and I've looked into the conception date over and over again according to my due date and my doctor I conceived between the 1st of November to the 8th. Well I had a drunken mistake night with my best friend on October 28th ( the 28th is also the day right after my period ended LMP was October 20th) ended up sleeping with her and her boyfriend ðY~© and then with my man on the 31st and all thru November of course.... I sometimes worry if It could be my friend's boyfriend's how likely ? Help ease me please I'm trying

According to the dates you have given conception would not have occurred on the 28th of October.

I missed my depo 23 April and had my period.than I had unprotected sex from the 30 april till 4may my period were not gone but they were light after the sex with my boyfriend I could feel the sperm in my bladder could I be pregnant?

1)If you have missed your depo shot you are at risk of pregnancy 

2) Sperm do not go into the bladder.  Sperm enter the vagina during sexual intercourse and swim through the vagina into the uterus and fallopian tubes.  Sperm are microscopic (itsy bitsy tiny) and they can not be felt. 

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to get your depo shot and discuss this.  

Hi, i had my period in the beginning of month and at the end of the month,is it possible that i am pregnant if we always use condoms and pull up. I also took a pregnancy test but it was negative

It is not unusual to occasionally have an irregular period.  If the pregnancy test was negative and you used condoms every time then most likely you are not pregnant. 

Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health to find a method of birth control that is good for you.  

Hey! I was supposed to get my period April 16nth (I'm sexually active with my boyfriend that I live with) but on April 9th to April 13th I only experienced light pink and brown spotting and I didnt think too much of it but April 26th I've had painful cramps and have been very nauseous so I took an at-home pregnancy test but it came back negative. I'm still having painful lower abdominal pain. What should I do?

Irregular hormones may explain some of the symptoms you are having.  

If your lower abdominal pain continues,  schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health for further evaluation  

In January i have got my first Depovera shot and we know that your next shot is not until April so I've been having brown spotting for three months and I've been having a lot of unprotected sex and one day in April my spotting stopped completely and my nipple became very sore and I've been feeling weird stomach pains and headaches, peeing a lot , nausea (no vomiting ) could i be pregnant.?

It is not unusual to have spotting when you start depo. 

You most likely were protected against pregnancy until your depo shot was due in April. 

Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center for further evaluation   

Is it strange that my period lasts for over 8 days... Usually about 14 to 16 days... I don't really think it is strange because I've had periods like that for my whole life but now I'm getting worried. What should I do? (*I'm now 18, I've never talked about my period with my doctor...

14-16 days is a long time to have a period.  

Schedule an appointment to discuss this with your dr or schedule an appointment at  Corner Health Center 

My period is 7 days late according to The Flo app. It's never been this late. I have been sexually active, we did use protection. I took a pregnancy test 2 days ago it came out negative. My last period was March 25th-29th. I'm really worried. How long should I wait to see if I get my period? Should I take any further actions?

If you used protection against pregnancy and had a negative home pregnancy test then most likely you are not pregnant. 

There are other reasons to have a late period, particularly in this time of stress and change of usual lifestyle. 

If you do not have a period a week after your expected date, try another pregnancy test &/or make an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center. 

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