Greetings to you. I stated using Depo in 2018 after giving birth, and since then I never been to my periods, so this year on May 2021. I was supposed to get my shot and I didn't go and I didn't see my period since then. On the 24 Sep 2021 I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, is it possible for me to get pregnant?

It may take many months to get your normal period back after stopping depo. 

Any time you have sex without using contraception/birth control you are at risk for pregnancy .

I missed my depo on the 3 of August and on the 4 of August to 9 of August I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and I went for another depo on the 13 of August and I haven't seen my period till now is it possible for me to get pregnant ?

If your shot was late and you had unprotected sex it is possible to get pregnant 

I'm in my 3rd or 4th period. My fist few, the blood was brown and it only went for a day or so. I have just gotten my period again and it's been going for 9 days and it's really heavy. Is this normal?

it is not unusual for periods to be irregular for the first 1-2 years.  

Does excessive amounts of coffee delay a period? Stress? I've had lower back pains, sore breasts, a little cramping. 5 days late. I had protected sex. Just wondering what the delay could be? It's not normal for me to be this late. I did have some abnormal HPV cells. Is that a factor?

There are many issues that can cause irregular periods including stress

Abnormal cells do not cause irregular periods.

If your period is over a week late take a home pregnancy test or schedule an appointment at Corner Health Center to get checked out.

Hi , I am 16 years old, On the 24th of June I was fingered by my boyfriend, he fingered me with precum on his fingers I don't know whether it was dry or not , on the 26th of June I noticed thick yellow discharge and my vulva was swollen and then two weeks later which was the 11th of July I got my period , after a few days I started getting nauseous and I was gassy. I lost a sense of taste even an Acid Reflux I almost got all of the pregnancy symptoms after that on the 9th of August I got my period again this time around I was nauseous and had an increased appetite, I am worried that I might be pregnant because I have almost all of the symptoms but I am still getting my period I am confused ?? Please help

If you are getting regular periods than you are not pregnant . 

If you are not feeling well please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or Corner Health Center 

I've gotten my first period about a month ago and according to my tracking app it was supposed to come 2-3 days ago but I'm not sure why it's late

It is not unusual for periods to be irregular for the first 1-2 years after they start.  That means that they can come at different times of the month and some months may not come at all 

Are irregular periods normal for a 13 year old? When I mean irregular I mean getting my period for one day and then getting it for another day a week later.

It is normal for periods to be irregular for the first 1-2 years after they begin. Hormones continue to change and for most young women periods eventually become regular every 4 weeks.  

I am 10 days late for my period. I usually have regular periods, my last cycle was July 22nd-26th. The symptoms I have are nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain/cramping and heartburn. But all of my tests are coming back negative, no faint lines or anything. What could cause this, and should I test again? I've never felt like this with any of my periods. But I am also very stressed out with my job, so I am not sure if that has made my period late but I am still having all of those symptoms! Thanks:)

Many things can change the menstrual cycle including stress. 

If you do not get a period in the next week please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center for further evaluation. 

I took a plan b and I had my period for like 2 weeks. After my period I had really bad cramps but it was just mucus coming out. It stopped but then when I got my period again, it happened right after that. It feels like my ovaries are swollen or something. It's been 2 months. It hurts badly. I can't even function sometimes. I've been taking so much Tylenol. Please help.

It is unclear by your description what the cause of this is. 

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or call the Corner health center to schedule an appointment .

Hi, I had unprotected sex two weeks before my period in June and got my period that month even though it was a day late so my period started on June 27th - July 1st. On July 14th, I started a 30 day high intensity ab workout and I was supposed to get my period July 30th but I missed it. I stopped the workout the day my period was supposed to come in July and haven't continued it since. Is there a chance of pregnancy?

Anytime you have unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy .

If your period is late take a pregnancy test 

A home test or schedule an appointment to come to Corner Health for a test 

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