Hi. My depo shot expired on 26th November and I had unprotected sex on 18th December. Since then i was having nausea and headache and didn't receive my periods. But on march 11th I got my periods back and also on April 11th I got my periods again... Could I be pregnant regardless

If you had a regular period in March and in April then you can assume you are not pregnant. 

Hey, My boyfriend and I had sex 2 months back and It was a protected sex neither the condom broke nor slip in. And I haven't missed my periods too . I've got them exactly on date. So it means that the sex that was had was safe and not pregnant right? And does period here indicate implantation bleeding or something else?
Yes it sounds like you had protected sex and your periods have been on time so there is no reason to think you would be pregnant.  
Regular monthly bleeding is part of the normal menstrual cycle.  Every month, your body prepares for pregnancy. If no pregnancy occurs, the uterus, or womb, sheds its lining. The menstrual blood is partly blood and partly tissue from inside the uterus.
I had unprotected sex on mid Jan and I was bleeding, but I am on depo shot, last sex I had was on Jan 26,on February I had irregular bleeding, I took my shot on March 4th but I have not bled yet and no sex since that Jan 26 could I be pregnant,

It is not unusual to have irregular bleeding and for periods to stop with depo.  If your shots were gotten on time then you are protected against pregnancy. Check out the Depo FAQ here. 

After having sex I got my periods,but it was 14 days late. Is there still any chance of pregnancy?

There are different reasons why your period may be 2 weeks late.  If your period was normal, then most likely you are not pregnant.

If you develop any symptoms of pregnancy or you do not get your next period then schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or Corner Health Center
for a pregnancy test and if appropriate to find a type of contraception that is right for you. 
I just started using depo And actually got my first shot and I haven't got my period...what does this mean?

It is not unusual for periods to stop when you are on depo.  

Please read the frequently asked depo questions on the ASK US page.
Hi, I'm 15 and I'm not sure if I had my first period yet. Last year, in march i had spotting for a day then followed with white discharge i now have everyday. Last month, in February, a brown smudge appeared in my underwear which also lasted a day. Is it normal? Was it my first period or only a spotting?
It is not unusual for periods to be light and irregular when they first begin.  It is also not unusual to have daily vaginal discharge. 
However, neither of the incidents  sound like an actual period
If you are concerned please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center. 
I bled really bad during sex three mths ago and havent had period since im not pregnant so whats goin on with me

More information is needed to try and figure out what the problem may be. 

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center.
Say you received a depo shot September 28,2020 and you were supposed to get in December and after the 28th it's consider late and you still didn't receive it when is a possibility your period will come back?

After using depo it can take up to a year for normal periods to return. 

However, if your depo shot is late then you are still at risk of becoming pregnant. 
Hello, I had unprotected sex on the 6th of February, twice. He did not cum in me. He pulled out. I took an emergency contraceptive pill within 24 hours. And I bled 3 days after, on the 10th of February. My period was 5 days earlier than my regular date. But now, on March, I still haven't had my period, it's 11th of March. What are the chances of me getting pregnant?

If you took the emergency contraception pill it is effective at preventing pregnancy.  It can also cause changes in your cycle. 

If you are concerned you may be pregnant please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to get a pregnancy test and to talk about the type of birth control that is right for you. 
Hi, i was supposed to have taken my shot on 21 January which I didn't take. i havent had my period ever since, last month it was only when i wiped when i saw some dark blood. could i be pregnant since ive been having unprotected sex and what does the one wipe of blood mean. How long does it take for your cycle to return?

You are at risk of pregnany if you did not get your shot on time.

It can take up to a year for your cycle to return to normal 

There can be many causes of a small amount of bleeding. 
If it continues please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center. 

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