Im a 16 year old girl and i'm on the nuvaring which is my form of birth control and i'm normally really good at keeping track of it and i had sex with a guy about a week ago without a condom but he only went inside me like 3 times and then we stopped so technically he didn't cum inside me and i took 2 pregnancy tests and they both came out negative

If you are using the Nuvaring correctly you are protected against pregnancy. 

Any time you have sex without condoms or a type of birth control you are at risk of getting pregnant.  

If your next period is more than a week late check another pregnancy test

I have been on and off the depo injection for around 5 years now. The last time I had a shot was in August 2019. After a year, my period came back and I have had two since. One is August and one in September. On the 9th October 2020, I got a shot again. I was due for my period around this time, but never started. This morning (5 days after) I had unprotected sex and he came inside. Am I at risk of getting pregnant. It was confirmed by the nurse that I had to wait 5 days before the shot was effective.

The recommendation is to wait 7 days after your first depo shot.  

Please contact your primary care provider or Corner Health Center to discuss further .  

You did not say if you had a pregnany test before you got the depo shot. 

It is probably safest to get a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant.  

I missed my depo shot on August 6 I had unprotected sex sep- October my period haven't came on my nipples feels tender I'm having mood swings & cravings am I at risk of getting pregnant?

If you did not have a depo shot when scheduled then you are at risk for getting pregnant. 

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center.  

I have had 3 Depo shots, none were late. My period stopped apart from a little bit of spotting now and then, but now I've just had a period. Is this normal?

It is not unusual to have irregular bleeding and periods  when you are getting depo shots. 

Hi I'm 13 and I had my first period this April . After that I had my second period on 16 of September. It was very light and brown in color. Then I had another period on 29 of the same month . This time it was heavier but not a lot. And it was bright red in color. It keeps on fluctuating. I thought it ended but there's always fresh blood every morning for these past days. I'm so scared. What do I do?

It is not unusual for periods to be irregular, especially in the first year.  If the bleeding continues please talk to a trusted adult about it. 

If you do not have someone to talk to please call the Corner health center and speak to a nurse or schedule an appointment with your dr. 

I've been given Diane-35 for clearing acne. After a year I've discontinued using it. My first cycle was 25 days. Now its been 30 days without any period. The only anomaly in these 30 days so far was having a thick, jelly-like discharge a week before period was supposed to start, whereas around that time I usually have less thick discharge. I'm a virgin so no pregnancy. What should I do now?

After stopping hormone pills it may take a couple of months for periods to return to your normal cycle.  If your cycle does not return in 2-3 months speak to your primary care provider or schedule an appointment at Corner Health Center

Why can't I get a tampon fully in? I can get it in 90%, but then no more before it gets to dry and won't budge (even on heaviest days). I've heard you can use KY Jelly as a lubricant, but I would never be able to ask anyone. Also, this is my second period and I've already wasted 5+ tampons using the smallest size I have.

There are many reasons it can be difficult to insert a tampon.  

You may want to try different positions for insertion.

It is not unusual to have difficulty putting in a tampon at the beginning. 

If you do not have a trusted adult or friend to ask about it and it continues to be a concern  please talk to your primary care provider or call Corner Health Center 

Hi I'm 19 and I was on Depo for a while and it had stopped my period and on April 2 I switched to nexplanon and it's been 6 months so my period should come back soon right?

Nexplanon also can cause irregular periods or can can periods to stop . 

So it would not be unusual to not have a period .

I am on the depo shot and I've heard it can stop your period. I haven't had my period in over a month is this a sign it's stopped from the shot or could I be pregnant? Is there any ways to tell

Yes the depo shot can stop your periods and may cause irregular bleeding .

If you get your shots as scheduled you are protected against pregnancy 

I started my period last month because of sex and I don't know when I'm gonna start this month because it was 4 days early

It is unclear what you are asking.  Typically sex does not change the menstrual cycle unless you are pregnant

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