Paying for Care

Do you have IUDs at Corner and do they cost money?

Yes, Corner health does have IUDs.  They are covered by insurance and we have special funds for those who do not have insurance or who may not be able to use insurance. 

How much does it cost to get an IUD from corner health center? I am looking for hormonal progesterone IUD. Also how much does it cost to get STI and HIV testing? I do not have insurance.

Corner health center does not turn anyone away based on ability to pay.  In some circumstances there are funds to assist in the coast of an IUD. Please call to schedule an appointment.  734-484-3600

Are your STI tests free and do I need anybody with me?

If you do not have insurance or you choose not to use your insurance then we are able to provide the lab costs free of charge.  

If I were to come in and get birth control, would I have to pay for the session? I was told by several friends that it was free for school students.

Corner accepts all health insurance.  If you do not have insurance or you do not want to use your insurance we have a reduced fee and payment plan as needed.  

Some insurances can be used without sending any information home to parents 

We will not turn anyone away from Corner even if you cannot pay. 

I have a friend who came in with their parent and was told that they needed insurance to pay for Mental Health Services. Is this true? If not how does this work? Are Mental Health Services free?

Mental health services are not free, but we offer "affordable health services." The Corner has a sliding fee scale procedure for individuals that do not have insurance and services are billed accordingly with the expectation that fees are to be paid at the time of service(s). Additionally, the Corner assists with applying for insurance in an effort to bill for services rendered. 


How much do your immunizations cost? Chickenpox, to be more specific.

If you are under the age of 18 and have Medicaid or no health insurance, immunizations (including the chickenpox vaccine) are free. These vaccines are provided by a government program called Vaccines for Children. At the Corner there is a cost for every appointment. To learn more about paying for any office visit at the Corner, click here.

Since the vaccines we have at the Corner are given to us by the Vaccines for Children program, we cannot give them to people who are 18 years of age or older or to anyone with a health insurance (other than Medicaid) that pays for immunizations. If this applies to you, you can schedule an immunizations appointment at the Washtenaw County Public Health Department by calling 734.544.6700.

We realize this is confusing! Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs. We want to make sure your questions get answered and you get immunized!


Are STD and HIV tests free?

At the Corner, HIV testing is a free service. All you have to do is make an appointment with our HIV test counselor. It is also an anonymous service which means you do not have to provide any information about yourself (even your name!) to take the test and get your results.

STD testing and treatment (if needed) is like any other medical appointment at the Corner. This means there are lots of different ways to pay for the appointment including using health insurance or paying a small amount based on your income. Ultimately, we never turn anyone away if they cannot pay for care. To figure out the cost of any visit, contact us. Oh and don’t forget, STD testing and treatment is a confidential service at the Corner.

To learn more about paying for care, click here.


How much does STI testing & treatment cost?

The cost of any visit to the Corner depends on your health insurance status and/or income.

Generally, an appointment for STI testing ranges from $5 - $12, and an appointment with our HIV test counslor is free. To figure out the cost for your care, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our receptionist will explain what you should expect to pay and tell you what information you should bring to the visit--like insurance cards or proof of income.

Remember: we will not turn you away if you are unable to pay. We want to make sure you get the care you need regardless of your health insurance status or ability to pay for care.

For more information on paying for care at the Corner, click here.

For more information on STI Testing and Treatment, click here.


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