What if I had unprotected sex and he cummed In me 2 times and then Monday I got the shot for the first time what will happen ??

If you had unprotected sex without the shot you are at risk for pregnancy. 

It can take up to 7 days for the depo to begin to provide protection against pregnancy, 

If it is within 5 days of when you had unprotected sex you may want to consider the emergency contraception pill.  Call Corner health or talk to your primary care provider nor clinic where you got the depo shot. 

Me and my partner had unprotected sex sept 3 and he came into me my window ended aug 31 my shot was the morning of sept 3 could I possibly be pregnant

If your shot was more than 13 weeks from your previous shot and you had unprotected sex then you could be at risk for pregnancy 

I am on the depo shot & sexually active. We do not use Condoms but we use the pull out method. Could I still get pregnant from pre-ejaculation?

If you get your depo shots on time, you are protected against pregnancy. 

I had my periods from 4th August,got the depo shot on 21 august and then got unprotected sex on 27th August,can I get pregnant

If it was your first depo shot the recommendation is to wait 7 days before having unprotected sex.

If you previously have gotten depo and your shot was on time you are protected against pregnancy

I was due to get my birth control august 21, however I decided to go get it august 4 (17 days early) what are some things that I would experience getting my shot almost 3 weeks early? Does it make my odds of getting pregnant change? I've been feeling pregnant after thinking about the past few weeks of not feeling well, nauseous, sensitive to certain smells, back hurting, little more emotional, etc...

 It is ok to get the shot 10 weeks from your previous shot. 

Nausea, increased emotions, could be hormonal side effects of the shot

I got my 2nd depo shot on June 27th and about a week after getting it I stated bleeding and since then it hasn't stopped at all. Its been 9 or 10 weeks of me just constantly bleeding. How do I stop it? Is it normal? Do I need to stop taking the depo shot?

The depo shot can cause irregular bleeding such as you describe.  Please contact the clinic where you got the shot or Corner Health Center to discuss options for stopping the bleeding.  

Most irregular bleeding stops or decreases after the 3rd depo injection. 

I got my depo shot sept 3 but it ended aug 31 and I had unprotected sex the morning of sept 3 could I be high risk pregnancy

The depo injection should be gotten within 12 weeks of the previous shot.  

It it outside of that time, it is recommended that you use a backup method for 7 days or you are at risk of pregnancy

What are the chances of getting pregnant by pre-cum on the birth control shot?

If you get your shots on time then you are protected against pregnancy.  

What are the chances of getting pregnant by pre-cum on the birth control shot?

If you get your shots on time then you are protected against pregnancy.  

I've been using depo since last year Sep 2019 till sep2020 I was supposed to receive my shot on Sep 2 but decided to take it a day earlier which 1 Sep 2020 and when get to clinic they had no 3 months but gave me 2 months injection and had unprotected sex the following day will I get pregnant? Help plz

If you got your depo shot on time, if it wasn't late,   then you are protected against pregnancy,

  It is unclear what you mean about 2 month or 3 month injection. 

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