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I missed my depo shot on the 22 July 2021 and on the 23 July 2021 to 26 July 2021, we had unprotected sex with my boy friend. Can I get pregnant? If yes, how soon can I know the results. Thank you.

The depo shot is effective for 13 weeks from the previous injection.  If it is longer then you are at risk for pregnancy. 

You should wait 2-3 weeks to do a pregnancy test

I've been on the DEPO shot for years, then I switched to the i.u.d method on October 23, 2020 but then got it removed a few months later. I started the DEPO shot again on June 28, 2021 then had unprotected sex several times after, could I be pregnant?

If you went from one method to another you would be protected against pregnancy. 

If you restarted depo after not being on anything then you need to wait 7 days for pregnancy protection.

He finished inside me 3 times over that weekend does that increase the risk and do I need to take plan B after he finishes inside if I'm on Nexplanon? (I was on the Depo shot for I would say almost a year and I switched to Nexplanon and I've been on it for two years and two months and I haven't had my period for years now and my boyfriend finished inside but Nexplanon is 99% effective so am I at risk for pregnancy?)

Nexplanon is effective at preventing pregnancy every time you have sex.

Hello I want to know how bad is it to take 3 different times, plan b during a time spam of 2 and a half months, should I be worried, I haven't had my period due to all the hormones of the pills, they are emergencies, and I'm planning on starting birth control once I get my period again.
Taking Plan B does change your normal menstrual cycle .
Please schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Provider or Corner Health Center to find the type of birth control (contraception) that is right for you.
Using condoms every time will prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
If my boyfriend came in my yesterday around 3 pm and take a plan b before 48 hours will I be fine ?

Taking Plan B within 48 hours of unprotected sex reduces the likelihood of pregnancy.  

It can also make your next period late, but If you do not get a period please check a pregnancy test. 
Also, schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or Corrner Health Center to find a type of contraception (birth control) that is right for you. 
I got my first depo shot on January 14, 2021 and got my re-up shot on April 15,2021 but I had unprotected sex the next morning and 2 weeks later I felt sick and extremely exhausted etc now my period is late and never showed and today I'm 6 days late I'm not sure if it's because the shot or a possible pregnancy?
The risk of pregnancy when the depo shot is gotten on time is very very low.  So if you got your April shot on time there is very little chance you are pregnant. 
Also, it is not unusual for periods to stop or become irregular on depo. 
If you are concerned about pregnancy then take a home pregnancy test or call Corner Health Center to come in for one.  
I started depo in November, my next injection was in February I took that as well. I hadn't taken my injection in April and had unprotected sex on numerous occasions will I get pregnant?

Anytime you have unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy. 

if you are concerned you may be pregnant, you can take a home pregnancy test, contact your primary care provider, or call Corner health to schedule an appointment. 
If you are not going to continue with depo then you can ask about what other method would be right for you. 
I hv not been on birth control for 9 months. I had unprotected sex on the 26th of February and 5hours later the very same day I got my periods. 4 weeks later I've got headaches and I'm feeling nauseous, Can I be pregnant??
If you stopped the pill and had unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy .
Headaches and nausea could be from other things but if you are concerned about pregnancy please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center or take a home pregnancy test.
Hey this my first time getting the shot I got it Nov 5 2020 and was due the February 4 I had unprotected sex on the 5th and 17th so can I be pregnant?

If you did not get your shot on time you are at risk for getting pregnant.

Hi I had my period on January then in February on the 7th I had sex the following day I took contraceptives then on the 15 of February I got my first depo shot then I had sex on 19 so I wanna know if I'm protected?
If you have sex and  do not use contraception you are at risk for pregnancy. 
You are protected against pregnancy 7 days after your first depo shot . 
If you are concerned about pregnancy you can do a home pregnancy test or contact your primary care provider or Corner Health Center.

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