when i was 15 i would overdose on diphenhydramine occasionally because of its "hallucinations". ived dosed 800 mg twice 500 mg once and 750 mg once. these higher doses not including the multiple times i've done 12.5 mg to 300 mg for heavy sedation and as a sleep-aid. all within the span of like 6 months. i did 800 mg back to back but i was so paranoid and confused i decided i had to stop for a little. did smaller doses more and more often 2 weeks after i did my highest doses. ran out for a month and got another bottle. continued with small doses and did 500 sometime in that time period. after a 2 week tolerance break i did my final dose 750 mg. the last of my pills and also a bad experience so i quit. i now know how bad this truly is, and i'm genuinely concerned for my future mental health. its been quite awhile and i still sometimes have hallucinations. is there anything i should prepare for / how can i improve my mental quality? is there anything that should be said? please get back to me.

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner to get a referral for a complete mental health evaluation and also to see if the high doses of diphenhydramine has had any effect on your physical health .

It is recommended you follow the instructions on the package and not take more than the Recommended daily  dose 

I keep having a lot of anxiety about getting a serious or terminal illness, even though I know its not exactly high probability. Im only 30 and fairly healthy (I think) but I cant get the worry out of my head to the point where I sometimes panic. Its the possibility that really scares me. Would something like that be considered paranoia, obsession, just pure anxiety, or something else?

Sounds like you are experiencing anxiety. 

Schedule an appointment with a therapist who specializes in anxiety and/or discuss this with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center

Idk what is going on or if it's normal I've brought it up to my doctor but he seems to just ignore me anyway is it at all normal for a guy to through is preteens,teens,20's and into 30's and never get an erection like mentally I know I am turned on but my body just won't cooperate and quite frankly it's embarrassing to not only strike out/be like no I don't wanna do it as well as keep bringing it up to the doctor and be ignored Ps I've actually asked like 3 doctors and they all just shrug it off so any help at all would be greatly appreciated

There are physical and emotional explanations for why men may not be able to have erections.  

Schedule an appointment with a urologist for a physical evaluation of this issue.

There are also sex therapists who help people work on emotional issues that may contribute. 

My boyfriend. Of 18 years passed away last year. We had a very active and unusual sex life. Since he died I slept with one man. Now that it is over a year since he has passed I am curios about maybe seeing what is out there. However, lately I can not even get my toys up. I don't want to go to bed with someone and not be able to perform. Any suggestion and thoughts appreciated

Sorry about your loss.  Often times people’s ability to perform is tied to emotional issues .  You would benefit from talking to a therapist related to your grief and loss and there are also therapists who are trained to help with sexual health issues 

How do i deal with my depression? I've tried a therapist I've tried pills iv'e tried everything and i don't seem to be happy, recently I've gotten extremely depressed because i got taken away from my mother and its been giving me anxiety and making me very sad all the time i don't think theres one time of the day i'm not crying even therapists think i don't have a cure for my sadness.

There are many many treatments for depression.  There are always new options.  Please schedule an appointment with your dr or come to Corner Health Clinic.  

There are also helplines such at Ozone House 734-662-2222, The texting hotline 741-741 for additional support. 

I have an active life and I am very social, but a lot of the time I feel like I wish I wasn't here anymore. I don’t understand why I have these feelings of sadness and I don’t know what to do about it.

Many people, including those with active and social lives, experience feelings of sadness or depression for a variety of reasons during different times in their lives. Often times, people tend to cover it up and not express these feelings, but actually the BEST thing to do is to recognize these feelings and talk to someone who can help! Here at the Corner, you can meet with a mental health professional who can help you figure out what is going on and how you might be able to feel better. Click here to schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional!


I think that I might be depressed. Are there any ways to know for sure? What are some things that I can do if I am?

Depression is a common issue among young people.  You are not alone!  However, if you are feeling like you might be depressed, now is the time to schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional.  Some of the signs and symptoms of depression include trouble sleeping, lack of concentration, change in appetite, and feeling worthless, hopeless, or guilty.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call us!  Here at the Corner, you can meet with a mental health professional that can help you to figure out what is going on and how you might be able to feel better.

I’m not sick but I need someone to talk to about issues at home. Can I come to the Corner for that?

Absolutely! At the Corner we are here to help you be healthy both physically and mentally.

Our team of counselors and psychiatrists are here to listen to young people when they need someone to talk to. Many young people come to the Corner to work through their parents’ divorce or deal with other issues at home. You can also meet with our counselors if you’re stressed about school, having trouble with friends, or just feeling blue. These visits are free and confidential—pretty cool, don’t you think?!

We ask all patients to see a medical doctor at the Corner once prior to making a counseling appointment. Our doctor will help you figure out which counselor is best for you. It’s easy to make an appointment! Click here to learn how.


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