Do you have recommendations for patients over 25 who don't have insurance and are primarily Spanish speakers?

Yes, Call Packard Health Center at 734 971-1073. 

They have Spanish speakers on the phones and Spanish speakers who provide health care. 

My knee still acts up even a year and a half after I dislocated it. We never went to the doctors specifically for it, but when I have gone it seems the reflexes are still normal. It also went back into its socket when I straightened it at the time. My other knee that was unharmed does not hurt like this one does. Is there any way I can relieve some of this pain? I am 16 years old.
It sounds like you need to be seen by a bone and  joint and bone specialist to figure out what is causing your pain and causing your knee to dislocate .
Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health to get a this referral. The doctors who specialize in bones and joints are orthopedic surgeons.
I started depo in November, my next injection was in February I took that as well. I hadn't taken my injection in April and had unprotected sex on numerous occasions will I get pregnant?

Anytime you have unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy. 

if you are concerned you may be pregnant, you can take a home pregnancy test, contact your primary care provider, or call Corner health to schedule an appointment. 
If you are not going to continue with depo then you can ask about what other method would be right for you. 
Your next depo is due Feb 10-Feb 24th. It is a good idea to schedule the following appointment before you leave the clinic.

Good day, I had my 1st depo shot on the 25th of Nov 2020 and may you kindly advice when is my next due date  as I forgot to ask the nurse at the clinic

I am wondering if I can get a test to see what blood type I am. I need to know as I am looking into being a kidney donor.

Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider to have that blood test.  .

How long from first appointment can a trans patient expect to wait before starting hrt? I know it it often a drawn out and stressful process, but it feels like every day that passes will make it more difficult to transition

At Corner Health Center a patient would schedule an initial appointment with a health care provider for a brief physical exam , assessment and blood tests.  This is usually scheduled within a week.  

Typically the return visit to start HRT is within a month.  

What is the wait time for an HRT appointment?

The initial visit to establish care at Corner health can usually happen within 1-2 weeks . At that appointment you have a physical exam and blood tests . 

Following that you schedule a follow up visit to begin HRT.  That is typically within 4-6 weeks . 

Hi, I was just sitting on the couch minding my business listening to music and playing my game, when all of a sudden I got this extremely weird feeling come through my body in waves, I was still fully conscious and could speak and move, but my heart was beating extremely quickly and I started shaking (as a nervous reaction). it would calm down then come back, and I also felt like I was going to puke, afterwards when I finally calmed down I was shivering uncontrollably even though I wasn't cold, Im scared it might've been something serious, after all it was a very unpleasant scary feeling that's difficult to describe. Any idea on what this might have been?

It is difficult to diagnose  based on the symptoms you describe. 

However, what you describe could have been a panic attack.  

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to discuss further and rule out any other causes for the episode you describe .

Well I got my depo shot on the 8th of June then I was told to come back 12 weeks after I'm not sure of the date because I lost my card where the date was written . So if I go few days before the actual date would I be disturbing the process?

If your shot was on June 8th then your next shot is due between Aug 24th and Sept 7th.  

Hi I am 25 years old. We were having a protected sex and after he released fully inside the condom he took out and we saw there was little that was came out from the outer layer of condom and we properly saw is there a break in the condom but it was fine. This was happened in February. Then I got my periods on March 15th and after that I didn't get till June 15th I got a light bleeding for 2 days. Then later on July 9th I started bleeding heavily and had a bad cramps. And in August I started feeling dizziness and heavy breast. Am I pregnant?

It sounds like you are having irregular periods and some hormone symptoms.  Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to talk about it.  If you do not want to get pregnant you can also find out about a birth control method that his good for you.  

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