okay, hi I'm 16 and female. I masturbated three times this week. And when on the 3rd time, I actually felt weird and stopped because my stomach started to bloat? I used my fingers, and when I reached down there I felt a little body sac or something? and as I was kept on hitting it, that was when my stomach started to bloat? And even today when I did not do anything, my stomach kept going to normal then after eating, it kinda bloats again? This is really quite alarming and I can't tell my parents. can someone help me? is there something wrong?

The symptoms you describe most likely are not related to masturbation unless you were very forceful and had some injury to the area. 

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center, 
Your parents only need to know that you are having stomach bloating and would like to see a dr or nurse practitioner. 
.  The information about masterbation can be shared at the appointment but can be confidential and not shared with your parent.  

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