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I'm a teenage female having sex without my parents knowledge and me and my boyfriend recently had sex about 2 days after a month of not doing nothing and now I've been bleeding non stop and i know its not my period. Also ive been having a lot of discharge but I'm scared to tell my mom about anything. What should i do

There are many reasons for heavy bleeding . 

Please call Corner health center to schedule a televisit .  734 484-3600.  You do not need parent permission for sexual health visits . 

Hello can I ask Well I got my 2 month shot on 5may and had unprotected sex on 23may I wanted to know if am safe Well my next date for the shot is 30june

If your shot was on May 5th you were protected against pregnancy on May 23rd. 

Please contact the clinic where you got the May 5th injection to find out when your next depo shot is due .  June 30th is too soon 

For the past year, my periods have been getting increasingly heavier and more painful - so much so that I can barely move and feel as if I am going to throw up. My gynocologist said that it was normal and waved me off even though my Mother has PCOS and wanted to see if she could get me on birth control. For my last two cycles, my periods have only been a day long, extremely heavy, and painful. I'm a teenage girl and I don't have very much persuasive power - If I go to the gynocologist will I just be waved off again (& waste my parents' money) or will they actually help me this time?

There are good treatment options to decrease heavy painful periods . 

Please call Corner health to schedule a visit or get a referral from you primary care provider to get another opinion 

Hi it was first day of depo short and that day it was my last day of ma period and I was sexually active almost 2 weeks can I be pregnant

There is a very low risk that you would be pregnant 

Hello, I got 3 shots of depo so far and I'm supposed to go again on the 28th of May this month... ND I don't wanna go I wanna get pregnant how is my chance out of 1 to 10 please help

The timing of getting pregnant after depo is different for every woman .  You may get pregnant right away and it can take up to a year to get pregnant 

I'm having a darker discharge after masturbating a couple days ago with a bottle of something. Im having some discomfort in my pelvic bone area since then too. I'm concerned about maybe having an sti or is this just my body cleaning itself

If you are concerned about possible injury in your pelvic area please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health center or a nearby urgent care center. 

My lower abdomen is swollen at both sides it's painful sometimes too and makes my abdomen hard I have discharges as well sometimes watery with whitish particles and sometimes thick white paste like substances Do I have an infection?

It is possible that you have an infection.  Call your primary care provider or Corner Health Center to schedule an appointment. 

CORNER HEALTH CENTER is open and doing televisits ( video or phone)  and in-person visits.  

I keep having pains in the lower right side of my abdomen. I don't think its my appendix though, the pain isn't bad enough for that and has come and gone for a long time. Its a very sharp pain. I don't have any idea what it could be though.

Much more information is needed to figure out what is causing your pain.  

Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center for further evaluation of your pain.  

I am 21 years old I started using Depo for three months.On the day that I was supposed to get my second shot I had an unprotected sex.So can I be pregnant

If your depo shot was not late then you are not at risk for pregnancy. 

I only had my first shot of depo 18th Feb and due for the next one soon if I miss this shot what is the chance of getting pregnant on a scale of 1 to 10?

If your depo shot was not late then you are not at risk for pregnancy. 

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