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If you have continued vaginal bleeding, vag discharge or any discomfort please schedule an appointment with your PCP or at Corner Health Center.

I am on the depo shot & I had sex three days ago & I am having vaginal bleeding. Is this normal? This has never happened to me before

Hi I had my depo shot on January and I was due for the next one on 30march due to corona virus I couldn't so I haven't had my periods since then and I started my periods on the week of 25th July and after a week I'm on my periods again ,why

Irregular vaginal bleeding is most likely a result of changes in hormones since stopping the Depo-Provera

Irregular bleeding can also have other causes. 

If irregular bleeding continues schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center. 

Hi I miss depo on the 26 of July on 01 of August I had unprotected sex can I be pregnant?

The depo shot should be gotten every 12 weeks to prevent pregnancy.  If your last shot was more than 12 weeks before July 26 

 then you are at risk for pregnancy.  

How long after missed depo can I become pregnent

The timing is different for everyone.  Some women get pregnant 3-4 months after stopping.  For others, it can be a year or more.  

Can I have splinters in my vagina after 10 years? When I was young I wanted to know what penetration felt like and used a small wooden stick a few times, it never hurt and i've seen a gynecologist many times, I'm fine, but it still bothers me. Could I have splinters that can't be noticed and should I explain my stupid actions to my doctor?

It would be unlikely that you would have unnoticed splinters after 10 years.  If it is something that bothers you then talk to your dr about it.   

I am late for my period (which is unusual), I have a lot more discharge than normal, my right lower abdomen hurts to press and I've been waking up to cramps in my right lower abdomen (I'm not pregnant). What could this mean please?

What you describe sounds lke it could be an infection.  Please schedule an appointment with you primary care provider or at Corner health center. 

Hello! I've VPH and one big genital wart, I haven't treat them because I'm scheduled to do chryoterapy next month, I haven't had any discomfort from it, but yesterday I started feeling very itchy, what are the symptoms to a vaginal infection? Do they have something to do with the HPV?

Genital warts can be itchy.  Itching can also be a sign of vaginal infection.  Symptoms of vaginal infection can also include abnormal vaginal discharge, change in odor or texture of vaginal discharge. 

If you believe you may have an infection schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center. 

Hi, I have a question to ask. I had my two months (Noristerat) injection on January the 6th 2020, I then engaged in unprotected sex with my partner in February 15th 2020 and that was the last time I engaged in sex. I was then due for my next needle in March 2020, which I received. I then recently decided to abstain as I'm on a spiritual journey and I don't want to sin in such unnecessary ways like having sexual intercourse out of marriage again. So after my March needle appointment I didn't have intercourse again and I haven't gone for anymore injections, basically I didn't miss my shots between the sexual incident. Does this mean that I'm at risk of being pregnant or not? And when will my period come back?

It looks like you had your injection on time so you would not be at risk for pregnancy . 

It may take a couple of months or longer for your regular period to begin again.

Hi, I had sexual intercourse in February after getting my Noristerat needle shot in January first week, I then went and got a needle shot in March the beginning of the month. I haven't had sexual intercourse again and I stopped the needle because I don't want to use it anymore, I'm celibate. So I just want to know if there's a possibility that I am pregnant now or is the needle leaving my system?

If you got the noresterat injection at the recommended time you would be protected 

against unplanned  pregnancy 

If you have sex the day after your period does it increase the chance of pregnancy? I'm on birth control

The greatest chance of becoming pregnant is mid cycle around 2 weeks after your period begins.  (the exact day varies person to person)

If you are taking birth control as it is recommended then you are protected against unplanned pregnancy.  

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