Hey so my friend gave her boyfriend a handjob he came and he didn’t wipe himself before entering her. But he only went half way in so he didn’t go in fully. And he didn’t cum at all after that either. But she’s scared that she’s pregnant because he never wiped his cum off before entering her. And she’s a week late on her period.

If your friend had sexual intercourse and is not using contraception or condoms there is a risk of pregnancy.  Pregnancy occurs when  sperm come in contact with an egg. 

There are other factors that cause periods to be late.

 Your friend should schedule an appointment with her primary care provider or at Corner health center for a pregnancy test,  &/or to discuss birth control options. 

I'm a 17 year old female. I had anal with my boyfriend about a month ago and i had my period about 3 weeks after the fact. He didn't finish and didn't go in my vagina. my period was on time, kind of heavy, and was all normal for me. I took a pregnancy test that i've had in my bag and it already had a blue line that i hadn't noticed the last time I took the first one. It came back with a faint line. I need advice please answer i'm scared.

The package for a home pregnancy test will show what is positive and what is negative.  If the test is positive please schedule an appontment with your primary care provider to repeat it or come to Corner health center for a repeat pregnancy test and additional evaluation  

Hey. I'm a 14 year old female. A month ago I had sex with my boyfriend. He didn't cum or precum in me. He cumed outside. He wiped of the sperm and then we waited for about 15 minutes and had sex again. Is there a chance I might get pregnant? Please help me. I'm all alone in this and I'm so scared. Please answer.

Anytime you have sex without condoms or birth control you are at risk for pregnancy.

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health center to discuss further and learn about birth control options. 

Until you have birth control , using condoms everytime will decrease the chance of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection.

Hi I got my first depo shot late May 2019. My next shot was due August 2019. I didn't get the shot as i did not like the side effects of the shot (i bled for 5 weeks). After not receiving the shot i got a 7 day period. I have not seen a period for this month and i took a pregnancy test which was negative. Is this normal or is it possible for me to be pregnant?

When starting and stopping depo shots it is not unusual to have irregular bleeding and changes in time of period.

Also, if you have had sexual intercourse without birth control you are at risk for unplanned pregnancy.  

Please schedule an appointment at Corner Health or with your primary care provider to discuss further and talk about other effective types of birth control.  

If i have unprotected sex and idk if he precummed in me but i do know he didnt cum in me and then i took a plan b (just in case he precum in me)48hours or maybe a couple hours less than that whats my risk of pregnancy

Research shows that if Plan B is taken 25-48 hours after sex, the effectiveness at preventing pregnancy is about  85 percent.  That means that if 100 people took the pill between 25 and 48 hours then approx 85 will not get pregnant and approx 15 will.  

Okay, I live in Alabama. Before I got pregnant, I smoked weed. Ever since, I have been anti and actually refuse to ever again. The doctor said that he would test me again at my third trimester. I will definitely pass because it's been almost 7 months. My question is, since I'm done smoking and if I pass it, will any CPS be involved? Like, my mom plans to be in the room & I don't want a case worker to show up but I will pass everything. I just don't know if they would because of the first failed at 8 weeks.

Assuming you pass everything you should not have to worry about CPS involvement.  Different states and different hospitals may have different rules.  You may want to have that conversation with your dr. so they understand your concern

Hi I'm 20 and at the begining of this year I decided to get the depo shot but didn't go for the second one because I wanted to try and get pregnant. The first month of stopping I was bleeding for a month (which I know is common). After that I have not had a period yet but have had pregnancy symptoms. I looked into the the aftereffects of stopping it which are symptoms common to pregnancy. I've had continuous weight gain that started very quickly I am now 40-50lbs heavier than 2-3 months ago. Within a week of buying Jean's that did fit me, the following week they were way too tight. Now none of my Jean's with button and my shirts are too tight. I have had tender breast which have grown 2-3 cup sizes. Also my veins in my breast are sometimes very noticeable along with what looks like white pimples on my boobs. Nausea, which is common for me, but this is close to vomiting. I feel queasy around certain smells and have also had cravings, which normally doesn't happen unless I'm on my period. My feet have either gotten fat or they are swollen; not too noticable, but you can tell my socks are tight. My bowel system is out of whack. I've had cramping and my back pain is worse than usual. I've been more drowsy and waking up with headaches. I'm just confused. I've taken 5 at home test (3 last month along with blood work) which have all came back negative. All of these symptoms have happened within maybe 2 months and I've also gained 40-50 pounds since then and continue to gain, what seems like, 2 pounds a week or every other week. . I'm concerned because I've recently gotten on new meds (which only one causes weight gain) and if I'm pregnant I do not want to cause any type of harm to the baby. My medicines I take are venlafaxine, busprione, quetiapine, and cyproheptadine. I just don't know what to do at this point.

Please schedule an appointment with your PCP or your psychiatrist to review your symptoms.  Some of the medications you are on can cause weight gain.  Also additional blood tests such as thyroid may need to be done. 

If you do not have a PCP please schedule an appointement at Corner Health. 

Ok so my partner used pull out method but i think some slipped into the vagina while he went to get tissue wipe his cum off me he wiped inside me but is there a chance i could end up getting pregnant from that even tho he wiped it out or while waiting for him to wipe.

In order for pregnancy to occur sperm need to come in contact with an egg.  Yes it is possible for sperm that are around the outside of the vagina   or just inside to get to an egg.  If it has been 5 days or less you can get the plan B to reduce the chances or an unplanned pregnancy.

Hi i am experiencing early signs of pregnancy. my pulse in the aorta is pulsing normally but there is a steady 2 thrum pulse in the bottom right of my stomach. I know its not my aorta because it happens even when i sit up and stand up. I also have a weird lump in my belly button. I pee more frequently and i have back pains. Can some women get a early pregnancy??? Should I get a early pregnancy test??? I only had sex 24 hours ago but i feel pukey and all those other symptoms.

It is very unlikely the symptoms you describe are from a potential pregnancy that occurred 24 hours earlier.  Have you had any other episodes of unprotected sex before?

If these symptoms continue or your period is late please schedule an appointment at Corner Health or with your primary care provider. Also if it is 5 days or less you may want to consider PlanB .

My period is 2 days late. I'm having a few cramps, white discharge and diarrhea. I had dry sex last month. Could i be pregnant? HELP!!!

If you have had sexual intercourse without using birth control or condoms there is always a chance you could be pregnant.

There are also other reason for the symptoms you are having.  If your period is 1-2 weeks late you should check a pregnancy test   

Please schedule to come to Corner health or see your health care provider for further evaluation and testing as needed.  

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