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I gave birth 6 months ago and I have just done my first self examination since and I have noticed a ball of pale tissue between my urethra and vaginal opening, it doesnt hurt to touch but it doesn’t look too pleasant. Is this normal?

It is hard to know what it is without seeing it.  You can schedule an appointment at Corner Health Clinic to be evaluated.  

I took two emergency contraceptive pills, one on the 12th and another one on 13th of May and today is the 20th. I still haven't got a period but I feel a little bit cramp there and hurt on breasts. When will my period come? Is it same for 7 days after emergency as it taken 1 emergency as well?

The question is when was your last period?  Using emergency contraception can change your cycle.  If your period is 2 weeks late then you should make an appointment  for a pregnancy test.

How many appointments does it take to receive testosterone from Corner Health?

Patients who are interested in receiving  testosterone at Corner  need to make an appointment  to establish care.  This visit involves a physical exam and blood tests.  Following the initial visit  an appointment is scheduled with our specialist.  At that visit options are discussed and testosterone may be prescribed per the treatment plan. 

I'm not sure of what type vagina infection I have but my vagina is is slightly itchy , has redness :( , usually have yellow & clear white discharge but now it decreases, i have slightly some lower stomach pain/cramps , i had a small pimple on my labia major and it came out by itself within 3-4 days.

My best advice given your different issues is to schedule an appontment to be seen either at Corner Health or your own doctor's office.

Call 734-484-3600 to schedule!

I've been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend for three years now and haven't gotten pregnant. Why?

In order for pregnancy to occur an egg and sperm need to connect.  There are only a few days a month that this can happen.  If you have been having unprotected sex regularly throughout the month for 3 years and have not gotten pregnant it is possible there is an issue with ovulation or another hormonal issue.  It is also possible that your boyfriend has an issue with his sperm. 

It would be a good idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor or come to the Corner Health Center for an evaluation.   

Is there a reason that my nipples seem to get bigger some days after I makeout with my boyfriend?

Yes, during sexual stiumulation the breast  and areola (dark part of the breast around the nipple) may become engoraged and larger and the and nipple may become erect. 

I have been on the pill for about 3 years now and I had unprotected sex a couple of days ago, but i had not take the pill that night or 2 days before this as well. I had also been drinking alcohol, is there still a chance i can get pregnant?

Yes, if you miss pills there is a chance you get pregnant.  You may consider taking emergency contraception if it has been within 5 days.  It may decrease the possibility of pregnancy. 

The pill may not be the method that is right for you if it is difficult to take everyday at the same time of day.    Schedule an appointment  at Corner Health or with your health care provider to discuss further.  

Four weeks ago, I received unprotected oral sex from a woman I had never met until that day at a party. I was really drunk and only recall that happening. I am married and really regret what I did, not that it matters at this point. It lasted only about a minute or two and I did not ejaculate. I freaked out and took 1.5 grams of Zithromax in one dose about 4 days after exposure and received a one gram shot of ceftriaxone 6 days after exposure. I never had testing done as I have been unable to because of a work trip and had to work a deal to get the meds. Symptoms I am having are: -Pain and burning in groin. (Mainly on the left side directly up and left of my penis. It is tender to touch if I dig around in there trying to locate the spot. I feel nodes on both sides but they are small and I have to search for them. I can't tell if that's hat hurts.) -Cold and tender thighs. -Testicular discomfort. -The occasional urgency to urinate. -Sometimes the tip of my penis tingles? But I think I have felt it before the encounter. -My bladder seems hot? Subsided after urination completely. I do NOT have burning during urination or discharge. I feel like everything between my knees and groin hurt, and can't tell if it's anxiety. I have been married for more than a decade and the thought of my terrible judgement jeapordizing that is killing me inside. I have masturbated a few times just to see that everything comes out normal and it does. I also have tenderness and soreness in the ligaments. It feels like it goes all around where my leg meets my pelvis and feels like it goes around to my buttocks occasionally. I also feel a weird fluttering like sensation of the muscles in my groin area every now and then. I feel that I am able to suppress these symptoms mentally and they come back. I feel that I can sleep fine and the symptoms manifest throughout the day and go away near bedtime. Please help.

You have been treated for the most common sexually transmitted infections.  It is unlikely that you have gotten a different infection from oral sex that is causing all of these symptoms. 

You need to schedule an appointment with a health care provider who can do an examination and get any necessary tests. 

It also sounds like you are experiencing a lot of anxiety and it would be helpful if you could talk to a therapist as well. 

I want to know if it is safe that my partner is naked and touches me with his penis, while I have underwear on, sometimes a thong, should I avoid it or there is no harm?

If pre-ejaculate fluid (pre-cum) or ejaculate fluid (cum) enters the vagina there is technically a possibility that sperm could fertilize an egg and pregnancy could occur or infection could be spread.

If there are any sores on the penis they could be spread via skin to skin contact.

Using a condom for sexual activity prevents the spread of infection and unplanned pregnancy. 

So I was on my shot and then I miss it for month, my period was irregular since I stared it it become short and twice a moth. This moth that I didn't take it I haven't got my period and I took a pregnancy test and come out negative. Should I worry?

Periods can become irregular with the use of depo.  If you do not use birth control and have sex you are at risk for pregnancy.  You can get your shot or another type of birth control to prevent pregnancy.  If you haven't had a period in 2 weeks you should repeat the pregnancy test.  Also, remember to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

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