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Did not have sex, pre-cum may have came in contact with vulva. That happened on the 18th of January. Panicking made me took the morning after pill less than 24 hours later. I took a home pregnancy test on the 13th of February and it came back negative. I am now 5 days late for my period and I'm starting to experience cramps on the right lower belly and right lower back. Could I be pregnant ?

From what you describe there is a very low likelihood that you could be pregnant.  Stress and worry and the morning after pill can affect the menstrual cycle.  

If your period is more than 2 weeks late please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or Corner Health Center &/or schedule an appointment to discuss use of contraception to prevent unplanned pregnancy.  

I've been on depo for 3 months now and have been experiencing break through bleeding since then. I plan to stop. How long will the break through bleeding last and exit out of my system?

It is hard to predict when the bleeding will stop.  The depo will slowly be out of your system and your cycles will return to normal.   If you are sexually active you should schedule an appointment to start another type of contraception to prevent pregnancy.  

Got my first depo shot on the 2nd of November last year and bled for good 2 weeks then my second shot was due on the 2nd of February so got the Sayana press shot on the 1st of February then I had unprotected sex the next day after the shot, am I protected against pregnancy?

According to your dates, you received your shot on time, and you are not at risk for pregnancy.  ( What does Sayana press refer to??) 

Lately after particularly large stools I have noticed a little blood on the toilet paper. However it was always an insignificant amount so I never paid much attention, I also assumed it may be a tear of sorts from the large stool and was not a large problem. However I noticed more blood than usual after a recent stool, not heaps but enough to leave a noticeable red mark on the toilet paper instead of a faint pink tinge like normal. What does this mean?

From what you describe the bleeding can be from a hemorrhoid or a small tear.  Both occur when people have large and or hard stools.  Increasing water intake and or taking a stool softener can be helpful.  If the problem continues please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or schedule an appointment at Corner Health Center 

Idk if I have anything but someones sister told me that I had something, she didn’t say what exactly. We was in a argument, but I’ve had sexual interactions with other females before the sister had told me anything. I told the girls they got checked and there’s nothing wrong with em and me my stomach has been upset for like 2 weeks now but I’m also an anxiety person so I’m just confused and I feel like it’s gone kill me and my girlfriend and I’m scared??

It is difficult to know what is going on from what you describe.  Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or Corner health center to discuss the situation further and get any necessary testing and treatment. 

Hi I am currently taking the mini pill, I want to know what could happen if I stop using it concerning physical and emotional changes, since I'm no longer sexually active.

For most women stopping the mini pill does not produce significant changes.  However, if you noticed any changes when you started the mini pill such as acne improvement, regular periods then those things will most likely return.  You may experience some irregular bleeding as your system readjusts.

I get bullied all the time for not having my period yet (im 14) i also get bullied for having aa breasts and its not something i can control but it hurts so much to get judged for something i cannot control at all.

Puberty begins for people at different ages.  Unfortunately, people can be very cruel and hurtful.    Please schedule an appointment with your dr or come to the Corner Clinic.  It is helpful to talk to someone about what you are experiencing.  

How do i deal with my depression? I've tried a therapist I've tried pills iv'e tried everything and i don't seem to be happy, recently I've gotten extremely depressed because i got taken away from my mother and its been giving me anxiety and making me very sad all the time i don't think theres one time of the day i'm not crying even therapists think i don't have a cure for my sadness.

There are many many treatments for depression.  There are always new options.  Please schedule an appointment with your dr or come to Corner Health Clinic.  

There are also helplines such at Ozone House 734-662-2222, The texting hotline 741-741 for additional support. 

I am having troubles with masturbating, it seems like whenever i try to masturbate i don't like it, like i don't feel any satisfaction to it and i know for sure i'm doing it right and i want to know why i don't like masturbating?

There are many things that can affect a person's sexual being; sexual pleasure etc.    Physical and emotional, developmental.  It can be helpful to discuss this with your primary care provider or schedule an appointment at Corner Health Center.  

I have had discharge since i was 10 I'm 14 and i don't think it is before first period discharge cause if it was i would of gotten it 2 years before my period so, also it is a nonstop recurrence i haven't lived a day after 10 without discharge and its kinda worrying.

Most women have discharge that starts at puberty, age when periods begin.  Sometimes discharge changes or increases because of products /soaps, creams that are used.  If you are sexually active discharge can be a sign of infection.  If your discharge is concerning please schedule an appointment to talk about this with your dr.  Or schedule an appointment at Corner health.   

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