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I'm 17 and i want to get an iud but i can't tell my parent's because they wouldn't let me. I also can't swallow pills and i have needle phobia. I'm from Rhode Island. What should i do?

The state of Rhode Island allows minors to consent for birth control services without their parents .   You may want to start by calling Planned Parenthood in Rhonda Island.  They provide all types of birth control including IUDs.  You will need to discuss your insurance with them and they can let you know if you can use your insurance without your parents knowledge. 

They could also refer you to other health care providers in your area that can provide these services.

Is the Mirena IUD on recall?

There is no FDA product recall.  If there is ever a recall Corner Health would make every effort to contact any patient that received the recalled devices.  The signed consent form has the name and lot number of the devices used. 

I've been on the shot for 8 years, stopped it last year in August, and got back on the shot in March of this year. I didn't go back for the next one which was supposed to be in June. I've been having unprotected sex since then. Right now I have stomach pain, headaches, mood swings and abdomen pain. I haven't got my period so my question is can i get pregnant even if i haven't started my period? Plzzz help and i also feel bloated. I took pregnancy test but not recently.

If you have unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy.  You should schedule an appointement at Corner health or with your primary care provider for further assessment and pregnancy testing. 

Can I have sore breasts before my period while on birth control?

I assume you mean birth control pills.  Yes it is still possible to have premenstral symptoms, including breast soreness while on the pill.

I'm a 17 year-old virgin (No sex or foreplay, farthest I've gone is kissing) yet I have these bumps on my scrotum. There are clusters of white ones that have puss and some that don't, and three or four of them are red and white, huge, and extremely hard. I've had them at least since middle school, doctors have told me different things, but none of them expressed any major concern for them. I change my clothes daily, I shave, I wash my sheets, can you tell me what they might be?

It is difficult to know what these are without more information and seeing them.  Please schedule an appointment  at Corner Health or with your regular health care provider. 

I'm have an IUD that was placed in 2016. It's good till 2025. My periods last up to 5 days but this one is having me worried. I have been bleeding for 11 days now. Before i had this period my back would hurt so bad and my right side would hurt but that all went away cause i started bleeding. I went pee a few minutes ago. When i wipe on toilet paper there was a large blood clot. I have a photo of it. I'm worried. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my IUD.

It is difficult to know what may be going on.  It is not unusual to get a heavy prolonged period with the paraguard IUD.

I think the best thing for you to do is schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or schedule an appointemnt at Corner Health. 

I just had my period 18 days after my previous period. I'm very confused. Can someone talk to me about this and help me figure out what causes this?

Regular monthly periods depend on regular cycling of hormones beginning in the brain.  These hormones can go "off cycle" for a number of reasons such as stress, travel, moving to a new place, change in diet, or age. Some medical conditions can also cause irregular periods.

Continue to monitor your cycles and if you still have concerns please schedule an appointment  at Corner Health or with your regular health care provider.

I recently did anal masturbation (solo) buy using an object to go into my anus. After said situation, I realized I was bleeding and am a little sore. I was wondering if I am at risk to HIV now, can you help me? (I am a male)

If the object used had not been in contact with anyone else then you are not at risk of HIV.  HIV is transmitted via body fluids, so if the object was not in contact with anyone else's body fluid there is no risk. 

Sounds like you may have a rectal tear.  If your symptoms do not go away , please schedule an appointment at Corner Health or with your own health care provider.

So i masturbated and i must of did it too hard accidentally cuz in the morning i noticed there was blood in my underwear. And i am on birth control to help regulate my period. And i am still bleeding but i am supposed to be on not the period pill. And i was wondering if i do take it what would happen? Like would it interfere with the bleeding i already have going on. And i am worried if i do take it would it stop or continue the bleeding, or when i do it again will i bleed afterwards?

Continue to take the pills on the same schedule.  It is unclear where the bleeding is coming from. If the bleeding continues you should be seen by your health care provider.

I slept with a guy (unprotected) who has come down with flu less than 12 hours later. My last std test was a year ago, with my last partner, and came back clear. I feel fine, no flu or illness Should I be worried?

If your partner was diagnosed with the flu then close contact may put you at risk for the flu, but it is not sexually transmitted. 

Flu-like symptoms (fever, chills, aches) can occur with some sexually transmitted infections. 

If your partner's symptoms persist and they have not been seen by a health care provider they should be seen.

If you develop any symptoms you should schedule an appointment  to be seen at Corner Health or with your health care provider.

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