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I want to know if it is safe that my partner is naked and touches me with his penis, while I have underwear on, sometimes a thong, should I avoid it or there is no harm?

If pre-ejaculate fluid (pre-cum) or ejaculate fluid (cum) enters the vagina there is technically a possibility that sperm could fertilize an egg and pregnancy could occur or infection could be spread.

If there are any sores on the penis they could be spread via skin to skin contact.

Using a condom for sexual activity prevents the spread of infection and unplanned pregnancy. 

So I was on my shot and then I miss it for month, my period was irregular since I stared it it become short and twice a moth. This moth that I didn't take it I haven't got my period and I took a pregnancy test and come out negative. Should I worry?

Periods can become irregular with the use of depo.  If you do not use birth control and have sex you are at risk for pregnancy.  You can get your shot or another type of birth control to prevent pregnancy.  If you haven't had a period in 2 weeks you should repeat the pregnancy test.  Also, remember to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

I want to have sex with my boyfriend, what are the precautions that we should take, so we can enjoy it and be safe?

Good to hear that you are thinking about safe, enjoyable sex. 

You will want to use a reliable form of contraception (birth control)  to prevent unplanned pregnancy.  There are many types of contraception available.  You should schedule an appointment at Corner health or your doctor to learn more and pick the method that is right for you.

Also, you will want to prevent any infections that can be transmitted sexually.  Use of condoms will prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

Hey guys! I want to know how do I know if the condom I am using with my bf is broken, what precautions should I take,besides taking birth control.

Usually, a broken condom (whether it’s a regular latex condom or one made of polyurethane or polyisoprene) will have an obvious tear that guys can feel and sometimes both partners can even hear when it happens. But sometimes a guy won’t notice it’s broken until after he pulls out. So it’s important to take a second to make sure you don’t see any holes or leaking semen before the condom comes off.

If there is any concern that you may have come in contact with a sexually transmitted infection you should schedule an appointment  to be tested at Corner heath or your regular doctor office. 

Can I contract chlamydia by ONLY KISSING NO SUCKING JUST KISSING my partners tip of penis who has chlamydia and did not have pre cum or was wet at the time. (he has the std chlamydia)

If you came in contact wtih chlamydia it is possible that you could contract the infection.  Safest thing to do is to get treated for exposure to chlamydia .  It is a one time dose of an antibiotic.  You can call Corner Health to schedule an appointment  for the medication. 

So what would happen if I am say, twenty two, get prescribed Testosterone and then what happens when I'm past twenty five? Would I lose my prescription or would it get transferred elsewhere?

If you are a Corner patient you can receive services through age 25.  At some point during that year we will help you transition to a new health care provider and make sure you have enough medication until you are established with your new primary health care provider. 

What should I do when I have runny/stuffy nose, a cold, a cough, a headache and a breathing problem?

If you are having trouble breathing you need to be seen at the ER or your doctor or the Corner immediately.

The symptoms you describe sound like a cold (upper respiratory infection).  In that case you should treat your symptoms with saline nose drops, lavender/peppermint oil on your sinuses.  Tylenol or ibuprofen for headaches. 

If you have a fever and headache this could be from the upper respiratory infection but is sometimes more serious.  If you continue to feel ill please make an appointment to see your primary care provider/urgent care or schedule an appointment at the Corner

I had sex for the first time. I've been on the mini pill for the past 4 months and have been taking it within the same hour everyday. We used a condom, but the condom broke. He pulled out within 30 seconds after it broke and came outside of me. There were no signs of come around the vagina. Do you think I have anything to be worried about?

The mini pill is an effective form of birth control (though not 100%) and it sounds unlikely that sperm came in contact with the vagina. So it is very unlikely that you are at risk for pregnancy but can't say 100%.

If there was contact with any organisms that cause sexually transmitted infection(STI) there is a chance, though small, that you are at risk for an STI.

You can always schedule an appointment at Corner Health to discuss further. 

I have a regular period and my period is never late always on the 17 but this month I didn't get my period nor did I have any pregnancy symptoms. 5 days later I start spotting with light red . The next morning today, I wake up with cramps and dark blood.

What you are describing is most likely due to a hormonal change this month. However, If you have had sexual intercourse without the use of condoms and contraception (birth control) you could be at risk for pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.   If there is a chance you could be pregnant or have an infection, you should make an appointment to be seen at Corner Health Center or with your own health care provider. 

How do you help with depressed kids?

That's a great question.  There are many options to help kids and adults with depression.

The first step is making an appointment to talk about what you are experiencing.  If you are 14 or older you do not need a parent's permission to be seen at a clinic for mental health issues (in the state of Michigan).

If you are under 14 you will needs a parent's permission. 

At your first visit we can talk about your symptoms and talk about the different options.  Some of the options are:

1) Talking with a trained therapist and learning about how to deal with symptoms. 

2) Some kids need medication. 

3) Some kids need both, talking and medicine.

Every person gets individual treatment to help them feel better. 

Please call 734 484-3600 to schedule an appointment.

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