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I had sex on the 5th July whilst on the microgynon 30 pill. Sex was unprotected but he pulled out, I stopped the pill on the 11th of July and got my first withdrawal bleed on the 15th , however It was my first time having unprotected sex and I am scared I could be pregnant , and I don't have any access to a pregnancy test store. What are the odds that I could be pregnant? I haven't really had any symptoms though I took the pill everyday, I also tried to stick with timing and I took it an hour before sex , I am so scared and I don't know what to do Cause I don't know how I can test myself And I'm too scared to go to the doctors as she's my mothers friend (even though it is confidential) I also was sick and put on antibiolotica around the 7th of august , (but it seems to be just malaria), I am just generally frightened. I also got thrush for the first time after having my withdrawal period. Is that a sign of pregnancy or anything wrong?

Thank you for your question, and I understand that you are very worried you could be pregnant. It sounds like there are a few factors that play into this question, including your medical history, current medications, and the facts surrounding your birth control and the timing of intercourse. The only way to safely answer your question, unfortunately, is to schedule an appointment with a medical professional who will need to ask more detailed, confidential questions to get all the information necessary to give you the most accurate answers. Feel free to call us, 734-484-3600 to schedule an appointment today. 

What are the symptoms of anxiety, could they be related to vomiting regularly, when I feel guilty of not following a correct diet, and with family problems?

Hey there!

I'm sorry to hear that you are seem to be having some things that are stressing you right now. Anxiety can cause many physical symptoms in addition to its mental symptoms. Some people experience an upset stomach, shaking, trouble breathing, or back pain. 

I really recommend that you come in to talk about ways to manage your stress and anxiety. Here at the Corner we have several therapists you could talk to. You could also come in to talk to a provider to see if medication could help you deal better with your stress.

It also sounds like you are concerned about weight and eating. You could also schedule an appointment to talk with our health coach about ways to eat healthy without causing you too much mental stress.

Contact us to make an appointment.


Hi, I'm 13 years old I started my first period on June, i still haven't gotten my second period is this normal?

Hi! Thank you for reaching out to ask this question. When you first start your periods, it is completely normal to have irregular periods or to skip your periods all together. This is normal and just your body learning. As you get older, your periods will become more regular and you will begin to know when to expect your period and how long your periods typically last as well.

I'm 17 years old and my parents don't know I'm sexually active. The other day I had sex with my third partner we had used a condom for two rounds but I had told him to stop cause it hurt so we did for a while, but then we got in the mood again and I asked if he didn't have any std's he said no that he was clean. We tried to fuck raw, but I still had the pain so we stopped. Well yesterday and today I have been peeing a lot more and it hurts and I bled when I pee, today I had gotten curious and took a peek at my vagina and spread open my lips and the inside is a whitish color. Can someone please help me and tell me what's wrong and give me some tips on what to do?

Hello. I'm sorry you are experiencing this discomfort! Please schedule an appointment to come to Corner Health Center.  (You do not need your parents' permission to seek sexual health services from us.)

It sounds like you may have a urinary tract infection which can be the result of irritation from sexual activity.  The whitish color you describe could be a yeast infection or it could be from irritation.  Again I recommend that you schedule an appointment here at Corner or at another clinic near you if you are not in this area. 

In addition, using a lubricant with sexual activity will decrease these symptoms in the future.  You can get lubricant and condoms here at Corner.  Let me know if you have any other questions

I would like to know the pros and cons about getting the HPV vaccine

Thank you for your interest in the HPV vaccine, and good for you for seeking out more info!

The HPV vaccine is a series of 3 shots given over 6 months and protects you against 9 different variations of HPV (Human PappillomaVirus). HPV causes genital warts and lesions, and if left untreated can cause cervical and vaginal cancer in women, and anal and throat cancer in both men and women.

The HPV vaccine (or "Gardasil"), is currently recommended for both girls and boys ages 9 through 25. Side effects include temporary pain and swelling where you get the shot, and possible flu like symptoms, such as naseua, headache, or fever, a few days after receiving a shot.

If you'd like to make an appointment to receive the HPV vaccine just contact us!

I have not have sex, but I'm worried about being pregnant. I had on a thong and me and my boyfriend were grinding on each other. He had nothing on, but he was soft. Anyway I took plan b because I was worried. Now I have spotting but it only lasted like 3 days. Am I pregnant?

Plan B can cause your periods to be slightly abnormal for a short time.  Thus the spotting.  Plan B works very well to prevent pregnancy and it also sounds like there was no opportunity for the egg and sperm to come together.  Please schedule an appointment if you are concerned and or want to talk about it further, or if you want to talk about birth control methods that might be right for you.

I'm 15 and have had sex 3 times every time I've had sex or have been fingered it has led to me bleeding but not a lot is that normal?

Bleeding may be from needing more lubrication.  You could get some lube at the drug store or stop by here at the Corner for some, free of charge.  Also it would be a good idea to make an appointment here at Corner to discuss your overall sexual health.  Hope that helps!

I am really worried: 3 days ago a guy I just met gave me oral sex and fingered me for the first time in my life without any protection , but I didn't realize he had a wart on his finger and red eyes, so I'm really worried because of HPV. I'm not sure if he is seeing other people but that was my first sexual encounter, and I'm also worried about getting pregnant. We didn't have penetration but we were naked and his penis was near my tights and was really wet. Please help me I'm really worried about an STD.

I'm sorry you are in this upsetting situation. Thank you for asking us about your fears.

Generally, the warts on someone's fingers are different than the HPV wart.  Also you would have a very low risk of an sti considering there was not direct contact.  I would suggest you schedule an appointment here at the Corner for confidential testing and to receive the HPV vaccine that will prevent HPV in the future and to discuss all of your sexual health needs, such as birth control for the future. And don't worry, even if are under 18 you do not need parental consent to get these services. 

Hi, I'm 11 and I have a app called clue and it said that I was supposed to get my period 2 days ago but it did not come and now it says that my period will come tomorrow.

Hi! Thank you for coming to us with your question. While you are young, and experience your first few years of having periods, it is not unusual to have an irregular cycle. Everyone's body is different and behaves differently, especially during your first few years of having periods!

Apps like Clue work by comparing the data that you input into the app against the common experiences that young woman have with their periods. For example, a typically "regular" cycle is said to last 28 days from the start of one period to the next, and the average girl's period lasts 3-7 days. But these are just averages that can help you know when you might expect your period to arrive, but don't tell you exactly when.

While you are young and figuring out what is "normal" for your body, don't worry too much if your periods seem to come earlier or later than expected, its completely normal to have longer or short cycles, and to experience variations in your cycle month to month!

I had unprotected sex in March but I am now on a new birth control. Every month including March I have had my period. I have tender breasts and a lot of bloating. Is it possible I am pregnant?

Hi! I hear your concern, and I am glad you decided to ask us for advice.

Since you have gotten your period every month since March, it is not possible for you to be pregnant. Bloating and tender breasts are a common side effect of different birth control methods. If you want to, you can always contact us to schedule an appointment to talk about side effects of birth control, and even take a urine pregnancy test if that will ease your worries.

And don't forget, you can always stop by and grab some free condoms without an appointment!

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