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I took my last depo shot in November 2018 and I got my periods back October 2019 even thou they weren't normal and occurred for 2 month.November 2019 I got my periods on the 28th only and they were normal .Then December they occurred twice again,14th and 28th but 28th wasn't normal and took 3 days out of 6 days.My husband wants a baby but I don't know what's happening I don't concieve

After using Depoprovera for contraception if may take time to get a normal cycle.  If your cycle is not back to normal in the next 3 months schedule an appointement with your primary care provider or gynecologist.  

I was on Depo-Provera for about maybe 10-11 months well i got on when my son was about 2/3 months in november/december of 2018. I didnt like the side effects of the medication so my last shot was maybe may/june of 2019. my son turned 1 on sept 4 2019 and my next shot was due in the month of september but i told my doctor to take me off so I didnt get the shot in september. i been having unprotected sex every since with my fiance. December 26-28 2019 i had a light bleeding with cramps. Took multiple pregnancy test but they either come out negative and an error. how soon will i be able to get pregnant again?

It can take up up to a year, sometimes more to get pregnant after stopping depo.  If you have concerns please schedule an appointment with you primary care provider or gynecologist or at Corner health center

My boyfriend came in me while I was in my period, but I been in birth control implant for 2 years. Is there any chance I can get pregnant?

It does not sound like by what you describe you will get pregnant.  

Last night I got oral sex from a girl that has hsv-2. As soon after it happened my body felt weird and so did my penis. My pee kind of burned last night considering I held it in while she did it. I stopped her no more than 5 minutes she was doing it but as good as it felt it kinda felt weird on my penis as soon as she did it . I'm so confused and kind of scared to symptoms show directly after am I at extreme risk getting oral from a girl with hsv-2?

In order for herpes to be spread there has to be contact with the lesion.  That means that the girl you got oral sex from would have to have a HSV-2 (genital herpes) lesion in her mouth to pass it on to your penis.  

Also symtoms typically take approximately 4 days to show up. Also burning when you pee does not sound like it is from herpes.  

If you develop a sore or area of discomfort on your penis please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner to have it checked.  If you continue to have burning when you pee you should also have it checked to make sure you do not have any other infection.  

This is embarrassing Okay, so i recently used the water faucet for temporary pleasure and now my vagina is dried out, what must i do? i'm scared.

Don't do anything.   Let the vaginal PH correct itself.   If you do not have improvement in a couple of days you can try a water based vaginal lubricant.  You may also want to try a probiotic by mouth.  If you have no improvement schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health.  

My boyfriend and I (both gay) recently had oral sex. I didn’t insert any of his genitals inside me but he cummed on both my hand & on my face and it started to burn. When he cummed on my hand I had what appeared to look like red spots all over my hand which frightened me. I went to wash it off as soon as he cummed on me and my face was red and tingled for a few days. 2 days later I started feeling tingling sensation around my lips and then developed like a rash on right lip (this went away after a day but then came back slightly and then again went away). Then I had the rash reappear again but on the other side of my lip (this too went away after a day). The spots on my hand went away after an hour but it still very much frightened me as I’ve never had this happen before. I’m scared that he might have given me an STI or an STD.

What you are describing sounds like an allergic type of reaction.  

The other thing to consider when there is a rash is herpes .  But, herpes lesions  generally appear 3-6 days after contact with someone who has herpes.  The lesions are very painful .  It sounds very unlikly that the red spots you describe are herpes.  

One other bit of information.  An STI (sexually transmitted infection) is the same as a STD (sexually transmitted disease)

If this occurs again make an appointment to be seen by your primary care provider or Corner Health Center

I have the nexplanon inserted in my arm and just started taking topamax. Will the topamax interfere with my nexplanon. (100 mg per day)

Topamax can decrease the effectiveness of the Nexplanon.  Please talk with the provider who inserted the Nexplanon to discuss alternatives. 

Hello. I recently have got the implant, and I was taking the pill at the same time. I last had sex in November but it was without a condom. I had my period as normal in early December, but I am now having another period that is completely brown in colour. However, I stopped taking the pill after my last period 2 weeks ago. Could I be pregnant or is this something to do with the implant now that I have stopped taking the pill?

The Nexplanon is a very effective form of birth control.  It is effective after the first 7 days.  If you were also taking the pill then you will be protected against unplanned pregnancy.  The Nexplanon can cause irregular bleeding especially in the first couple of months. 

Yes, it is ok to use tampons.

HELLO! I recently was diagnosed with hpv, because I have some warts in the genital area, im waiting for more results to see what treatment is the best for me since I also have some damage  on the cervix, but I want to know if it is safe to wear tampons, while I on my period?

My bf had contact with someone with HPV, he said she had genital warts and he made her oral, should I be concerned that he might be infected since he cheated with this girl but had sex with me some days after

Genital warts are spread by direct contact.  If he contacted them on his mouth after oral, he can spread them to you.  

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