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According to this website, Hormone Replacement Therapy is provided at this facility. My question being, if a transgender adult were to request these services, would they need some form of medical confirmation (a letter from a therapist/etc) or could they get treatment with informed consent only?

We practice via an Informed Consent model and decisions about treatment are made with patients on a case by case basis. If you fall within are age range (12-25), please schedule your first visit!


I am suddenly having a problem with my vagina being dry. It doesn't happen during sexual stuff, I have no problem with lubrication if I'm excited. It's just everyday dryness. It makes my skin feel irritated. My doctor screened me for STI/STDs just in case (all came back negative), and checked out my vagina. She said she didn't see or feel anything unusual, and told me to just wait for it to go away on its own. But it's been going on for about two months now without it getting better at all. I haven't used any new body washes, soaps or detergents on myself. I'm also definitely not pregnant. What could be causing this? It's very uncomfortable and weird.

There are many possible causes that could be contributing to your vaginal discomfort, which is hard to pinpoint without a full examination by a doctor. Of the possibilities you have already listed, there could be things like: new medications, mental health concerns, personal hygiene methods (more so than just a new soap),amongst many others. If you are not happy with the recommendation by your doctor, please feel free to schedule an appointment with our health care professionals, in order to pinpoint what exactly is causing your discomfort. Our phone number is 734-484-3600. 


I have never had sex, but when I checked in a mirror I can see a big hole in my vagina. It is very important for me to be a virgin before my marriage, is this normal?

Normal anatomy of female reproductive parts is three openings: 1. Urethra (where pee comes out) 2. Vagina 3. Anus (where bowel movements come out). Your vagina is an opening regardless of whether or not you have had sexual intercourse. It is highly recommended that you schedule an appointment with your doctor to learn in more detail about your reproductive parts in order to practice safe sexual contact, as well as maintain healthy body parts. Feel free to call us to schedule 734-484-3600.


I'm 17 and a virgin. I've been on the pill for about a month now because I get such bad menstrual cycles. I started my period but I've noticed big chunks of what looks like to be skin coming out on to my sanitary pad. I'm really confused. It's about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide, can someone please explain?

It is hard to know what you are looking at without seeing it in person. It sounds maybe like you may be passing small blood clots while on birth control, which can be a side effect. The best way to know what is going on is to schedule an appointment with your doctor, so that what you are experiencing can be examined by a professional. Please schedule the next available appointment you can. If you continue to pass clots larger than the size of a golf ball and/or are soaking through a regular size tampon/pad with blood, please seek immediate medical attention at the hospital.



I've been on Depo for a year. I started January 28, 2016 and decided to stop this year February 28. I was due for my shot but didn't go !!!! Depo was really bad for me. I always had spotting, brown & red discharge, and some period signs, weight gain, nausea, etc. A week ago before my due date, I started having really sore boobs, and having really intolerable cramps, and I started bleeding. I don't want to take the shot again. Does anyone know how long I will be bleeding heavy ?

From what it sounds like, you have started you regular menstrual cycle. If your cramping is really severe, it is recommended to be evaluated by your doctor. Heavy bleeding is defined as soaking through a regular everyday tampon or pad within 1-2 hours and/or passing blood clots larger than a golf ball size. Should your bleeding be this severe, please seek immediate medical attention. If you are unhappy with the depo shot, there are several other options available for birth control. Please schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss which method is right for you. Feel free to schedule with us 734-484-3600.

I have been having a constipation problem for 2 weeks. I have been drinking lots of water and eating fruits and also tried consuming 2tbsp of olive oil everyday, but nothing is helping Is there any home remedy to solve constipation immediately?

Drinking lots of water and increasing one's intake of soluble fiber is a good way to have consistent bowel movements. Good sources of fiber include: bran cereals, fruits and vegetables, oatmeal, and whole wheat products. There are over-the-counter soluble fiber dissolves that may help. You just stir a spoonful into a glass of water.  If constipation persists for more than a couple of days and these remedies are not helping, it is important you visit your physician. They can recommend over-the-counter items that may help alleviate the problem and give you a checkup to make sure nothing else is going on.


Me and my boyfriend made out and his penis came in contact with my vagina, but he did not ejaculate anywhere near me. There was no sex involved and this happened on February 15th. My period was due on February 23rd, and I got it by February 21st, and it lasted for 4 days like my regular periods. Now I'm confused if this was my actual period or pregnancy bleeding? I haven't seen any other signs of pregnancy, but I have been having constipation problems for 1-2 weeks. Are there any chances that any of his sperm would have entered me? What are the chances of me being pregnant? I'm really worried!!!

It sounds like from your story there was no entry of the penis into your vagina, and therefore, a very low likelihood that you are pregnant. Also, you had a normal menstrual cycle reaffirming that you are likely not pregnant. Feel free to take an at home urine pregnancy screen if you would like peace of mind, or schedule an appointment here at the Corner for a pregnancy test.

Constipation is more often due to our daily nutrition intake, as opposed to a sign of pregnancy. I would try to increase your water intake, as well as eat foods rich in fiber sources like: whole grains, fruits, vegetables. If this does not help with your constipation please call the Corner to schedule an appointment, or with your primary care doctor. Our scheduling number is 734-484-3600.

Also, any sexual contact without barrier protection like male or female condoms, can leave you at risk for sexually transmitted infections. Please make sure to schedule an appointment with the Corner or your doctor for routine STD check ups if you are having unprotected sex.


I am an 18 year-old-girl who has been on the depo shot for 1 year and 3 months now. I got my shot November of 2015, and I get the shot on the dot every 3 months like I'm suppose too. I haven't missed a shot or been late for a shot. About a month ago my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and I'm worried I might be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test 14 days after having unprotected sex and it came back negative. Then I took another one for my birth control shot and it came back negative too. My boobs are swollen but don't hurt, and I'm not having morning sickness or anything. Could I be pregnant? Please help

It is really great that you are so responsible with getting your Depo shot on time for 1 year and 3 months. If your last shot was November 2015, you should have recently gotten your next dose, but it sounds like you did in your question. As long as you are on time with you shot, there is a very low likelihood that you are pregnant, and two negative urine tests have confirmed that as well. Swollen breasts can actually be a symptom of the female menstrual cycle that we have every month, not always a sign of pregnancy. It sounds like you are not pregnant, but if you would like, feel free to schedule a pregnancy test appointment with us or your primary care doctor.

Also, if you are having unprotected sex, remember that birth control does not protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Please make sure to keep up to date with testing for yourself and your partner. Feel free to call and schedule an appointment if needed- 734-484-3600.


Although before, I had no trouble inserting things into my vagina, since recently inserting anything has become very painful and creates a horrible burning sensation all around my vagina. At first it was larger things (two fingers, penis) but now it is even just one finger or a tampon. What could have caused this? Could I have lots of little abrasions in my vagina? Or is it a yeast infection? What can I do to help the area heal?

Pain in and around the vagina can result from a number of issues. An infection could cause buring and irritation as could insufficient lubrication during intercourse. We recommend visitng your gynecologist as soon as possible, so you can diagnose the reason and improve your quality of life. You can also contact the Corner, click here, to make an appointment. We also have free condoms and lube, which will help protect against STIs and improve lubrication during intercourse.

Do I have herpes simplex? First, some background. I have been seeing someone for a while, and we have been having protected sex for quite some time. Both of us only ever had one previous partner, and both previous partners say they were tested and were clean. In addition to this, neither of us have ever experienced symptoms of herpes, both types 1 and 2. Absolutely none. So around 2-3 weeks ago, we decided to have unprotected sex. Some more background: at the time, I had just finished a course of antibiotics for a sinus infection (and no I was not on contraceptives of any kind). I had also shaved my genitals rather aggressively a few days prior (against the grain, for that "smooth" feeling), after shaving them once already in the previous three or four days, and we had sex almost immediately after this. Additionally, the place I live in gets hot, and we had been teaching rigorous dances to people for at least three hours every single day - during which time I would often be dressed in clothing that fit quite tightly around my genital area. A few days after starting this pattern of unprotected sex, I noticed it was starting to get rather painful down there - which I first attributed to "overuse". Then, I suddenly noticed it was getting a bit sore over the areas I had shaved. Upon closer inspection, I noticed small red bumps, much like ingrown hairs, forming around my labia. These bumps didn't occur anywhere except where hair was growing, and were really sore to touch. I also experienced a burning sensation when I urinated, even after taking reasonable precautions against UTIs (urinating before and after sex). So I decided maybe a trip to the gynea was a good idea. I went in, did a pap smear and so on, and he gave me three options: a) It's a combination of folliculitis and thrush (from antibiotics), b) it's ingrowns and thrush, or c) it's herpes. So he prescribed some meds for thrush and sent me on my merry way. After taking the meds and using some antifungal cream, the vaginal pain and burning while urinating both went away. However, a week and a half after they appeared, the bumps have still not gone away. They are fading, yes, but they are still sensitive to touch. My partner took a look at them when we first saw them, attacking them with a (sterilised) pair of tweezers to see if he could find ingrowns. After some vicious exfoliation and constant harassment on my part, the sores became open, almost like ulcers. The thing that stopped me from being too worried is that the treatment for thrush worked almost immediately with the other pain, and that the sores never turned into blisters - they just kind of hurt a lot, and now are just a bit itchy. Then today I got a call from the gynea. He told me they found symptoms that COULD suggest herpes simplex on my cervix. I asked if there was any way to make a solid conclusion, but he told me a blood test would be unreliable, and that I should just wait and see if I have another outbreak. I had a good cry session and phoned my partner after hearing this, and begged him to get tested (which he is going to do). Based on what I have described, is it possible that it is herpes simplex? Or could it just be a culmination of symptoms that looks like it but isn't? I need some ease-of-mind, desperately. Not knowing is scaring me more than a conclusive answer. I should also point out that we had oral sex, and he developed what he believes is acne (he has had skin problems before) on his chin. Not only did he do the same as me (shave twice in a short space of time and then "perform" almost directly after), but he also uses a very specific face wash, which he did not have for the period during which this "acne" appeared. He is also not accustomed to the hot environment, and we both lacked a bit on hygiene in the craziness of our schedule. He also had a swollen lymph node after a few days. His skin seems to be clearing up too though. What's stopping me from thinking either of us was a carrier, and therefore that either of us have it, is that we got these symptoms at the same time, we both never showed symptoms prior to this, and we both had the above factors to contend with. Can I get a second professional opinion on this matter?

It's hard to know exactly what's going without looking at one of the sores.  Herpes lesions have a pretty distinct appearance. You can usually make a diagnosis of herpes just by looking at the sores.  If there is any doubt, taking a swab of the fluid from one of the sores and sending it a lab for HSV testing is the best way to know for sure. Doing a blood test will tell her if someone ever had an exposure to HSV I or II.  So, that means that the test will tell you if you have ever been exposed to HSV and not necessarily if what you are currently experiencing is related to herpes.  Your doctor is right, the herpes blood test can be misleading.  If you just need piece of mind, you can ask your doctor if they will do a HSV blood test.  A better test is to have a sample collected from one of the sores.  So, your doctor is right that it might be better to see if the sores reappear. 

Until you have more answers, I suggest abstaining from oral, anal or vaginal intercourse while sores are present.  I also recommend condoms or other barriers such as dental dams for intercourse.  Focus on reducing stress and taking good care of yourself to prevent any future outbreaks. 

Also, I would ask the doctor who did you Pap test if they saw signs of HSV or HPV.   They are two different viruses and require different  follow up.


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