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I had sex with my boyfriend, when we finished I went to pee and everything was normal. Some hours later, I had a stomachache, but didnt bother, the next day, I still feel the pain like if I’m holding my pee for too long , is it normal? Should I be worried or something, is this normal?

You may have symptoms of a urinary tract infection.  If the symptoms continue you should see your health care provider or come to the Corner Health Center.

Hello! What should I take into consideration, if my boyfriend and I want to take a pregnancy test, just to be sure, because I am currently on the pill?

It is recommended that you use first urine of the morning for testing as it is more concentrated. 

If your period is more than 2 weeks late it is recommended that you check a pregnancy test. 

If you are having difficulty taking the pill every day at the same time you may want to switch to a type of birth control that you don't have to worry about every day. 

See your health care provider or come to Corner Health Center. 

I had unprotected sex last November 16 and my period started November 5 and ended november 10. I expected my next period would be Dec 1, but missed it 1 week already. Within that week, I took 5 pregnancy tests and it was all negative. Can i get pregnant? Really need help i don't have any symptoms starting from the unprotected sex up until now.

 Any time you have unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy.   It is recommended that you go to your health care provider or Corner Health center for a reliable pregnancy test, (blood or urine) and further evaluation.  You can also discuss reliable types of birth control.  

There are other reasons why women miss their periods. 

I'm a 27 year old woman and have been on the Depo since I was 15-16. I stopped having a period around 17 and loved it enough to take it for the next 10 years. Over the years I asked if I should take a break from the shot from various gynos and was told I was young and healthy, so I was fine. This past January I got a stress fracture in my right hip from working out (20 minute runs, twice a week) and spent the next 6 months or so getting back to normal. A new gyno finally ordered a bone density scan and I'm -2.3 on a -2.5-0 range (-2.5 = osteoporosis), otherwise known as osteopenia. They want to change birth control immediately and start me on Flosamax, a pretty scary drug with the potential for severe side effects like necrosis of the jaw. Who do I visit to get a second opinion? Are there any specialists out there for young women with bad bones?

You should schedule to see an endocrinologist for further assessment and information.  

U of M and St. Joe both have endocrinology specialists.  Your primary care provider may need to send a referral.  

I am 16 and I have recently been walking through my house and I have just passed out for example I was walking into my kitchen the other day and everything just went black and i herd a very loud noise like pots and pans crashing and when i got up I was laying near the back door on the floor and my phone which I was looking at before I passed out way laying about 40 feet away in front of my bedroom door this has happened about 3 times over the last month I don't want to tell my mom because I think she will get mad i don't know if it has to much to do with it but I have had very little feeling of temperature on the right side of my body despite the left side being freezing.

This sounds like a situation that needs to be checkout by your healthcare provider or the emergency room.  What you describe could be a number of things, perhaps a seizure.  

Since you are 16 you will need the permission of a parent in order to be seen.  It is not clear why your mother would get mad but please ask your mother to take you to your dr or to an Urgent care or ER for an evaluation.  Or talk to a trusted adult about what is happening and ask them to talk to your mother.

You can also schedule an appointment at Corner Health center.  You will need a parent's permission.  If you call to schedule, tell them you need to be seen as soon as possible. 

What are the chances of getting pregnant in this specific situation: Day before period had sex without condom or birth control, pulled out correctly before ejaculation, he already had an orgasm previously and washed himself before the unprotected sex happened, still had a full period day after which lasted 6 days, ovulation started three days after six day period. Did a pregnancy test 10 days later on 1st day of ovulation and it was negative.

Having sex without the use of birth control or condoms  puts you at risk for unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.  If your period is more than 2 weeks late you should check a pregnancy test. 

If you are interested in birth control please schedule an appointment at Corner health center or with your primary care provider. 

I am currently taking a mini pill, called cerazette and I’ve had sex without protection with my boyfriend twice, is there’s any possibility that I can be pregnant? I mean I always take my pill, I have never missed one during a month!

With perfect use the mini pill it is very effective against pregnancy,  meaning there is little chance of getting pregnant.   (No method is 100%). 

If your next period is more than 2 weeks late and you are concerned about pregnancy please get a home pregnany test or schedule to come to Corner Health Center. 

Only condoms will protect against sexually transmitted infections. 

Is it normal that when I have sex with my boyfriend he takes like forever to come? Is it normal? Once he didn't even come, and when he takes too long he starts to masturbate but really rough so I want to know how I can help him.

There are a variety of reasons why it may take your boyfriend forever to come.  Some possibilities are medical conditions, medications, anxiety, drug use.  It is recommended the he make an appointment with his primary care provider or schedule an appointment at the Corner Health Center.  He may feel embarrassed talking about it but it sounds like it is important and health care providers are here to help. 

I want to know if the semen of my boyfriend is normal, when he comes is really white and it looks kind of viscous, is it normal? Or should I be worried?

Your description sounds normal.  If you or he are concerned about the possiblity of infection than you both should get tested .  Yearly screening for chlamydia and gonorrhea is recommended.  It is a simple urine test. 

I had sex with my boyfriend around November 3rd with condom on and he released it outside so there were no semen near my vagina. However, I haven’t had my period since around October 21st. And I am getting anxious about getting pregnant because i’m only 19.

By what you describe it sounds very unlikely that you would have gotten pregnant.  There are other reasons for periods to not come on time.

If your period is more than 2 weeks late you should schedule an appointment for a pregnancy test and you should see your health care provider to start an effective method of birth control.

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