so, i am a 17 year old girl and my periods normally last for 7/8 days. however, this time my period came just a few days earlier than expected and it was quite light flow and dark brown colour, becoming heavier on the second and third days. i thought this was normal as it may be old blood. Then three days later, my period became red and fluctuated from heavy/medium. i am on my seventh day and it is still medium flow and red. should i be worried? what food helps?

There are a number of reasons that periods become irregular.  t can be caused by many different things such as moving, stress, diet, or just an unknown shift in hormones.   If the bleeding continues  please schedule an appontment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health center.  Do not know of any foods that would help. 

Hi, i use to have 5 day periods, now it lasts for 7 days. What could have caused this change and can is it possible to get it back to the 5 days.

It is not unusual for periods to change and become irregular.  It can be caused by many different things such as moving, stress, diet, or just an unknown shift in hormones.  There is not really a way to regulate it unless you want to try oral contraception pills which also regulate periods  

Hi, I got my period two days early and It lasted for five days and was lighter than normal. I haven't had any cramps the entire time is that normal.

It is not unusual for periods to change, and become irregular.  If you have continued concerns please schedule an appointemnt with your primary care provider or at corner health center

I recently moved to college and my last two periods would start in the morning and end by the evening. They would continue until the end of my period. I’m not sexually active. And my periods start and end when they should they just aren’t regular throughout the week

It is not unusual for periods to change in new enviornments such as moving.  If it continues, schedule an appointment with student health center or at Corner Health center. 

I’m 17 and my periods have never been regular. I’ve been keeping it secret because I don’t want to cause any extra expense to my family. Anyways, why aren’t they regular? I know there are many factors and I am a bit overweight, but not extremely, is that part of it?

It is not unusual for periods to be irregular through teenage years.  There are some conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  Please schedule an appointment at Corner Health center.  If you do not have health insurance we can assist.  

Hi I'm 20 and at the begining of this year I decided to get the depo shot but didn't go for the second one because I wanted to try and get pregnant. The first month of stopping I was bleeding for a month (which I know is common). After that I have not had a period yet but have had pregnancy symptoms. I looked into the the aftereffects of stopping it which are symptoms common to pregnancy. I've had continuous weight gain that started very quickly I am now 40-50lbs heavier than 2-3 months ago. Within a week of buying Jean's that did fit me, the following week they were way too tight. Now none of my Jean's with button and my shirts are too tight. I have had tender breast which have grown 2-3 cup sizes. Also my veins in my breast are sometimes very noticeable along with what looks like white pimples on my boobs. Nausea, which is common for me, but this is close to vomiting. I feel queasy around certain smells and have also had cravings, which normally doesn't happen unless I'm on my period. My feet have either gotten fat or they are swollen; not too noticable, but you can tell my socks are tight. My bowel system is out of whack. I've had cramping and my back pain is worse than usual. I've been more drowsy and waking up with headaches. I'm just confused. I've taken 5 at home test (3 last month along with blood work) which have all came back negative. All of these symptoms have happened within maybe 2 months and I've also gained 40-50 pounds since then and continue to gain, what seems like, 2 pounds a week or every other week. . I'm concerned because I've recently gotten on new meds (which only one causes weight gain) and if I'm pregnant I do not want to cause any type of harm to the baby. My medicines I take are venlafaxine, busprione, quetiapine, and cyproheptadine. I just don't know what to do at this point.

Please schedule an appointment with your PCP or your psychiatrist to review your symptoms.  Some of the medications you are on can cause weight gain.  Also additional blood tests such as thyroid may need to be done. 

If you do not have a PCP please schedule an appointement at Corner Health. 

My period ended 5 days ago, and it started again. What's going on?!

Irregular bleeding can be caused by a few different things.  Anything that can affect the hormones, change in diet, moving, stress can cause irregular spotting.   It's not unusual to occasionally have spotting. 

It can also be caused by infection.  If spotting continues please schedule an appointment at Corner Health or with your health care provider.

I have been on and off spotting for 10-12 days at a time since June with no sign of a period. I have taken 2 pregnancy test weeks apart but both came back negative and I am too afraid to go to the doctors I'm 20 but she doesn't keep anything confidential.

Irregular periods and spotting can be caused by a few different things. 

Please schedule a confidential visit at Corner Health 734-484-3600 or with your primary care provider . 

I currently live in Japan. My pregnancy test showed positive so I went to the doctor. I started spotting right then, so she checked inside but couldn't see any fetus, so she said it might have been a late period. But then she checked my pee and it said positive again. She told me to stay home in bed and cancel work and appointments. I don't know what to make of this... I thought miscarriages this early couldn't be helped even if I laid in bed all day

You are correct studies have shown that bedrest does not decrease the risk of miscarriage.

And there are some risks with bedrest, including feeling depressed and anxious, blood clots, financial worries.  

You may opt to get a second opion or talk to your dr again about why they think you should be on bedrest  

I just lost my virginity yesterday and I bled A LOT during sex it wasn't really painful there was just a lot of blood. I've only had some light spotting since. I know it's normal to bleed your first time it just seemed like a lot of blood. Should I be worried? And will I bleed again the second time?

It is normal to have bleeding when someone loses their virginity.  If the bleeding continues and it is not a normal period you should talk to your primary health care provider.  

You may have some bleeding the next time you have sex.  

If you have questions about &/or need contraception (birth control) please schedule an appointment at Corner health or with your health care provider 

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