Hi! I want to know if there is any risk of contracting something or if I put my boyfriend's health in risk in some way. I had the flu and cough, during 3/4 days and during the 5th I was getting over the flu, but I gave my Bf a blow job, but now Im concerned.

The flu and cough are spead from one person to another by breathing in the virus.  The flu virus would not be spread by a blow job. 

Stis can be spread during oral sex. 

If you have any concerns or further questions you should schedule an appointment at Corner health center or with your primary care provider.

I slept with a guy (unprotected) who has come down with flu less than 12 hours later. My last std test was a year ago, with my last partner, and came back clear. I feel fine, no flu or illness Should I be worried?

If your partner was diagnosed with the flu then close contact may put you at risk for the flu, but it is not sexually transmitted. 

Flu-like symptoms (fever, chills, aches) can occur with some sexually transmitted infections. 

If your partner's symptoms persist and they have not been seen by a health care provider they should be seen.

If you develop any symptoms you should schedule an appointment  to be seen at Corner Health or with your health care provider.

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