Vaginal Discharge

My discharge is white and creamy And slightly smells fermented

What you describe sounds like it could be a yeast infection . Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to know for sure and to get the right treatment . 

I am having brown discharge with a little blood 2 weeks after my last period. I'm on pill but i kept on missing some dose and i just stopped 4 days ago. Had unprotected sex a week ago but he didn’t cum inside me. What does this mean. I'm scared

The abnormal brown discharge is possible related to hormone irregular hormones from missing pills.  However, anytime you have unprotected sexual intercourse you are at risk for unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.  

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center for further evaluation and also to discuss a birth control method that will work better for you.  

hi, i’m a teenager and i’ve had sex with 3 dudes over the past month, the first dude we didn’t use a condom, the second dude we used a condom, and the third dude we didn’t use a condom,and i masturbate frequently as well.Well after a week since i’ve had sex with the third dude i had this thick clumpy discharge and some discomfort (soreness feeling) around my labia when i wiped .. it didn’t smell bad though, it smelled normal! and i was about to be on my period so i kind of ignored it but so the first two days of my period i didn’t notice anything weird, the discomfort stopped.. only hurt when i pulled my tampon out but the thick discharge came out on the tampon. So i’ve been drinking a lot of water hoping it’ll just go away on its own and hoping my period will help clean whatever this is out but today while i was showering i noticed small tiny bumps around my vaginal opening & lips(not the inside of my vagina my actual skin) and my outside vaginal lips are swelling and i’ve noticed a slight fishy smell so now i’m definitely concerned and confused.. i searched my symptoms and i’m not sure whether it could just be some type of infection or any STD if you have any idea of what it could be please help!

What you describe may be an STI. Please schedule an appointment with your Health care provider or at Corner health for testing and treatment 

My vagina is burning for almost a month now it just burns out of nowhere and sometimes after I pee what does this mean

What you describe could be an infection such as yeast vaginitis or a urinary tract infection or it could be irritation or reaction to something such as soap products. Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health center to have it checked out. 

HI, I had sex and the last thrust he did was quite deep and hurt, so I initially thought he may have hit my cervix. After he fingered me after looking up the time on his phone. Could I have an infection from that? Used condoms otherwise. After I peed the toilet paper was discolored, the days after there was spotting (old blood stains) on the toilet paper 5 days later it still shows some pink dots, way less but still. Also vaginal discharge had some blood in it the first few days. No awkward smells though. My vagina did hurt on the inside. Now I have a belly ache, but maybe that's also because my period is due in about a week.

The symptoms you describe may be from trauma to the cervix.  It would be a good idea to get an examination by your primary care provider or schedule an appointment at Corner health Center.

I am have a light yellow discharge. It comes and goes depending on my environment. Lately the symptoms have come back but im also having light blood come mixed with the yellow. Today there was also a bit of mucus. Should I be worried? What could this be?

It is hard to know the answer without some additional information.  If there is a possiblity of infection please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center.

Hello, I don’t really know how to explain my problem. On the outside area of my vagina, on top of the labia, I have a sort of water filled bubble (to see it there’s not need to spread the labia, it can be seen just by taking of my underwear and spreading my legs slightly) While trying to see what it was it burst letting out quite a bit of blood (it honestly scared me a bit) but it didn’t hurt after cleaning the area and the bleeding stopping the bubble felt smaller but it was still there. Also the bubble has a slightly bump underneath. Something that it might be useful is that before it appeared I was quite depressed and didn’t see the point in showering as I didn’t had anywhere to go (which looking back was quite a bad and gross thing to do) so there was some hygiene issues, I don’t know how to threat it nor what it is and I’m honestly to embarrassed as I know my lack of hygiene during that time was what caused it. Is there a way to remedy it?

It is recommended that you schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health for evaluation of the lesion on your labia.  

My period is suppose to stop today,it started on 23rd November,I'm still on though and idk why.

Periods can be irregular and change for a number of reasons. It is usually a result of hormonal changes which can be caused bt things such as stress, diet, enviornment.  It is also important to rule out infection, pregancy.

If the bleeding continues, schedule an appointment to talk to your primary care provider or call Corner health Center

I am 19 yo virgin and I masterbate actively like 5 times a week. But when I wanted to do it again my adrenals started hurting , and a lot of discharge came out like a 40 cm semi-liquid even before i start. Is that normal ?

You can schedule an appointment at Corner Helath Center for another evaluation .  The lesions can be looked at and tested if necessary

so i am getting this like weird (almost like cheesy smelling) discharge everyday and it smells so bad but i don't know how to get rid of it.. and it usually only comes when i am sitting down for a long time.

What you describe may be a yeast infection.  Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health center to have this checked out and treated. 

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