Vaginal Discharge

I have had discharge since i was 10 I'm 14 and i don't think it is before first period discharge cause if it was i would of gotten it 2 years before my period so, also it is a nonstop recurrence i haven't lived a day after 10 without discharge and its kinda worrying.

Most women have discharge that starts at puberty, age when periods begin.  Sometimes discharge changes or increases because of products /soaps, creams that are used.  If you are sexually active discharge can be a sign of infection.  If your discharge is concerning please schedule an appointment to talk about this with your dr.  Or schedule an appointment at Corner health.   

hi there. I've had rough sex with my boyfriend 5 nights ago and its sore to urinate. The skin surrounding my vagina have a red and yellow/white patch on them. Its like a sore, I've had it two or three times before and it usually goes away and doesn't happen all the time me and my partner have sex. Please what is going on?


It is difficult to know without an examination.  Please schedule to come to Corner Heath or see your doctor.

It is best to evaluate while you have the sore.

Lately, even after I shower right before sex, my vagina will have a fishy odor following the act. Or my bf and I will have sex and go to bed, and the next day, it smells so fishy down there. Is this me? Or him? Or the combination of us both? How do I prevent it?

The symptoms you describe suggest you may have bacterial vaginosis.  This is an imbalance of the vaginal fluids.  Please schedule an appointment to check it out and receive treatment as well as learn ways to prevent it in the future. 

I have had discharge for quite a while now but still haven't started my period. What do I do?

I need more information in order to understand what is going on.  For instance your age, if you are sexually active, or if you are experiencing any other symptoms.

I recommend you call Corner Health Center or your health care provider's office and talk to a nurse or you can schedule an appointment  to talk to someone in person.

Is it safe that my boyfriend fingers me? I always tell him to wash his hands, but sometimes he doesn't, are there other precautions I could take?

It is a good idea to ask your boyfriend to wash his hands. Hands/fingers can carry organisms that can be spread to the vagina.  If you develop irritation or pain or changes in vaginal discharge see your health care provider.  


So is there something wrong if for the last two days my discharge is transparent and a little slimy, and I feel that sensation when you are on your period of like peeing yourself but is the discharge, like I'm really wet down there, is it normal? My period comes in like 8/9 days

It is normal for discharge to change consistency but changes may also represent other issues.  If the discharge is bothersome because there is alot of it or you have pain, itching or burning you should schedule an appointment  either at Corner Health Center or your health providers office to have it checked out.  


My discharge is white and a bit thick, like a bit sticky I guess? I don't know when my next period will be because I started for the first time a couple months ago. I don't know if this is what's normal or if something is wrong.

This may be completely normal as it sounds like your body is going through hormonal changes.  If you have other symptoms such as itching, burning or any rash or sores you should make an appointment at Corner Health Clinic or your health provider   Also,  If you are sexually active and this is a new discharge you should make an appointment for further evaluation. 


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