Hormone Replacement Therapy

Does the Corner Health Center offer FTM testosterone in the form of intramuscular injections, subcutaneous injections, or both? Is it up to the patient?

Injectable testosterone is a therapy option which is discussed at an assessment appointment

I am Transgender and I heard I can get testosterone from you guys. Is this true?

Corner Health provides transgender care for people ages 12-25.  The first step is to schedule an appointment to establish care and then you would be referred to our physician who specializes in hormone therapy.  


I'm interested in going on HRT (hormone replacement therapy), but my family doctor doesn't have much knowledge on this situation. Do I have to have therapy to be qualified to start?

At Corner Health Center we see patients who want hormone replacement therapy.  We do not require a therapist evaluation in order to start.  We do a physical examination and blood tests and then our physician does a thorough assessment to determine a plan of treatment. 

If you are under age 18 parental consent is required. 

Give us a call at 734.484.3600 if you would like to schedule an appointment!


If I am under 18 and want to start hrt (hormone replacement therapy) do I need both parents permission or just one?

Each patient's individual situation is assessed .  Corner does prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy without the consent of both parents depending on the circumstances 


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