How can I get intense orgasm without sex toys I am male

You can speak with a urologist or a sex therapist for advice.

I have been with my boyfriend for 10 months. We have never had intercourse before but we have engaged in oral sex and fingering each other. I am never able to make him come and he has to masturbate himself in order to finish. He tells it’s not my fault he has to do this. He told me he used to be addicted to porn and masterbating when he was younger. Because of that, he claims his body is trained a certain way to come and that’s why I can’t make him come. Is there some way to fix this? How can I help him.

There are a number of reasons why people have difficulty finishing in sexual relations. Some are physical and some may be related to previous experience.  It would be a good idea for your boyfriend to make an appointment with his health care provider to discuss further. 

I have a problem finishing when I have sex. It feels good and I can get the girl to climax but I can't but myself. Is it because I watch a lot of porn? Or is it something else completely

There are a number of reasons why people have problems finishing sex.  Some are physical problems and some are emotional.  It is best to schedule an appointment with your health care provider to talk about it. 

This is embarrassing Okay, so i recently used the water faucet for temporary pleasure and now my vagina is dried out, what must i do? i'm scared.

Don't do anything.   Let the vaginal PH correct itself.   If you do not have improvement in a couple of days you can try a water based vaginal lubricant.  You may also want to try a probiotic by mouth.  If you have no improvement schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health.  

I am 19 yo virgin and I masterbate actively like 5 times a week. But when I wanted to do it again my adrenals started hurting , and a lot of discharge came out like a 40 cm semi-liquid even before i start. Is that normal ?

You can schedule an appointment at Corner Helath Center for another evaluation .  The lesions can be looked at and tested if necessary

I'm 23 and after masturbating for the first time in a long while I noticed a large bump forming next to my clitoris 3 days later. It is extremely painful and hard. I am not sexually active with anyone besides myself. I'm hoping this is just bruising.

It could be bruising or a cyst or infected hair follicle.  Warm compresses may help.  If it continues please schedule an appointment with you primary care provider or at Corner health center

I m 20 years old. I have ovarian cysts but very few. Can i masturbate after some 20 odd days and when i ejaculate there is a pain in my ovary mild for few minutes. what does it mean and what should i do?

More information is needed to figure out what the pain could be from.  Many women experience ovarian pain when they ovulate. About 2 weeks after the period starts. Please schedule an appointment at Corner Heath or with your health care provider  for further evaluation of your pain.

My vaginal opening has a permanent gaping hole and the insides can be seen this is due to an active sexual life. I am 20 years old and started having sex when I was 18. Two fingers stimulation feels like nothing and orgasming is difficult. I feel super conscious that I may have become loose. What should I do?

I would recommend you schedule an appointment with a gynecologist for a full examination. 

I am an excessive masturbator.. How to get rid of masturbation? Please help me.

If there is a behavior that you would like to change I recommend you schedule an appointment with a therapist who does CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

It will help you explore ways to change behaviors.

You can google CBT therapy in the area where you live or ask your primary care provider for a recommendation on a therapist. 

Is it normal that every time I stop having sex for more than a week, the next time I have a light bleeding not red but more like a pinky color even when we are in the foreplay and introduces his fingers in my vagina that kind of pinky light "discharge" appears does that could mean anything serious? Can I do something about it ?

Your problem may be that you do not have enough vaginal lubrication.  Try using a water-based vaginal lubricant which you can get at the drug store or online.    If you do not find that it helps your situation please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health center. 

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