Vaginal Discomfort

Im having a weird discharge and it comes out a lot frequently. First it was thick and clumpy which happens before I start my period. But it started getting very watery and yellowish and come out a lot. I can feel it when moving around. I thought it would go away after my period but it’s still here. The last time I had sex was 2 weeks ago and a condom was used. I’m scared I have a std or something. I just want this discharge to go away.

An increase or change in vaginal discharge can be caused by different things including stis.  Please schedule an appointment with your PCP or at Corner health center to get it checked.  

hi there. I've had rough sex with my boyfriend 5 nights ago and its sore to urinate. The skin surrounding my vagina have a red and yellow/white patch on them. Its like a sore, I've had it two or three times before and it usually goes away and doesn't happen all the time me and my partner have sex. Please what is going on?


It is difficult to know without an examination.  Please schedule to come to Corner Heath or see your doctor.

It is best to evaluate while you have the sore.

Lately, even after I shower right before sex, my vagina will have a fishy odor following the act. Or my bf and I will have sex and go to bed, and the next day, it smells so fishy down there. Is this me? Or him? Or the combination of us both? How do I prevent it?

The symptoms you describe suggest you may have bacterial vaginosis.  This is an imbalance of the vaginal fluids.  Please schedule an appointment to check it out and receive treatment as well as learn ways to prevent it in the future. 

I'm not sure of what type vagina infection I have but my vagina is is slightly itchy , has redness :( , usually have yellow & clear white discharge but now it decreases, i have slightly some lower stomach pain/cramps , i had a small pimple on my labia major and it came out by itself within 3-4 days.

My best advice given your different issues is to schedule an appontment to be seen either at Corner Health or your own doctor's office.

Call 734-484-3600 to schedule!

So is there something wrong if for the last two days my discharge is transparent and a little slimy, and I feel that sensation when you are on your period of like peeing yourself but is the discharge, like I'm really wet down there, is it normal? My period comes in like 8/9 days

It is normal for discharge to change consistency but changes may also represent other issues.  If the discharge is bothersome because there is alot of it or you have pain, itching or burning you should schedule an appointment  either at Corner Health Center or your health providers office to have it checked out.  


14yo, had my 1st period in August, virgin but I sometimes masturbate. One of my labia is dry and sorta cracking, like if your lips are dry and you can pick off the skin (gross sorry) it's slightly uncomfortable to touch, not quite painful. I want to know what caused this and how to fix it preferably without a doctor or meds but if I need to I can get to one. Please help!!

It is hard to know what the cause of your symptoms are without an examination. You may be having an allergic type reaction.  Here are some self care things you can do.  If these do not help you should make an appointment with your doctor or come to Corner Health Center. Keep your vulva clean by rinsing with warm water and gently patting, not rubbing, it dry.

Do not wear tight-fitting pants or underwear. Wear only cotton underwear.

Do not wear pantyhose (unless they have a cotton crotch).

Do not use pads or tampons that contain a deodorant or a plastic coating.

Do not use perfumed soap or scented toilet paper.

Do not douche or use feminine sprays or talcum powders.


I had sex on the 5th July whilst on the microgynon 30 pill. Sex was unprotected but he pulled out, I stopped the pill on the 11th of July and got my first withdrawal bleed on the 15th , however It was my first time having unprotected sex and I am scared I could be pregnant , and I don't have any access to a pregnancy test store. What are the odds that I could be pregnant? I haven't really had any symptoms though I took the pill everyday, I also tried to stick with timing and I took it an hour before sex , I am so scared and I don't know what to do Cause I don't know how I can test myself And I'm too scared to go to the doctors as she's my mothers friend (even though it is confidential) I also was sick and put on antibiolotica around the 7th of august , (but it seems to be just malaria), I am just generally frightened. I also got thrush for the first time after having my withdrawal period. Is that a sign of pregnancy or anything wrong?

Thank you for your question, and I understand that you are very worried you could be pregnant. It sounds like there are a few factors that play into this question, including your medical history, current medications, and the facts surrounding your birth control and the timing of intercourse. The only way to safely answer your question, unfortunately, is to schedule an appointment with a medical professional who will need to ask more detailed, confidential questions to get all the information necessary to give you the most accurate answers. Feel free to call us, 734-484-3600 to schedule an appointment today. 


I'm 17 years old and my parents don't know I'm sexually active. The other day I had sex with my third partner we had used a condom for two rounds but I had told him to stop cause it hurt so we did for a while, but then we got in the mood again and I asked if he didn't have any std's he said no that he was clean. We tried to fuck raw, but I still had the pain so we stopped. Well yesterday and today I have been peeing a lot more and it hurts and I bled when I pee, today I had gotten curious and took a peek at my vagina and spread open my lips and the inside is a whitish color. Can someone please help me and tell me what's wrong and give me some tips on what to do?

Hello. I'm sorry you are experiencing this discomfort! Please schedule an appointment to come to Corner Health Center.  (You do not need your parents' permission to seek sexual health services from us.)

It sounds like you may have a urinary tract infection which can be the result of irritation from sexual activity.  The whitish color you describe could be a yeast infection or it could be from irritation.  Again I recommend that you schedule an appointment here at Corner or at another clinic near you if you are not in this area. 

In addition, using a lubricant with sexual activity will decrease these symptoms in the future.  You can get lubricant and condoms here at Corner.  Let me know if you have any other questions.


For a while now, before my period, I have sharp vaginal pains for a few seconds. I usually always have some kind of pain involving my vagina before my period. I don't remember when I first started having them though. Since I have started using tampons, there has been a discomfort while trying to put it up there. It's only while I'm sliding it up too. It happens too when I try to finger myself. The discomfort is only around either my tampon or finger. I haven't talked to a gynecologist yet because I don't have one yet (I'm only fourteen so I can't get one myself). I talked to my mom about it and she thought I was putting my tampons in wrong-- which I know I'm not. I don't know if this is important but I wanted to mention them just in case that ovarian cysts, UTIs, and (I believe) endometriosis are common in my family. Should I be worried?

I'm sorry that you have to deal with this discomfort! While lower abdominal pain is normal a few days before and during one's period from uterine cramps, that doesn't sound like what you are experiencing. Additionally, ovarian cysts and endometriosis typically do not cause the symptoms you are describing, but UTIs can cause itchy and discomfort.

I would encourage you to see a healthcare provider to receive an examination and to determine what may be causing these symptoms so that you don't have to continue to have this discomfort. You are more than welcome to come to The Corner to see us for a gynecologist visit; we see patients ages 12-25! You can always contact us to schedule an appointment. 

I've been itching down below, and my discharge has been clumpy. It sometimes burns when I pee. I was wondering what this may be?

This could be a variety of things such as a yeast infection or a urinary tract infection. If you have been sexually active, this could also be an STI. Please see a healthcare provider as soon as possible to receive an examination and to determine what may be causing these symptoms. You can always contact us to schedule an appointment. If you are sexually active, stop by the Corner to pick up some free condoms at our front desk.


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