Vaginal Discomfort

I'm 20 and been sexually active for 3 years and been with my partner for 2 years. I'm extremely sexually attracted to him and love having sex but I have never reached climax and after a while I become extremely sensitive. After having sex it is quite painful to go toilet as well. Thank you for your help.

Please make an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health center for further assessment.  There are many possible explanations for your situation. 

My discharge is really dark yellow with a really bad smell. It makes me uncomfortable distorting all my panties color with yellow stains. I’m 19 years old and a virgin. Should i take any meds? I’m not comfortable going to a doctor. (Its also a few days after my period and the smell is strong rn)

It is important that you make an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center to figure out what is causing the abnormal discharge.  It does not mean that you have to have an exam if you do not want to. 

There are other ways to get a sample to determine the cause. 

Please call Corner at 734-484-3600

I had sex and he was very rough during foreplay. And scratched my vagina. It's itchy now. I had some clear mucus and tiny white discharge in vagina. What could it be?

The irritation may have caused a slight infection or overgrowth of yeast .  You can try soaking in a warm tub (no soaps or irritants).  If it is still bothering you please schedule an appointment with your health care provider or with Corner Health (734-484-3600)

I'm in my early 20s. I am a virgin. I love my partnar , been together for years. We spend hours and hours in foreplay but still I cannot get aroused enough to have sex. Inserting even one finger is painful. When it's not painful , it's not pleasurable either. Do I need to see a doctor? Is it curable?

There are many different reasons why you may be experiencing pain and decreased arousal.  The first thing to do is to have a complete gynecological exam with a gynecologist and explain to her what you are experiencing. 

Hi, my boyfriend fingered me a few months ago (give or take 5 or 4 months ago) he had sores on his finger and did not wash his hands before he went down there. I am struggling with a green vaginal discharge since that day, what could this indicate ?

It is unclear if it could be related to the sores.  Please schedule an appointment at Corner Health or with your primary care provider to have it checked out.

My vaginal discharge is really beginning to bother me. As far as I know, the color(white) and texture are normal. I also feel no pain and it doesn't have a fishy smell. So everything seems normal but I discharge A LOT in one day and this happens about five days out of the week. Not only do I discharge too frequently in a day, there's also a ridiculous amount of substance that comes out each time! Is there a way I can discharge less frequently or at least lessen the amount that comes out? Could there be something wrong down there?

If the vaginal  discharge you are having is bothersome please schedule an appointment at Corner health or with your Primary care provider to for evaluation and recommendations

Hi, I have been on the birth control pill, Tri-lo sprintec, for six or seven months now without any problems. But on last months pill pack I took 3 of the placebo pills and I tried to delay my period so I started a new pack instead of finishing the placebo pills. I figured it would not work since I already started the placebo pills and my period was due in a week but I was going on vacation and wanted to try to delay it anyways. But it did not work and my period was on time, it started on August 2nd and it ended on August 7th, I noticed it was lighter than usual and on top of my period I also had a brown discharge. When my period ended the brown discharge continued, it lasted for 4 days and before it even ended I began having very light bleeding mixed with a lot of thick clear discharge that lasted for 2-3 days. My actual period ended 7 days ago but for the past 3-4 days I have been having some breast tenderness, lower back pain that switches from my left to right side, lower abdominal pain that is switching from my left to right side, nausea, and a very light cramping and bloated feeling very low in my abdomen that I have never felt before. The birth control I am on stops me from ovulating but I missed quite a few days the past couple months, when I miss day I just take the pill the next day with my other pill. Sorry this is a lot of information but what I’m asking is, is it possible I could be pregnant? Even though I’m on the pill and my period ended only seven days ago? I’m pretty sure that’s impossible but all these symptoms have me a little worried.

Yes, you are correct it is unlikely that you are pregnant and most likely the way you are taking the pills is causing irregular cycles. The only way to be sure you are not pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. 

Also it sounds like it is difficult for you to take the pills regularly which is true for many women.  You may want to consider a better method of birthcontrol that you don't have to remember to take every day and may also  stop your periods.  

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health Center if your symptoms continue and to look at other forms of birth control.

My vagina has been itching lately and the discharge is sticky and it seems that I have a yeast infection. I’m too scared to tell my mom and I was just thinking about buying a cream from the store to cure it but should I get a doctors input before. I really don’t want to go to the doctors because then I would have to tell my mom.

You should see a health care provider before starting treatment.   In the state of michigan you do not need a parents consent to see a health care provider for a sexual health problem. (That includes yeast infections.)  Sometimes it is easier to talk it over with our mom's than we think it will be. 

You can call Corner Health to schedule an appointment. 

I just lost my virginity yesterday and I bled A LOT during sex it wasn't really painful there was just a lot of blood. I've only had some light spotting since. I know it's normal to bleed your first time it just seemed like a lot of blood. Should I be worried? And will I bleed again the second time?

It is normal to have bleeding when someone loses their virginity.  If the bleeding continues and it is not a normal period you should talk to your primary health care provider.  

You may have some bleeding the next time you have sex.  

If you have questions about &/or need contraception (birth control) please schedule an appointment at Corner health or with your health care provider 

Im 16 years old and I’ve had only sexual relations with one person . But I have this problem, for some reason I have a vaginal odor and I can’t seem to get rid of it. I’ve tried different natural products but nothing seems to work . I’ve washed myself with unscented soaps down there. But nothing seems to work . And even before I had sex, I knew Something was up with the way my vagina smelled. Please help, this problem is embarrassing and i don’t know what else to do or who to go to

There are different reasons for vaginal odors.

Please schedule an appointment to be seen at Corner Health or with your health care provider. 

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