Hello! What should I take into consideration, if my boyfriend and I want to take a pregnancy test, just to be sure, because I am currently on the pill?

It is recommended that you use first urine of the morning for testing as it is more concentrated. 

If your period is more than 2 weeks late it is recommended that you check a pregnancy test. 

If you are having difficulty taking the pill every day at the same time you may want to switch to a type of birth control that you don't have to worry about every day. 

See your health care provider or come to Corner Health Center. 

I had unprotected sex last November 16 and my period started November 5 and ended november 10. I expected my next period would be Dec 1, but missed it 1 week already. Within that week, I took 5 pregnancy tests and it was all negative. Can i get pregnant? Really need help i don't have any symptoms starting from the unprotected sex up until now.

 Any time you have unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy.   It is recommended that you go to your health care provider or Corner Health center for a reliable pregnancy test, (blood or urine) and further evaluation.  You can also discuss reliable types of birth control.  

There are other reasons why women miss their periods. 

What are the chances of getting pregnant in this specific situation: Day before period had sex without condom or birth control, pulled out correctly before ejaculation, he already had an orgasm previously and washed himself before the unprotected sex happened, still had a full period day after which lasted 6 days, ovulation started three days after six day period. Did a pregnancy test 10 days later on 1st day of ovulation and it was negative.

Having sex without the use of birth control or condoms  puts you at risk for unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.  If your period is more than 2 weeks late you should check a pregnancy test. 

If you are interested in birth control please schedule an appointment at Corner health center or with your primary care provider. 

I am currently taking a mini pill, called cerazette and Ive had sex without protection with my boyfriend twice, is there’s any possibility that I can be pregnant? I mean I always take my pill, I have never missed one during a month!

With perfect use the mini pill it is very effective against pregnancy,  meaning there is little chance of getting pregnant.   (No method is 100%). 

If your next period is more than 2 weeks late and you are concerned about pregnancy please get a home pregnany test or schedule to come to Corner Health Center. 

Only condoms will protect against sexually transmitted infections. 

I had sex with my boyfriend around November 3rd with condom on and he released it outside so there were no semen near my vagina. However, I haven’t had my period since around October 21st. And I am getting anxious about getting pregnant because i’m only 19.

By what you describe it sounds very unlikely that you would have gotten pregnant.  There are other reasons for periods to not come on time.

If your period is more than 2 weeks late you should schedule an appointment for a pregnancy test and you should see your health care provider to start an effective method of birth control.

I had termination of pregnancy on the 5th of May. When i was 4 weeks far i passed few clots at night and after a day bleeding stopped - morning sickness was gone, no more cravings. I went to a doctor, the scan i did was clear there was nothing on the uterus. 4 weeks later i was still passing out brown discharge and the pregnancy test was positive. I went to the doctor, we did the scan and it was clear. We repeated the termination again on the 14 of July and i passed few clots again and i was bleeding for 10 days. First week of July i went to the clinic to do family planning. The pregnancy test was positive but this time it was too faint that you can't even notice it there. They refused to do family planning and transferred me to the clinic. I explained everything. The doctor did vaginal ultrasound, the uterus was empty and clean. The doctor advised me that we do blood tests just in case i have an ectopic pregnancy, she will see if the HcG levels are dropping or increasing that will determine if i'm pregnant or not. I did blood tests for hCg levels it came back with 23h and did 2nd blood test after 3 days it was 16h. The doctor then referred me to family planning clinic and they gave me 3 months Depo shot on 13 of July. After it i have been feeling very weird, cramps like period pains, lower back pains, lot of watery discharge. On tuesday morning when i woke up my pajamas had a lot of blood. I went to the toilet and passed a clot and was bleeding the whole day. Next day it was just spotting only and this watery discharge but this time it looks like it has small amount of blood in it. So according to scans and blood tests im not pregnant. Im worried are these side effects of abortion or Depo side effects? My hormones are abnormal? Please assists im very stressed.

Sounds like a very stressful situation most likely related to hormones.  Please schedule an appointment with a gynecologist.  Also I assume they have tested and ruled out infection.  Most likely you would benefit from oral hormones to help regulate your hormones. 

So I was having the symptoms of pregnancy and didn't have my period for over a month but suddenly my period started but it's more than usual and there is ALOT of blood clots and really thick blood....what does this mean?

I would need more information. If there is a possibility that you could have been pregnant (if you had sexual intercourse without the use of condoms or birth control) the heavy bleeding could be a miscarriage. Heavy bleeding can also been referred to as dysfunctional uterine bleeding which has other causes. 

It would be a good idea to schedule an appointment at Corner health or with you health care provider. 

I've been on birth control pill for a year now and I start my new pack a day late and I've taken my first two pills and then I had unprotected sex and then toke my pill 3 hours late that night I had the unprotected sex, are my still prevented from pregnancy?

You most likely are protected against pregnancy but of course cannot be 100% sure. 

If your next period is late you should have a pregnancy test. 

if i have sex with my boyfriend and only used a condom, and it didn't rip or anything. Am i safe of pregnancy or should i be worried?

If you used a condom correctly and it did not rip it is 98% effective.  That means that for 100 women who used condoms 2 would get pregnant. 

That means you shouldn't worry if it was used correctly. However, if your period is ever more than 2 weeks late you should have a pregnancy test. 

If you are looking for a reliable form of contraception, schedule an appointment  at Corner Health Center or with your health care provider. 

I gave birth 6 months ago and I have just done my first self examination since and I have noticed a ball of pale tissue between my urethra and vaginal opening, it doesn't hurt to touch but it doesn't look too pleasant. Is this normal?

It is hard to know what it is without seeing it.  You can schedule an appointment at Corner Health Clinic to be evaluated.  

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