Unprotected Sex

So what if a person ejaculated after oral sex but then a couple hours later had sex without a condom. Could the girl get pregnant even if the ejaculation was wiped off of the penis from the oral sex

Having sex without birth control or a condom puts you at risk for pregnancy.  

Me and my boyfriend had uprotected sex a few days ago. He didn't cum in me,but after he did he wiped it off with tissues and wet wipes. We then waited for about 10-15 minutes until he was dry and had sex again. I'm afraid I might get pregnant this way but I read that once the sperm is dry it is dead even if it gets re-moistened. Is there any chance I might get pregnant?

Anytime someone has penis/vagina sex without birth control or condom there is a risk of pregnancy.  The emergency contraception pill is available up to 5 days after unprotected sex

If he Precummed in me should I buy a plan b pill?

Yes.  The pill is efffective for 5 days following unprotected sex, though the effectiveness is less on day 5 

Hey. I'm a 14 year old female. A month ago I had sex with my boyfriend. He didn't cum or precum in me. He cumed outside. He wiped of the sperm and then we waited for about 15 minutes and had sex again. Is there a chance I might get pregnant? Please help me. I'm all alone in this and I'm so scared. Please answer.

Anytime you have sex without condoms or birth control you are at risk for pregnancy.

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner Health center to discuss further and learn about birth control options. 

Until you have birth control , using condoms everytime will decrease the chance of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection.

Okay so I am 19 and I have not had a period since the beginning of july i had unprotected sex on july 28th the was the last time i had sex well on october 8th i started my period it didn't end till the 15th and it was just a very light spotting my breast are tender i have gained weight and my pants are tight but i have took 8 pregnancy test and it was negative could i be pregnant

Anytime you have unprotected sex you are at risk for unplanned pregnancy.  

please scheudle an appointement with your primary care provider or with Corner health center for further evaluation and blood tests.  

Hello, I am a 21-year-old woman and I have a few questions about sex. When should I have sex? A few days or weeks before my period, or right after my period is finished? Is it okay if I can have sex without my partner not using a condom? What are the chances of getting sexual transmitted diseases?

Anytime you have penis-vagina sex without the use of birth control you are putting yourself at risk for unplanned pregnancy unless you are aware of the exact time of ovulation which is very difficult to know. 

Anytime you have sex without a condom you are putting yourself at risk for a sexually transmitted infecton unless you absolutely know that your partner does not have an sexually transmitted infection. 

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or at Corner health center to have further discussion about these important questions. 

I’m a male of the age of 21. A girl asked me for unprotected sex and I did I ejaculated inside of her and informed her of this she said it would be okay. Unfortunately me being drunk I didn’t ask for her contact information or if she was doing any form of birth control how worried should I be?

Unprotected sex can lead to unplanned pregnancy. 

From the information provided it is unclear if she uses any type of birth control which would  prevent unplanned pregnancy.

You may also consider getting tested for sexually transmitted infections.

You can schedule an appointment at Corner Health. 734 484-3600

I was asked to take azithromycin pills to cure my Chlamydia. Is it cured within the 7 days I took it or do I have to wait 2 weeks to have sexual contact with someone again?

It takes 7 days to cure the infection.  Also it needs to be 7 days after your partner was treated or you will be one reinfected.  Condom use will prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections

My period is 2 days late. I'm having a few cramps, white discharge and diarrhea. I had dry sex last month. Could i be pregnant? HELP!!!

If you have had sexual intercourse without using birth control or condoms there is always a chance you could be pregnant.

There are also other reason for the symptoms you are having.  If your period is 1-2 weeks late you should check a pregnancy test   

Please schedule to come to Corner health or see your health care provider for further evaluation and testing as needed.  

Am I pregnant? Here’s a timeline of what I have been experiencing, I keep track of all this in my period tracking app. I don't take birth control, and I do not have symptoms of STDs. No burning, itching, or smells. We depend on the pull out method, I scheduled an appointment at the end of this week to wait it out..I just hope someone else can relate??? AUGUST 3rd- intimate (unprotected) AUGUST 4th- I took a plan B AUGUST 6th- intimate (unprotected) AUGUST 6th- that night after sex my period came on AUGUST 6th-11th- PERIOD AUGUST 12th- intimate (unprotected) AUGUST 15th- intimate (unprotected) AUGUST 17th- I woke up with pink blood spot, it then got darker during the day, it turned brown, now it is a red spot—literally. I panicked because I had period 5 days ago! I’ve been on google for hours... We were probably intimate between the 12th and 15th...I'm just anxious, it will be my first pregnancy. I am 20 years old so I am having mixed emotions....any clue on what I should do?

In order for a pregnancy to occur a sperm needs to come in contact with an egg.  It is difficult to know when you ovulate (release an egg) unless you are tracking it.  Most women ovulate sometime between days 11 and 17.  (Day 1 is the first day of your period).

When you take Plan B it can adjust your hormone schedule and make your periods irregular. 

So it is difficult to know why you have had irregular spotting.

Come in for your scheduled appointment. 

Also you may want to discuss reliable methods of birth control including the LARC's (Long-Acting Reversable Contraceptives) to prevent this anxiety in the future. 

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