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Hi, I have a question about bcp. Im currently on Trinessa and I took a chipped pill on Dec 26th (the 3rd week 2nd day for me) and the chip is tiny I believe. I think it was chipped when I tried to get it out of the packaging. My last period is Dec. 4-10 and I did not have any sexual relations since Dec. 16 and will not have any until Jan 3. Should I worry about it? Should I use protection by Jan 4th? I am now on my sugar pills and I just got my period today (Jan 3rd). I think it should be okay but I’m not sure-I was worried that since I took a chipped pill (I’m sure I took at least 90% of it) that I will not be protected when I have unprotected relations even though I already got my period. I did not miss a pill at all and I probably took a little bit less of the pill on the third week (only 1 pill). So I was wondering if I need anything when I have relations or should I not worry and continue taking my bc as usual? I hope to hear you soon and thank you.

It sounds like you have had a period at the expected time.   If you continue taking a pill everyday in your new pack you will not be at risk for pregnancy due to the chipped pill last month. 

I've been on the shot for 8 years, stopped it last year in August, and got back on the shot in March of this year. I didn't go back for the next one which was supposed to be in June. I've been having unprotected sex since then. Right now I have stomach pain, headaches, mood swings and abdomen pain. I haven't got my period so my question is can i get pregnant even if i haven't started my period? Plzzz help and i also feel bloated. I took pregnancy test but not recently.

If you have unprotected sex you are at risk for pregnancy.  You should schedule an appointement at Corner health or with your primary care provider for further assessment and pregnancy testing. 

My general practitioner prescribed Diane 35 for acne. I've been on it since April this year. I haven't been taking the pill correctly. June 20th I had my period, but been skipping a few tablets before my period and after my period I stopped taking the pill. I had unprotected sex the 27th of June and he ejaculated in me. Is there any chance of becoming pregnant?

There is always a chance of pregnancy (and STIs) if you are having unprotected sex. 

If you do not get a perod within 2 weeks of when you expect your next period you should get a pregnancy test.

Also, please schedule an appointment with your general practitioner or come to Corner Health to discuss LARC (long-acting reversible contraception) methods of birth control.  These are long acting methods with the greatest protection against pregnancy. 

What should I do if I'm a teenager and had unprotected sex? Should I get an STD test? When should I take a pregnancy test?

Anyone who has unprotected sex is at risk for an STD/STI (same thing).  Anyone who has unprotected penis/vaginal sexual activity is at risk for an unplanned pregnancy. 

It would be a good idea to schedule an appointment  at Corner Health or with your primary care provider for tests and to discuss further.

I had unprotected sex today and took my pill the same time I have been. But about 20 mins after taking it I had severe diarrhea. Should I be concerned about pregnancy?

Per the CDC guidelines no additional pill is needed.  However emergency contraception can also be offered. 

If you would like to receive emergency contraception, call the Corner  or your health care provider. 

The past month I've been doing very bad at taking my birth control. I've had two very short periods due to having missed days. Now I'm at the end of my placebo week and haven't had my period. During the month I had sex with my boyfriend twice. Both times unprotected but both times he finished a good bit after pulling out. Is it normal for my period to be this late after having had two this month? Is there a chance I could be pregnant? I know it's possible but very rare to get pregnant off of precum or the withdrawal method when it's done right.

It is possible to get pregnant using the withdrawal method.  I would suggest you schedule an appointment at Corner health or your health care provider to have a pregancy test and also to explore other methods of birth control that may be better or easier for you.  


I had unprotected sex Oct 27. We use withdrawal, but before he released his penis a little semen went inside my vagina, then he pulled out his penis then ejaculated. I took emergency pills without hours after our unprotected sex. I'm worried I'll get pregnant. My last menstruation was Oct 4 2017

It is unclear from your message when you took the emergency contraceptive pill.  The pill works best within 3 days of unprotected sex.  If you do not get your period a week after it is expected please schedule an appointment to have a pregnancy test.   If you do get your period you should also schedule an appointment to talk about birth control. You can schedule an appointment here:


So I gave my boyfriend a blow job, got him off, and didn't clean everything up own there. He put it away, then awhile later we had unprotected sex. Could I be pregnant?

If you are not using any type of birth control you put yourself at risk for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections every time you have uprotected sex. 

Please call us to schedule an appointment to talk about birth control and to get a pregnancy test.   Or see your regular health care provider.  If you are 12 or older in the state of michigan you can be seen with out parent consent.  


I had unprotected sex with someone I had just met. For the most part it was all oral, but we had intercourse for maybe 10-15 minutes. He did not come close to finishing though. I found out a few days later from one of his friends that he is Hep C positive. I know he didn't have any open wounds nor do i, so is it possible I have come into contact with it?

Hepatitis C is spread through contact with blood.  If there was no signs of sores or open bleeding your risk is minimal.  There is the potential for small abrasions that you may not see.  If you are concerned you should talk to your health care provider about getting a baseline anti HCV  (antibody to hep C virus) and repeating the test up 4-10 weeks later and this is how long it may take to turn positive  If you develop any signs of Hep C, i.e. fever, fatigue, change in urine/stool, join pain you should see your health care provider. Also remember use of condoms will protect you from exposure to STI's including Hepatitis C .  

If you would like to discuss further and do not have a primary care provider please contact Corner health to set up an appointment.  


I had sex on the 5th July whilst on the microgynon 30 pill. Sex was unprotected but he pulled out, I stopped the pill on the 11th of July and got my first withdrawal bleed on the 15th , however It was my first time having unprotected sex and I am scared I could be pregnant , and I don't have any access to a pregnancy test store. What are the odds that I could be pregnant? I haven't really had any symptoms though I took the pill everyday, I also tried to stick with timing and I took it an hour before sex , I am so scared and I don't know what to do Cause I don't know how I can test myself And I'm too scared to go to the doctors as she's my mothers friend (even though it is confidential) I also was sick and put on antibiolotica around the 7th of august , (but it seems to be just malaria), I am just generally frightened. I also got thrush for the first time after having my withdrawal period. Is that a sign of pregnancy or anything wrong?

Thank you for your question, and I understand that you are very worried you could be pregnant. It sounds like there are a few factors that play into this question, including your medical history, current medications, and the facts surrounding your birth control and the timing of intercourse. The only way to safely answer your question, unfortunately, is to schedule an appointment with a medical professional who will need to ask more detailed, confidential questions to get all the information necessary to give you the most accurate answers. Feel free to call us, 734-484-3600 to schedule an appointment today. 


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