Im having a weird discharge and it comes out a lot frequently. First it was thick and clumpy which happens before I start my period. But it started getting very watery and yellowish and come out a lot. I can feel it when moving around. I thought it would go away after my period but it’s still here. The last time I had sex was 2 weeks ago and a condom was used. I’m scared I have a std or something. I just want this discharge to go away.

An increase or change in vaginal discharge can be caused by different things including stis.  Please schedule an appointment with your PCP or at Corner health center to get it checked.  

Idk if I have anything but someone’s sister told me that I had something, she didn’t say what exactly. We was in a argument, but I’ve had sexual interactions with other females before the sister had told me anything. I told the girls they got checked and there’s nothing wrong with em and me my stomach has been upset for like 2 weeks now but I’m also an anxiety person so I’m just confused and I feel like it’s gone kill me and my girlfriend and I’m scared??

It is difficult to know what is going on from what you describe.  Please schedule an appointment with your primary care provider or Corner health center to discuss the situation further and get any necessary testing and treatment. 

Is it normal to have two spots like moles in your labia they look like brownish they don't hurt or anything they are plain, and I believe I have never seen them, should I be worried about an STD?

The moles you describe may be normal.  It is important to monitor them for any changes.  They are not typical of any STDs  You should schedule an appointment to have them looked at. 

On the last 6 months I had sex with my ex boyfriend and now with my new boyfriend,we are really careful and are on birth control, I want to know if we should take any tests to make sure we are healthy concerning our sex life and also me as a woman what tests should I take just to be sure.

You and your new boyfriend should schedule appointments to both be tested for STIs.  Testing includes urine test for gonorrhea and Chlamydia and blood test for HIV, syphillis and hepatitis.  Using condoms will prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. 

I've noticed I have small bumps located on my bartholin gland, they aren't pus filled or anything, and they're the same color as my vaginia. I've never had sex but I do masturbate( I wash my hands before ), but I have had a UTI before from being fingered from someone else. Should I be worried about these bumps or is there any thing I can do to make them go away?

It is difficult to know what the bumps are without seeing them.  They may be from irritation.  You can schedule an appointment to have them assessed.  

Hello, I have noticed I have a singular wart on my gential area but it does not bother me. I have had sexual intercourse but my partner is unaffected, should I be concerned?

A genital wart is caused by a virus.  Often they are visible but sometimes they are internal and are not visible. 

There are certain strains of the virus that are more serious than others in that they can progress to cause different types of cancers. 

Your primary health care provider or Corner Health can do testing to determine any risk. 

Gardisil is the vaccine that can prevent genital warts.

Hello I want to know if I have any risk or anything because of a situation I had with my boyfriend, we were making out, so I reached for his penis and started touching it, but later he told me to give his penis some kisses so I kissed him and lick it, but I am really afraid of getting a disease on my mouth or something worse, I have heard of diseases because of a simple kiss, should I be taking some medicine, this is the first time I have done this, and my boyfriends only has been with two more girls in his past, long ago, so he assured me he didn't have any STDS. What should I do? I can't tell my parents, am I really in some kind of risk?

If your boyfriend had a sore or other infection on his penis it is possible that it can be spread by oral sexual contact. If you have any symptoms such as a sore throat, sores on your mouth you should be checked at a health care clinic. 

If you would liked to be checked out please contact Corner Health for an appointment at 734 484-6400.


What are the steps that I should take to have safe sex and to not worry about STDs and pregnancy?

Condom use is recommended every time you have sex if you want to protect yourself from STIs (sexually transmitted infections, same as STDs, sexually transmitted diseases) .  This includes protection against Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis, Hepatitis B and C, HPV and HIV/AIDS .

To prevent unplanned pregnancy there are many forms of birth control available. Please schedule an appointment at Corner Health or your health care provider to see what method is best for you.

In the state of Michigan you can receive sexual health services without parent consent if you are 12 years old or older. Corner also has condoms available for free at the front desk!  


I am really worried: 3 days ago a guy I just met gave me oral sex and fingered me for the first time in my life without any protection , but I didn't realize he had a wart on his finger and red eyes, so I'm really worried because of HPV. I'm not sure if he is seeing other people but that was my first sexual encounter, and I'm also worried about getting pregnant. We didn't have penetration but we were naked and his penis was near my tights and was really wet. Please help me I'm really worried about an STD.

I'm sorry you are in this upsetting situation. Thank you for asking us about your fears.

Generally, the warts on someone's fingers are different than the HPV wart.  Also you would have a very low risk of an sti considering there was not direct contact.  I would suggest you schedule an appointment here at the Corner for confidential testing and to receive the HPV vaccine that will prevent HPV in the future and to discuss all of your sexual health needs, such as birth control for the future. And don't worry, even if are under 18 you do not need parental consent to get these services. 


Do I have herpes simplex? First, some background. I have been seeing someone for a while, and we have been having protected sex for quite some time. Both of us only ever had one previous partner, and both previous partners say they were tested and were clean. In addition to this, neither of us have ever experienced symptoms of herpes, both types 1 and 2. Absolutely none. So around 2-3 weeks ago, we decided to have unprotected sex. Some more background: at the time, I had just finished a course of antibiotics for a sinus infection (and no I was not on contraceptives of any kind). I had also shaved my genitals rather aggressively a few days prior (against the grain, for that "smooth" feeling), after shaving them once already in the previous three or four days, and we had sex almost immediately after this. Additionally, the place I live in gets hot, and we had been teaching rigorous dances to people for at least three hours every single day - during which time I would often be dressed in clothing that fit quite tightly around my genital area. A few days after starting this pattern of unprotected sex, I noticed it was starting to get rather painful down there - which I first attributed to "overuse". Then, I suddenly noticed it was getting a bit sore over the areas I had shaved. Upon closer inspection, I noticed small red bumps, much like ingrown hairs, forming around my labia. These bumps didn't occur anywhere except where hair was growing, and were really sore to touch. I also experienced a burning sensation when I urinated, even after taking reasonable precautions against UTIs (urinating before and after sex). So I decided maybe a trip to the gynea was a good idea. I went in, did a pap smear and so on, and he gave me three options: a) It's a combination of folliculitis and thrush (from antibiotics), b) it's ingrowns and thrush, or c) it's herpes. So he prescribed some meds for thrush and sent me on my merry way. After taking the meds and using some antifungal cream, the vaginal pain and burning while urinating both went away. However, a week and a half after they appeared, the bumps have still not gone away. They are fading, yes, but they are still sensitive to touch. My partner took a look at them when we first saw them, attacking them with a (sterilised) pair of tweezers to see if he could find ingrowns. After some vicious exfoliation and constant harassment on my part, the sores became open, almost like ulcers. The thing that stopped me from being too worried is that the treatment for thrush worked almost immediately with the other pain, and that the sores never turned into blisters - they just kind of hurt a lot, and now are just a bit itchy. Then today I got a call from the gynea. He told me they found symptoms that COULD suggest herpes simplex on my cervix. I asked if there was any way to make a solid conclusion, but he told me a blood test would be unreliable, and that I should just wait and see if I have another outbreak. I had a good cry session and phoned my partner after hearing this, and begged him to get tested (which he is going to do). Based on what I have described, is it possible that it is herpes simplex? Or could it just be a culmination of symptoms that looks like it but isn't? I need some ease-of-mind, desperately. Not knowing is scaring me more than a conclusive answer. I should also point out that we had oral sex, and he developed what he believes is acne (he has had skin problems before) on his chin. Not only did he do the same as me (shave twice in a short space of time and then "perform" almost directly after), but he also uses a very specific face wash, which he did not have for the period during which this "acne" appeared. He is also not accustomed to the hot environment, and we both lacked a bit on hygiene in the craziness of our schedule. He also had a swollen lymph node after a few days. His skin seems to be clearing up too though. What's stopping me from thinking either of us was a carrier, and therefore that either of us have it, is that we got these symptoms at the same time, we both never showed symptoms prior to this, and we both had the above factors to contend with. Can I get a second professional opinion on this matter?

It's hard to know exactly what's going without looking at one of the sores.  Herpes lesions have a pretty distinct appearance. You can usually make a diagnosis of herpes just by looking at the sores.  If there is any doubt, taking a swab of the fluid from one of the sores and sending it a lab for HSV testing is the best way to know for sure. Doing a blood test will tell her if someone ever had an exposure to HSV I or II.  So, that means that the test will tell you if you have ever been exposed to HSV and not necessarily if what you are currently experiencing is related to herpes.  Your doctor is right, the herpes blood test can be misleading.  If you just need piece of mind, you can ask your doctor if they will do a HSV blood test.  A better test is to have a sample collected from one of the sores.  So, your doctor is right that it might be better to see if the sores reappear. 

Until you have more answers, I suggest abstaining from oral, anal or vaginal intercourse while sores are present.  I also recommend condoms or other barriers such as dental dams for intercourse.  Focus on reducing stress and taking good care of yourself to prevent any future outbreaks. 

Also, I would ask the doctor who did you Pap test if they saw signs of HSV or HPV.   They are two different viruses and require different  follow up.


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